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  1. Before you start doing any radical turn, make sure you clear your airspace. Other canopies start coming up real fast when you are in a dive.
  2. Quote Please do not feed bryan's little ego. We have to hear enough as it is.
  3. I know what you are saying, and i currently jump a vector. I was just wanting to know if anyone had jumped the T6 and had actual info on that model. i decided to just pick up another vector off ebay. Thanks for the replies.
  4. thanks. good point on possibly updating too fast. In freefall, that could get ugly. Suunto is about the worst company to get on the phone, and if you call outdoor stores they have no idea. Thanks for the info
  5. I know they are a little more difficult and I jump a Suunto Vector, I was just wondering if anyone had info on the T6 model and if it was comparable to the vector. I use this mainly for turn initiation, but I do look at it for freefall also. Was the one you sold a T6 or another make?
  6. Does anyone use a T6 model suunto as an altimeter? I need a watch with a heart rate monitor for non skydiving training, but want to get somehting that can double as an altimeter. Any thoughts?
  7. yes means to stow the slider while the brakes are still stowed.
  8. Don't go with the trophy husband. You have to carry your waste out on the Mt. Adams trip and you don't want to be around for that smell.
  9. tim todaro is gay. This might be the most informative post I have ever read.. I had no idea how many things could be so gay.
  10. thanks a lot for all the information. I guess I will see you guys at mesquite. I know at gold coast skydiving the loads start around 10:30, Is there a good time to get out there? And are there a good mix of free fly and belly?
  11. I am going to vegas this weekend and i am wondering if there is anywhere close for an up jumper to go to.
  12. Julie said that there is no need to worry and that the doctor has given her the remains. I think they should be split evenly between Tim and I with one teet apiece.
  13. where did you order from?