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  1. Amazon

    ..... they always landed on the tail fins of the rockets :ph34r:

    You have to land on the tail fins. Otherwise you plug up the hole where the fire comes out. ...unless you could figure out a way to get it to tilt a little when you're ready to go.

  2. Favorites are 1 & 4 but both look unfinished. Both are pleasing to my eyes in a retro-ish sorta way. If all remain as-is, I'll go with #4.

    #2 is OK but looks "pieced together".

    #5 seems generic and unimpressive. Looks more like a window sticker than a label.

    #3 is least favorite. Nothing going for it at all.

  3. gowlerk


    I believe this was done to make the canopy very difficult to stall.

    ...and to scare the bejebuz out of someone who's looking up at his "last chance" for the first time. Learn what there is to know about your equipment before you jump it.

  4. muff528

    My Type 17 risers have a red reinforcement tape. IIRC, this was the fix. The tape was red for quick ID of the upgraded rises. My Vector II dating from '92 came new with these risers.

    Just for accuracy -- my rig DOM was 1993. Also, here's a pic of the reinforced riser for comparison.

  5. I'm pretty sure that a lot of folks don't understand that it's not a "gospel" song, even though it may sound like one. I was surprised by the number of church groups, youth singers, etc. covering it as a gospel/inspirational-type song. There are plenty of other verses to choose from that may be open to interpretation.

    Yeah, those lyrics are kind of weird coming from an young child. But my post was only to point out the girl's talent. I think this girl does sing mostly religious songs, so I doubt her parents (and a lot of other folks) are reading much beyond the biblical references in the song.