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  1. I like "FOFS." "GAS" would be more suited to POPS IMHO. Still have just under four years to go (for me) for a 50+ group to be named lol......... "A Scar is just a Tattoo with a story!!!"
  2. Have used "Protector" brand sunglasses for about ten+ years from Bunnings Warehouse here in Australia both for myself and my passengers. UNFORTUNATELY they decided to change the design and they are now crap. I am down to my last pair after buying a lot at $10ish each before the design change. When something is good there is always someone out there hell bent on trying to change it grrrr!!! "A Scar is just a Tattoo with a story!!!"
  3. I would not say that I aggressively tighten the MLW'S before exit but they are quite firm and I DO adjust them when connecting passenger to self. I have had 6 people chuck in around 6000+ Tandems......... "A Scar is just a Tattoo with a story!!!"
  4. I busted a femur at work some time ago, and our new manifest chick rang my other half and told her that I had bounced......that did NOT go down too well!!! What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, and hopefully wiser! Heal well.... BSBD! -Mark. "A Scar is just a Tattoo with a story!!!"
  5. As standard we also have everything ready to go if something were to happen (90% tight) and the students would be hanging lower but still secure in this situation. The 10% left is done about 4 grand lower than exit height. I am not racist but I HATE "RUSSIAN" to get ready before a jump! ;) Usually the diagonals are done already, the lower adjusters are tightened and the belly strap loosened and the top clips tightened and excess webbing stowed. -Mark. "A Scar is just a Tattoo with a story!!!"
  6. I still log them but have always been like that ;) When flying I would log absolutely everything I did. With invoicing I also do it EVERY day we jump, not at the end of the week like some of the other guys. JUST ME!! BSBD!! -Mark. "A Scar is just a Tattoo with a story!!!"
  7. As someone who was also had a PPL I too agree that there is no such thing as a perfectly good aeroplane!! When Cessna started making 172's again I flew in a few that had as little hours as possible for a customer/consumer to fly them and they still had little problems. Nothing at all to be alarmed about but not a "Perfect" aeroplane in the technical sense of the wording ;) BSBD!! -Mark. "A Scar is just a Tattoo with a story!!!"
  8. Also don't think about the money or having to repeat a jump during the AFF course, just try and RELAX as much as you can. There is no such thing as a fail, just a repeat!! I have found that students who relax into their arch in freefall (one example) are much better than those that worry about a lot of little things and really strain to get into the right position during their jump. Skydiving is supposed to be a fun activity - learn as much as you can and never stop learning!! As far as paying up front I would also be wary - if you are not losing much by paying per jump I would be going that way also. BSBD!! -Mark. "A Scar is just a Tattoo with a story!!!"
  9. Mmmm - Might work and might end badly. Either way I think the pilot would be tad stuuuupid to let anyone do this or rather pissed off if you were not nice enough to ask first!! BSBD!! -Mark. "A Scar is just a Tattoo with a story!!!"
  10. In Australia you are required to have a Private Pilots License medical for Tandem Master actvities. I have always thought that a CPL would be more appropriate or something involving checking heart/cardio etc. Just my thoughts though. If you are under 40 yrs old the medical is to be done every four years, if over every two years. As far as jumping for fun you really don't need anything apart from answering a few simple questions during the AFF or Static Line course or prior to doing a Tandem skydive. BSBD!! -Mark. "A Scar is just a Tattoo with a story!!!"
  11. A friend of mine also lost a shoe in freefall during a memorial jump for Pauline Richards. Another person was driving along one of the main roads and found it and returned it to him! Also we let roses go high under canopy and one of them landed within 5 metres of the cross ;) BSBD!! -Mark. "A Scar is just a Tattoo with a story!!!"