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  1. Wow,,a lot of time has passed...I jumped with nathan and all that crew back in the late 90's,,, Wasa great skydiving scene in Utah back then...camping out,,bonfires,,bbqs and partys,,,a tight bunch of goodpeople,,
  2. real or imagined....that was an emergency exit..good job..
  3. We are feeling the loss of our beloved brother Chris.. One of my best memories of Chris is just after 911 attack and the dz in Northampton MA was grounded,,Myself ,Chris and Greg T played golf every day for a month,,,We'd drink beer and smoke cigars not caring who won or lost,just enjoying the day...Chris was an all-round sportsman and always gracious,,We will miss you,Chris,,Brad n Mel,,x
  4. Most larger boogies will have skyvan or casa on hand...always fun
  5. be careful under canopy///incident rate is increasing every year
  6. Really comes down to common sense and traffic volume
  7. flat turns are rarely pretty but they can help avoid injury...I practice every now and then
  8. refresher always a good idea whatever youur level
  9. Good to hear of some great customer service
  10. 18 in usa,,16 in europe,,,