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  1. Yep. Not picky with beer but I don't seem to drink as much these days. I can do without the frosted glass. (I do secretly like a nice cold can of Old Milwaukee once in a while.) My rig is a Vector II with a nice round serial number. But I haven't looked at it for quite some time [:/].

  2. gowlerk


    After a ruling in that court, the case might then go the SC, but with a 4-4 split, the case would automatically revert to the Appeals Court ruling, making that the Law of the Land.

    My understanding is that would make it the law only in the district the Appellate Court is responsible for. Other courts in other districts could rule differently.

    But, an actual similar case would have to be heard in those other courts and in those decisions a lot of weight will have to be given to the precedent which will have been set. My feeling is that if somehow a conflict between two Appellate circuits was to occur, the Supreme Court would go with the existing precedent. IOW - I think the SC would see the concept of "precedent" as the main question before them rather than some appeal of a lower court decision (one on which they have already "decided"). The vote might not be 4-4 then, even with a politically or ideologically split Court. All speculation.

    Edit to add: Got a little off track there. I think that the (admittedly speculative) point that the TV lawyer was making was that in a case of a 4-4 split decision, the reversion to the Appellate Court decision would become the de facto or effective SC decision. Anyway, off-topic here.

  3. ryoder

    Interesting, but I think just the opposite. I doubt that Scalia would have ruled in favor of the FBI in this case based on some earlier opinions involving this type of information-gathering. Also, I think the Administration would have secretly wanted the FBI to win rather than secretly wishing for a loss as the writer suggested.

    Also, I heard an analyst comment on the prospect of an 8-person Supreme Court that is effectively evenly split. He suggested that a lawyer could have a case tried at the Appellate level at a Circuit that is inclined to rule his way. After a ruling in that court, the case might then go the SC, but with a 4-4 split, the case would automatically revert to the Appeals Court ruling, making that the Law of the Land.

  4. Coreeece

    ...find the guy who changed the password, ... and find out how he did it and why ....

    If it is true that the password was changed after they had custody, then I think that is the problem the FBI needs to be vigorously pursuing. Someone inside is mucking up the investigation. Who and why!? Any information they could have gotten from that phone likely is not nearly as important or urgent as this.

  5. Always been interested in how various (specific) food prohibitions originated and became encoded in some cultural, ethnic, or religious doctrines and not others. I imagine trial and error over millennia.

    "Don't eat that! Og tried one of those and you know what happened to him! That's what happened to Oop, too! Better write that down somewhere!"

    "What you mean 'write' ??"

  6. kallend

    Seems to be some dispute about which end of the whale it emerges from.

    AFAIC, if it's made in the intestine and eventually ejected, it's poop. Doesn't matter which way it goes from there. :D


    Anyhow, it's way too expensive now, a synthetic form, ambroxide, is used instead.

    Well, there goes one of the last few reasons I go to the beach. I guess all that's left now are fishing and ogling sightseeing.

    ETA - also, to stay on topic, I don't mind eating the occasional bug.

  7. kallend

    Ever eat food died red with carmine dye? Kissed a woman with red lipstick (or worn it yourself)? Taken a red colored pill? Or a red candy (Skittles...)

    If you have, you have certainly ingested the product of the cochineal bug.

    That right there is funny. :D:D Next thing you're gonna say is that women slather whale poop all over themselves so they can smell better. :S

  8. ryoder

    ***:) Just a random memory from 8th grade Civics class.

    So you made the Wikipedia edit just before you posted?
    Smart move.:ph34r:


    Also, I don't think there's anything that says a lame duck President cannot carry out any of his official duties, including appointments, at any time during his presidency. Nor is there anything that says that any of his appointments must be confirmed by the Senate. There doesn't even have to be 9 Justices on the Court.

  9. I seem to remember that the term "lame duck" referred to a President who had been defeated and was simply finishing out his term between the election and the inauguration of his successor. The reasoning was that his defeat implied a loss of popular support. There may or may not be a "lame duck" period at the end of a second term, depending on the political climate. I think the term has been used more recently (past 50 years or so) in a tactical sense by the opposing party to describe any President's final year or months of service.

  10. Just saw this on facebook ..."Peyton Manning has now beaten every team he's ever played at least once in both college and pro football ...except the Gators".

    Don't know if there's any truth to that, and I'm not going to look it up, but I'm going with it anyway. :D Maybe someone else can disprove or verify. :P

    edit to add: OK, Nebraska too. :S

  11. Well, I rarely listen to lyrics in these types of productions. I thought the "sound" and the overall production was very good. I usually don't even listen to the words of any song until I've heard it a number of times.

    About the memes. I thought the one about Newton handing more footballs to the Broncos than to the kids was priceless.

  12. There's a little Bernoulli action going on outside the hole, too. That might be enough, along with rapid decompression, to create sufficient suckage to pull a person out. If not, there's probably enough high speed air to help a small hole get bigger.

  13. Point Break - Cop infiltrates a bunch of skydivers and becomes one of "them".

    Drop Zone - Same as above.

    Cutaway - Same as above.

    Terminal Velocity - Not quite the same as above. Well, not the same at all, but no one was following the plot anyway.