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  1. GD64

    Hey muff528, I may touch base with you (at a later date) for feedback on your digitizing of vinyl. I haven't started, and probably won't find the time till winter....

    No problem, but I have to say that my goal was just to capture the music so I could play and listen on an mp3 player. Not too concerned about audiophile quality since my ears have gone "lo-fi" long ago, but I did want it to record "cleanly". Few years ago I bought a Numark hundred-dollar USB turntable. It came with software to do just that and it worked well enough. I'm sure there's better software out there now. I forget what software I used to convert the CDs but I think that capability is built into most OSs now, or at least packaged with computers.

  2. Thanks! Nice live perf by Willie and Merle. Forgot about his old Telecaster. But I did eventually find Lucky Man. I was sure I had it on CD somewhere (which means it would be on my phone) so I searched by "song" and found I have 2 copies. One from "From the Beginning - Greg Lake Retrospective" and the other from "The Return of the Manticore" collection. Listening to these albums now. :)

  3. Dadgummit! >:( I've got my entire digital music collection (17479 songs) on my phone. ...but I don't have ELP's "Lucky Man" or "Pancho & Lefty" by Merle and Willie. I don't even have it by Townes Van Zandt. Guess I'll have to start digitizing more of my vinyl collection. Very time-consuming. Good thing is I get to listen to them all while recording. :)

  4. DiverMike

    He wrote that song when he was 12 years old. Amazing.

    Actually written by Greg Lake at 12 yo! Didn't know that. Emerson added the Moog at the end (in Coreece's link). I always thought it seemed out of place in that song.

  5. kallend

    Rubbish. Doing nothing is not advising.

    Hey, I didn't write the Constitution.

    They have not done nothing. They pretty much said no "consent". They just haven't dropped the hammer. They are not required to give advice and consent for any appointment. But, saying they will not consider an appointment sounds like advice to me.

    So, doing nothing is equivalent to not consenting if consent is required to approve an appointment.

    Well, if I was a Senator, my "advice" for him would be to pick a conservative Justice. Maybe even suggest a specific person. I might then vote for "consent". :S

    Yours is the same argument as President Obama's "they refuse to act, so I will" comments re: gun control, etc. Not "acting" on a proposal can be an action which that side supports. Not everything needs a specific "action", depending on viewpoint or ideology ...and almost in every case, certainly not an action by the opposition who has a very different view of governance.

  6. funjumper101

    I know how you feel.
    Follow the Constitution as written? What a liberal concept... NOT.

    Tough concept, isn't it? People get elected to office, take an oath to perform that job, and then decide NOT to perform the job as written in the Constitution?

    Why would they not be expected to perform the tasks that are part of the job, as defined in the Constitution? Do tell.

    The Senate is not Constitutionally duty-bound, compelled, or otherwise "expected" to "consent" to ANY appointment by the President. Neither are they required to consider (or even acknowledge) any appointment. As far as "advise" goes, (unless they cave) it seems they have already done that wit, no appointments will be considered until after a new President takes office. They are doing their Constitutional "job", just not the way you would have it. Another definition of "lame duck" could be a President who doesn't have support of Congress through the end of his service.

    But the President must abide by the Senate's "advi(c)e and consent" clause. The President may make a recess appointment "if a vacancy occurs during a Recess of the Senate". Doesn't apply here if you decide to follow the Constitution "as written".

  7. kallend

    ******Well at least you can't blame Obama for that one :D

    Well, only partially. I'm sure that as a civic-minded citizen of Chicago he certainly would have voted, and I'm guessing at least one of his votes was for Daley.

    Possibly, but possibly not. He lived and worked in the Hyde Park neighborhood, which being liberal had a very strong anti-Daley streak (neither Daley was remotely liberal).

    Yes, posted that in the spirit of humor. Actually, I think Pres. Obama would have been more ideologically aligned with Rev. Jakes than Daley in the relevant election. Daley (both) seemed to be more interested in retaining sheer power rather than in any particular ideology. And he derived that power by playing to a liberal-leaning base, whether he really believed or not. I think he just as well would have courted conservatives if he thought that would have elevated his political power. He was expert at playing his constituents ...and he got to use everyone else's wealth to do it.

  8. turtlespeed

    ***I just cranked the decibels on that mellow tune earlier this week. It's the only one I remember from them.

    It's been the roughest year (so far) that I can recall for classic rockers going black.

    #black rockers matter

    Once they go black, they never come back.

  9. GD64

    I just cranked the decibels on that mellow tune earlier this week. It's the only one I remember from them.

    Try "Wilhelmina" if you can find it. :D I think it was the flipside of "Something......". Maybe not, I just have the album. Also, Tom Petty did a pretty good cover of "Something in the Air".


    It's been the roughest year (so far) that I can recall for classic rockers going black.

    Guess we gotta get used to it. :|

  10. hillson

    The next phase is:

    Did I take the dog out?
    Did I remember to lock the door?
    What am I going no to have for lunch?

    Etc etc.

    Do I REALLY need this watch?
    Ramen noodles aren't so bad.
    I'll pack that for you cheap!
    Lessee, ...if I buy an old camper I could live on the DZ and make a pretty good living as an instructor!

  11. Yep, this same bacteria convinced me to quit eating raw oysters for a while. Then I realized that they're just plain nasty, even without the bacteria. I do like them breaded and fried, Italian-style, though. I don't know if vibrio infections are relatively "new" here or just newly identified and tracked. So it's vibrio in saltwater and the amoeba in fresh water here. :P (At least you can see sharks and gators!)

  12. headoverheels

    ***Looks like someone's pipe dream ....and by "pipe" I mean "bong".

    Well "pipe dream" means opium.

    A case of what my old boss would call "mental masturbation."

    Yeah, that's why I specified "bong" rather than pipe. ...that causes more late night conversations about life, the universe and uh, ...everything.

  13. catfishhunter

    why? We have wireless communications that are instant traveling the speed of light and data approaching that why would we not believe it possible for ourselves to be able to harness that ability as well?

    Because we have mass. There's not enough energy at our disposal to get going that fast, much less the ability to harness it. Maybe sometime in the distant future, when we understand the relationship between relativity and quantum physics, we could start thinking about "warping space-time". But, I do think it's possible that some brilliantly insightful revelation could occur at any time.

    But my comment was really about the (IMO) ridiculous "model" of what a vehicle with such capabilities "might" look like (based on what?). It also might look like a 1948 Henry J that would move through hyper-space by sucking in large amounts of purple drank and farting cherry blossoms and moonbeams.

  14. When I was a kid "helping" my father tune up the car, I remember him asking me how many spark plugs I thought it would take to tune up a B-36 bomber. I was a little incredulous when he told me 336! If you spent a minute replacing each plug it would take over 5 1/2 hours to get them all changed if you didn't stop for a break!