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  1. Some of my favorite episodes:

    The one featuring one of my flat-picking heroes, a very young Clarence White (maybe even playing his "big hole" D-28) along with brother Roland, et al.

    The ones when the Darlings came to town. The brothers are members of the Bluegrass band "the Dillards". The father was Denver Pyle, Uncle Jesse on "The Dukes of Hazzard".

    The episodes with James Best as a talented local boy who always seemed to get into trouble. He finally, with Andy's help, made it to the "big-time" as a guitarist for a traveling band. Best later became Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane in "The Dukes of Hazzard".

    I also liked the one with the two old ladies who were making moonshine and systematically eliminating their competition before inadvertently being "outed" by Opie.

    edit: "Roland", not "Randy". :P Got football on the brain today!

  2. normiss

    One of the best inventions ever. Thong under drawers. They lift AND separate.
    Right up there with air conditioning and the internal combustion engine.

    Don't forget the Rawhide Bra. "Round 'em up ...head 'em out!

  3. Meso

    As suggested above, the User Search is a functionality that is enabled for premium members - it should actually be hidden for any non-premium members, so not sure why it's showing up , but should probably take a look at that ;)

    Just a suggestion.... Instead of hiding the functions associated with Premium membership, leave the link in place but, instead of the "Permission Denied" message, have a message indicating that the function is available only to Premium members. Then provide a link to a page promoting Premium membership. Just looking at it from a marketing POV. After looking around the site, I finally found information about Premium membership after clicking the "Help" button and looking through the topics. Well hidden.

  4. GeorgiaDon


    What is a teacher (or ref) who sees one kid shove another to do?
    A. Penalize only the kid that they see misbehaving? That is unfair to kids like Muff's kid, and teaches the other kid that they can get away with bullying.
    B. Assume both were involved and penalize both? That is unfair to the kid who was an innocent victim of an attack.
    C. Recognize that they didn't see the start of the encounter, and so punish neither party? Bullies will quickly learn that they can beat up anyone they like, and just claim the other student started it but the teacher didn't see it.
    D. Do like they did when I was in school, figure that fighting/bullying is just part of life kids have to learn to deal with, and do nothing to stop it?

    It seems to me that none of the options are ideal. Which one do you think is best?


    In my case we're talking about kids in grade school. so, yes "D" ....and E. Park both of their little butts in the corner for a while. The altercation started before the "violence" took place, so both kids were guilty of disrupting the class. My comment was really about the zero-tolerance focus on only the "violent act" without considering the boys' initial disruption of the class. And also about the school taking the path of least resistance by mindlessly doling out "mandatory" punishment rather than reasoned discipline, and without regard for, or any interest in, any facts. The "zero-tolerance" nonsense absolves those in authority of their responsibility to keep control of their classrooms. This even translates to my opposition to mandatory sentences for criminal convictions. It takes the Judge and reasoned thought out of the judgement.

    I have to say that, in our case, the generational difference (or age difference) between my son and I is more grandfather/grandson-like. rather than father/son-like. So, most parents of kids who were in school with my son are in the generation normally occupied by an intermediate age group. So those parents experienced an intermediate step between the type of discipline my generation received in school and the type my kid was exposed to, and they generally just go along with whatever the school hands down. Many things that were done by the school during my son's years there seemed ridiculous or nonsensical to me. (Not sure if I communicated my thought in that paragraph.)

  5. Boomerdog

    And I would submit that the dumb asses I cited sure as hell wanted to suspend that kid who defended the blind student and they were talking about it behind closed doors in private conversation. But given the fact that 43,000 signatures on a petition (as the press reports) in support of this kid and the fact that the police did not file charges against him would have them looking more like dumb asses.

    Dumb ass is as dumb ass does and in public education, we're seeing too much of it. THAT's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!;)

