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  1. Hi, Can anyone tell me about experiences with elderly flyers in a wind tunnel? My gran, who is soon to be 84, has decided that she wants to try it! No this wasn't my idea..
  2. Yeah, what she said. I'll third that. "ME TOO" from London! Stay safe.
  3. Hi all, I'm coming to Perris from the UK for the first time in December, and looking forward to it! Is anyone heading that way and interested in sharing travel with us? There are two of us, arriving at LAX on Friday December 9th around 3:30pm; I'm flying back the evening of Sat 17th and my friend on Jan 1st. At the moment the easiest plan looks like Super Shuttle or a lift from the DZ, but I gather this will cost over $85 each way - similar to hiring a car! The Greyhound bus is only $20 each but I haven't yet figured out how to get from the Airport to the bus station - can anyone help? Look forward to meeting you Perris people! Kat x
  4. Hey there, I'm looking at buying a 2nd hand Cypres (particularly a Cypres 2 made in 2004) - any advice on what questions I should ask? Apart from D.O.M. ( I guess last service doesn't apply as it's quite new..) cheers! Kat x
  5. Any more skymoshers going to Download this weekend?? We got 3 so far.... meeeeetaaaaalllllll..........!!!!! Kat xx
  6. Hey all, Has anyone jumped in Morocco during the summer? I have seen 2 websites for dropzones, Beni Mellal appears to only operate in winter - can anyone tell me whether Taroudant would be open, I've not had any luck contacting them yet.. Thanks!
  7. Nigel most of us always have work on Friday you part-timer..!!
  8. me too! Dunno what time though.. At least I will recognise a couple peeps this time Kat
  9. I got one below my belly button and that took maybe up to a year & a half to heal! It never seemed infected.. But strangely I then got one above and it healed within a couple weeks?! I need inspiration for a new one. Anyone got the back of their neck done? I wanted that for a while but thought it might be awkward to look after.
  10. Hey there Londoners! Thought I'd say hello as I just got offered a job in Hatfield; if the money's enough I'm looking at moving to North London (somewhere along the train line that goes through Potters Bar, Finsbury Park down to King's X - and if I can get back from the Camden at night I will be very happy ) Any ideas where to start looking at renting a room? Cheaper the better!! and if anyone into alternative clubbing / gigs wants to advise me where I want to be going out that would also be much appreciated
  11. Used to paint a lot and hate to travel anywhere without my camera So my next skydiving aim has to be camera flying! And making my own freefly suit at the mo if that counts.. Also doing some graphic design for friends websites & CD covers
  12. Thanks guys I will try emailing Pete Marsden. I just quit my job hehe. Dubai or not there will be sun & skydiving in my life again soon! Jules good luck with AFF I can't think of a nicer place to do it, I'll see you out there, inshallah!
  13. Where can I find more info about the Dubai boogie? I seriously want to go, would mean quitting my shitty temp job for a couple weeks in the sun.. easily done bored cold Kat
  14. I hear there are 2 boogies one after the other there, 24th Feb - 5th March, then 7-14th March. I guess one is the annual Pete Marsden boogie, does anyone have a link with more info about that? Anyone know how I can get hold of the Barracuda ot find out prices?? Jumped out there last year it was awesome, perfect weather, beautiful scenery..
  15. Probably same for me, hope I never have to find out! I really don't think it would make much difference whether it was a good friend or not, as to how hard I would try to catch them - it would just hurt more if I failed
  16. Sorry no constructive tips really but just to let you know I understand just how you feel, and so many others do too! Hang in there, I felt exactly like you until only a few months ago... Cut fingers, bruised thumbs, still packing when the guys on my lift came down from their second jump since, laughing at me for STILL being there..! Ask lots of people to show you their tips for keeping the canopy under control, and unfortunately like everyone says it just gets better with practice. Suddenly when I was packing for 5-6 jumps every day it got easier immediately. If you have the space, maybe bag it a few times at home whenever you can, then at least some of that frustrating practice time might take less away from your jumping days. Keep thinking about the shape & size of the bag as you fold the canopy - someone once commented, "your trying to get a round pack job into a square bag!" so I made the folds wider & flatter then it went in a bit neater. One tip that really helped me, if I can try and word it right!? When you have the first half of your bag around the canopy, and are trying to get the second half in... (I keep at least one knee on the pile until its pretty much in)... Find the corner of the flap with the grommets and put one knee on it, so that sucker ain't moving anywhere while you to stuff the rest of the canopy into it. (Keep your other knee on the canopy) Then when the second half's in you can take your knee off the canopy and put it on the other corner of the bag flap, so you have something to really push against with both hands when tidying up the first half. Hope that makes sense?! most important, don't let it stress you out!!
  17. Yeah I wanna try one! Not enough jumps to do it here yet though.. I never really saw the point of it until I did a birdman rodeo! Now I get it
  18. Damn! Me too! Didn't think I was that bad Mine's a JD & coke...
  19. Yes! Sorry to butt in, I'm not American but I totally have to agree
  20. Well I finally booked a flight! Will be at Empuria Sat night (22nd May) No idea how long for, at least a week or so.. I just got a one-way ticket so far!
  21. 8/12 I think British My Little Ponys had different names! I mean what happened to 'Applejack' and 'Lemondrop'.. Here's one for ya, Lego Porn! http://drew.corrupt.net/bp/series1.html
  22. Yeah I can see similarities; like doing something you love that gives you a buzz, makes you feel high & free; being surrounded by people who are there to share that passion, the glow when something challenging goes right, And practically, travelling around seeing familiar faces from your scene.. finding few weekends left for anything else.. and just a tiny bit of partying too.. I have to say I've never really noticed that. It's not exactly a spectator sport Men in neon lycra don't look good on the ground hehe, and a soggy field out in the back lanes of Little-Localville-Upon-Sheep ain't the coolest place to spend Saturday night.. Maybe your ex found, hope you take it up & do too, that many skydivers seem to be friendly, lively & ridiculously cheerful nuts who share your addiction. You spend weekends in a small happy little world with them and they grow on you like a dirty fungus