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  1. GooniesKid

    ***I never heard of either one of 'em. [:/]

    Muff (nice name by the way)....

    Thanks! name.


    ... check out the flicks "Focus" and "Wolf Of Wallstreet"...Margot's in it....instant fall in love.

    You can see Jaime Presley in the movie "Dead or Alive"..another great flick with hot chicks! :$

    I'll do that the next time they come around on the tv set.


  2. ryoder

    "Mr. Oberholtzer said his business had suffered. Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents met with him and advised him to protect himself, the lawsuit said. He started carrying a handgun."

    See!'s where Texans always go off the deep end. By "protect himself", DHS didn't mean go out and buy a handgun. They just meant that he should go out and support candidates who want "common sense gun legislation".

  3. Zep

    Yesterday I made my very first pumpkin pie, I've never had it before
    and where I live nobody has ever heard of it.

    So the question is how would you describe the taste given that it tastes nothing like pumpkin
    also the texture of the filling, how should it be.

    Tastes a lot like sweet potato pie to me, but they probably never heard of that, either. :D

  4. turtlespeed


    I'd be willing to bet the fine for watching some pron isn't stoning.

    If also bet that the fine for being stoned isn't death.

    Do they get stoned for getting stoned in Talibanland? ....Hash, hookahs, and all. National pastime?

  5. RMK

    Seems being a student at Liberty University is already like living under the Taliban; so Islamic Jihadist ways shouldn't really be much of a change to their daily life.

    ...The university has an all-encompassing code of conduct, called The Liberty Way, which governs what students can say, do, read, and watch both on and off campus and sets out a regimen of reprimands and fines for violators. The First Amendment Doesn't Apply at Liberty. No R-Rated or NC-17 Movies, Un-Godly Music, or Immodest Posters or Dancing or Kissing at Liberty University. Members of the opposite sex are forbidden from even being in a classroom or study centre alone.

    RushMC, please tell us again what we have to learn from them?

    Wow! What a commitment! The only two differences I see right off the bat are (1) I don't believe they are being asked to kill anyone. Not sure, though, and (2) They can quit anytime they want and still keep their heads ...or bodies depending on point of view. I'd also bet that Liberty U doesn't issue any fatwas.

  6. ryoder

    Heisenberg and Schrodinger are out for a road trip.

    Heisenberg is driving and they get pulled over by the highway patrol.

    The officer walks up and says, Did you know you were going 90 mph?

    Heisenberg throws up his hands and says, "Dammit, now I'm lost!"

    The officer is suspicious and searches the car.

    He comes back to the front and says, Did you know you have a dead cat in the trunk?

    Schrodinger replies, "Well, he is now, isn't he?"

    If Heisenberg keeps driving like that there's a good chance they'll run into their old friend Pauli ...and it's probable that the meeting won't be pleasant.

  7. tonyhays

    Hadn't thought of that, but I had it covered under "...or otherwise" in my post. (assuming you're responding to my post #4).

    Also, just heard that the San B. cell had what amounts to an "IED factory" in their house. Question many IEDs can be made in a particular way before they can just be called "EDs"?

  8. mirage62

    So less than 24 hrs after this happens the anti gun people have now established themselves as anti prayer. Odd. .....

    There has been some historical precedent for this. "You shall recognize no power or authority higher than that of your Government and, until you get your mind right with this, you shall remain unarmed."

  9. Criminals, crazies, or enemy combatants will arm themselves by whatever means is available. ...whether legally or illegally, and whether the weapons are purchased from a dealer, stolen, acquired in a botched "sting" operation, homemade, improvised, or otherwise.

  10. ibx

    Looks like the public is waking up to the GOP hypocrisy.

    Yes, but I've noticed that while there are some righties AND some lefties who "buy in" to the "thoughts and prayers" solution, It is mostly lefties that use the hashtags, ribbons, armbands or protest campaigns while sticking their fingers into the air and uttering their "condemnations in the strongest terms". ....equally useless and nonsensical solutions.

    But, I do agree with the lefties this time. The people involved in the San Bernardino attack should have been on someone's "OK-to-deny-these-folks-their-2nd Amendment-rights" list.

  11. theonlyski

    ...I learned that if I can correctly identify my truck in the parking lot, it's roughly time to pull...

    Boy! It'd be a bad day if everyone drove a truck like yours to the DZ !

    You'd have to get low enough to read the license plates!


  12. BillyVance

    ***Hoping for a rematch against LSU in Atlanta. Otherwise I'd pull for Alabama.

    If Bama doesn't make it to Atlanta, I'll pull for the Gators too. Coach McElwain has got those boys headed in the right direction. He's a much better person than Meyer or Muschamps. :)
    After all, he did win two national titles for Bama as offensive coordinator. B|

    Yeah, I like his style. I think he's going to be a good fit for Florida. Gators vs Vanderbilt -- too close. But if you look back at the play-by-play, Vandy only ran 5 plays from scrimmage on the Florida side of the field, all in one series of downs. ...and one of those was a punt. Of course, their only scoring play began on their side and crossed all 50 yds of Gators territory. So one, single play could have taken Florida out, if not for that final FG. Vandy didn't run a single play from Florida territory in the 2nd half. Florida's defense does look good. But I think it may take McElwain another season or two to sort out their offense to his liking. Now, I can't believe I'm rooting for FSU! ...but only to knock Clemson down a bit from their ranking. :P

    OK, Gators! Let's get ready for FSU and LSU (or Bama)! but hold on! gotta get past the Gamecocks and FAU first! :S (not betting)

  13. Boomerdog

    Yea but if I recall, Ernest T. Bass liked to throw bricks through windows.

    Bass wasn't married but he was crazy. He always came to town looking for a mate. So, Jerry's Mayberry marriage paradigm still holds.

  14. Squeak

    ************Some of my favorite episodes:
    Best later became Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane in "The Dukes of Hazzard".

    Trivia question: what did "P" stand for? (what was Coltrane's middle name?)


    [buzzer] nope.

    (ETA: I'll give it another day for others to offer their answers before providing it) Pervert (Purvis actually) as a kid I thought that was close enough:ph34r::ph34r:

    Had to look that one up. Looks like I spelled his first name wrong, too. :P

  15. Amazon

    ******It is ouncemar to you.

    You will be allowed to use grammar once you convert to metric system.

    Only a little more than half of Grammar is part of the metric system.

    I was just down in Florida researching where my Grammer was "borned" at New Troy FL on the Suwanee River in Feb 1872.. come to find out her mom was just 16 when she married my 2nd great Gramps..... in October of 1871....

    Do the math;)

    Backwoods 1800s ? ... that would be cipherin'.