    My personal experience with "Zero-Tolerance" confirmed to me that at least some of these "dumbasses" are indeed dumbasses. About 10 years ago my kid was in 2nd or 3rd grade ...around 8 years old. I'm working in another town and I get a call from the school to pick my son up and take him home. When I get to the office and ask what happened, I was told that he got into an argument and shoved another kid. I look around and ask where the other kid is. I'm told that he is in class. It seems that the teacher only turned around in time to see my son push the other kid. retaliation, I find out later. So off to the office he goes. Since the teacher didn't personally see the other kid strike my kid, he isn't reprimanded or punished. They say their ZT policy WRT violence requires them to send the "offender" home. I asked if there were other witnesses and was told that though other kids in class saw what happened, only the teacher's direct observation would be considered. So it seems that their Zero-Tolerance policy isn't really "Zero". There is at least some tolerance for kids who violate their policy but are not directly caught by someone in "authority". Now I'm getting a little pissed and told the Principal that I was going to formally file an assault charge against the other kid. After talking with my son, I believed there were other witnesses who would confirm his story. They smugly informed me that their policy is to handle these things internally and that their decision was final. I then told them that we appear to have a conflict of policies and that I was pretty sure that assault was not only against their policy, but also against the law, and that they could expect a visit from a Deputy Sheriff. The discussion became more reasonable and we talked for a good while about ZT policy and how it can be applied and enforced fairly, and allowing kids to defend themselves or work out their problems. I'm pretty sure they were humoring me, but we finally agreed to let him go back to class and to forget the whole incident. And, they, of course, continue (AFAIK, to this day) with their ridiculous "policy".

  6. I can think of 2 flicks that may have reached "cult" status and were "must see" films when I was in college around 1970.

    "Reefer Madness"
    "Three in the Attic" (this one could qualify as "weird")

    Also, for weird: "Mars Attacks", "Barbarella".

    ...and, a movie about a young, pretty Hispanic housekeeper who became an unlikely serial killer. Very funny dark humor. Can't remember the name or enough about it or the actress to look it up.

  7. wmw999

    Wikipedia, of course, has the answer. :)
    But I also learned two spaces in typing class, so that's what I use.

    Wendy P.

    Silly me. I should have known there was a much more convoluted explanation. :D And, looking at that list of references, it seems that way too many people have way too much time on their hands.

    I'll stick with 2 spaces, too. But I might use just 1 space occasionally just for variety.

  8. gowlerk

    ... How did it start?

    Just a wild guess. Looks like the "MLA" was originally published in 1985 ...about the time that word processors and computers were beginning to be widely used in business. So, I'm guessing that it was changed to save memory and storage space. Hey, 8 bits/sentence doesn't sound like a lot today, but back in the day ....

    Time to go back to 2 spaces now.

  9. jakee


    It's called capitalism.

    You don't have to live here.

    I see... so people who break the law while trying to get into the country can fuck off, but people who object to corporate bosses breaking the law can also fuck off?


    In the 2 examples above, it looks like the two "corporate bosses" were found guilty of ...breaking the law! I'm for that. ...and for Capitalism. Looks like the system is working. But, it's a big system and sometimes a corporate law breaker gets away with it. Just like sometimes folks who illegally enter or remain in the country get away with it.

  10. kallend

    *** On the other hand, an aspiring clockmaker from East Africa may find a good fit in Bavaria or even Switzerland. He might be able to ply his craft without a federal case being made. Or, maybe the whole idea of expecting integration into the host society is "cuckoo" ...or "nutty".

    This is a coded reference to bombmaking, right?

    I didn't make any references, "coded" or otherwise, to bombmaking, ...clockmaking, but not bombmaking. I think the new standard here is that if I don't come right out and state a position, one cannot be inferred (or is it "implied"?) maybe "deduced".

  11. masterblaster72



    P.P.S.: Those refugees are not coming to integrate into an existing society. As I have done, however imperfectly. But they are trying to set up a new Syria in their host-country. I don't support that. To the contrary.

    I agree -- a good portion of this immigrating population will be extremely difficult to integrate, and it's not unreasonable or paranoid to assume there may be some ISIS/Al Qaeda element in this crowd as well. After all, most are coming from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.

    To quote Richard Dawkins: "Islamists ban music, dancing, women's faces, alcohol, women's legs, kite flying, women's arms. Why would they NOT try to ban Oktoberfest?"

    I think it's only a matter of time now.

    I dunno. Some of the immigrants or refugees might fit in quite well, some may not. Some of them have no intention to, and will never assimilate. On the other hand, an aspiring clockmaker from East Africa may find a good fit in Bavaria or even Switzerland. He might be able to ply his craft without a federal case being made. Or, maybe the whole idea of expecting integration into the host society is "cuckoo" ...or "nutty".

  12. ryoder

    ***I know everyone's beating up on Texas now, but this happened in NYC.

    That show was GREAT!:D
    And very topical;
    That episode was inspired by this news story from a year earlier:,,20067027,00.html

    Thanks, didn't know that! Yes, great show and one of my favorites. Very well written and never really went stale. Very few shows now are at that level of writing and wit. Now they seem to revert to badly written slapstick and non-funny vulgarity. (Nothing wrong with well-written vulgarity, though. :)