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  1. kallend


    Over the years there have been people and organizations that have made it into a racist symbol and made it into a racist discussion.

    You only have to read the justification for the Confederacy in its Vice President's "Cornerstone Speech" of 1861 in order to realize that it IS a symbol of white supremacy and racism. It was such a symbol from day 1, and it still is. Trying to pretend otherwise is just revisionist history to justify the indefensible.

    Well, ....except for 1992.

  2. int_student

    I am an international student and had been saving for quite some time to finally skydive. Found a good deal for tandem skydive on groupon and bought it. I was so excited to do it, but I am getting married in July so my family wouldn't let me do anything as "risky" :(
    My coupon expires June. Any suggestions where may I sell it? BTW I am in Canada. I am also willing to exchange for anytime after July.
    Please advice!
    Poor Student

    Good thinking! After you get married you'll be able to do as you please.


  3. Observations of a transient, neophyte hockey fan. I don't know a thing about hockey, and I've only been paying attention and watching the playoffs (in a half-assed kinda way) because the local boys "done good":

    As a novice watcher, the Hawks/Ducks games appeared to have been played on a whole 'nother level than the Bolts/Rangers games. I can't put my finger on it, but the gameplay by both WC teams just looked more intense and more "deliberate". It looked like they were executing "plays" while the two EC teams' play looked more haphazard.

    Prediction: over in 5 games. TB will win one early. Probably completely wrong. Then I'll return to not watching soccer.

    For what it's worth ...GO BOLTS!

  4. Amazon


    We have them around here, and they look a hell of a lot like a rattler if you aren't familiar with the difference.

    I remember what happened when I was a kid in Florida after a hurricane came thru.. and flooded out all the low ground.. Our cabin was out in the boonies and Gramps had not gotten the septic in yet and we had an outhouse.... friggin snakes loved our high ground.... and they especially like the warmth at night of the outhouse that heated up nicely during the day.

    Going to the potty in the night was a tad "sporty".... luckily anything poisonous was worth a $5 bill at the herpetarium... talk about a windfall profit.

    My grandparents had a 2-seater. The walls came down to about 6 or 8 inches from the ground. I don't remember any snakes wandering in there but the chickens weren't shy about coming and going as they pleased. But, then again, I was too scared to go out there at night.:D

  5. Other:

    Accept refugees from despotic, murderous regimes, but only if we apply harsh economic and travel sanctions against those countries. Embargoes too. These regimes must learn that they can't continue doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. That's just crazy. Just look at Cuba. I'm sure the tyrants have finally agreed to repatriate exiles, release political prisoners, return nationalized/confiscated/stolen wealth to their citizens and foreign entities, and turn themselves in personally for their part in ordering countless murders and other atrocities.

  6. While doing similar research a few years ago, I was told that an "official" list of military awards and recipients does not exist. I was a little surprised that records for those awards were not kept and compiled as a list. Most lists you now might find are put together through a lot of effort in finding recipients one by one and vetting each one as they are received, or by searching other government records that may mention the award. They are far from complete. You may have some luck by contacting the National Archives, Military Personnel Records and requesting the service record for an individual. But mention of any awards or citations may or may not be included in his Personnel Record. Hit or miss there, too.

  7. Amazon


    Contemplating navels

    Anyone care to explain???

    I think Rubens was always looking for an excuse to draw boobies. I'm pretty sure that it was an inside joke among the painters we now call "the Masters". They had a not-so-secret, friendly competition among themselves to see who could get the most pictures of nikked folks displayed inside of churches.

    Also, they couldn't find any models without belly buttons ...and they didn't have Photoshop back then.

  8. SkyDekker

    ....It was a fight over symbolic territory. Stupid thing to die for really.

    Not "symbolic". The rockers identify "exclusive economic zones". These territories are defended in much the same way the Italian crime "families" defended their territories, although the Italians were (slightly) less public with enforcement. They also met occasionally to hash out territorial boundaries ...just like the bikers were alleged to be doing at the time of the shootout. But, I don't think the Italians usually got into gun battles during their meetings.

  9. Amazon

    ***I was sure Florida would be gator bites or lightning strikes. I'm not sure what they were getting at with that map. And Utah, with its healthy lifestyle, seemed rather vague. :P

    Legal Interventions???

    I noticed many states with health issues being cause of death[:/]

    I think that's the ultimate cause of every death. :P:DB|

  10. jgoose71

    ************I say we give him Chems to stay alert and awake, and dissect him into as many pieces as there are number of injured and dead.

    I suspect this is just angry talk, which I understand. This was a horrible crime. But just wondering, would you really support the United States government injecting this guy with chemicals and then cutting off body parts to make him suffer? Should this punishment be codified into law?

    I wasn't really serious.

    But I would like to see him subjected to Brittany spears songs at high volume for long periods of time.

    Now that's brutal. I might prefer dismemberment :)
    Purely as a side-issue, I wonder how long it would take to drive someone insane if you confined them in a small area, and played any sort of music at loud volume at them 24/7?

    24 - 36 hours typically, from what I'm told. :)

    If I remember correctly, when I played my record player it usually took less than 3 minutes for my dad to go crazy.

  11. JohnMitchell

    .......he kept tracking until his audible sounded and his red light flashed at 1500'. He pulled his main and ended up with 2 out after his AAD fired. . .

    ...... What would he have done if his audible and warning light had not worked?.......

    He would have had only 1 out. :P:S

  12. JohnMitchell

    ***Would "she" be like Cherry 2000, or more like 7-of-9 ?

    Next gen 7-of-9? Not exactly a robot there, right? Just a highly modified babe.

    Yeah, I know. That's why I asked the question. I'm not sure if I'm ready for full-on hotbot. What if her governor gets stuck? What if she unexpectedly throws a rod or something? I think I'd rather go with a hybrid until they get the "kinks" worked out.

  13. Would "she" be like Cherry 2000, or more like 7-of-9 ?

    Cherry rolls old-school with optical disk technology. No doubt she'd probably BSOD on you occasionally ...and most likely at the most inopportune times, as has always been customary with BSOD events. On the other hand, with 7-of-9, you'd probably also have to accommodate the other eight, each with her(?) own special kinks and quirks. Tough choice.

  14. Ceremonies!? All you need is a pair of muffs, a Muff Brother to jump with, and a ride to altitude. Email the jump details to Rick or Bill and you're good to go! (...and with that excellent artwork just provided by Rick, you can print your own sticker!) :)

  15. May 1 ....Operation Chowhound began. 3rd Air Division B-17s dropped food over the airport in Amsterdam. Dad (452nd Bomb Group) participated in 3 of the flights ...2 while the area was still occupied and 1 afterwards. Brits began a few days earlier with Operation Manna. Dad said they feigned trouble with the bomb bay and intentionally withheld some of the supplies which they unloaded over the countryside, thinking the occupying troops might confiscate the stuff at the designated drop zone.