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  1. Well there was a Korean Girl, but she and her boyfriend were really very nice.
  2. I voted STFU as it is not all good news even tho the Cheney gang would like you to believe it is. http://www.counterpunch.org/descoto06092004.html
  3. Wow, I am in Kingston upon Thames right now as that is where my office is, lovely place on the edge of the Thames. I just checked the fridge and there is not yet a body in there but I will be keeping an eye out for anything suspicous, I hope he didn't work in the sandwich shop I go to for lunch.
  4. This was my concern when I ordered a titanium wedding ring a few years ago. The company sent me a picture of a ring being sliced by some huge firemans cutting tool like the things they use to take cars apart. So guess it can be cut off, just looks like they will have to remove your entire hand first to get the cutting tool in there. So far I have avoided this and with any luck they can sew it back on afterwards anyway.
  5. Thanks for replies, better get my arse to Nthravn, Weston or Chateris. Hope to see you there.
  6. Thanks James, I will check it out
  7. Sounds good. Please let me have details of the Sep event. Since I saw the photos from last year I really liked the idea of landing on the beach.
  8. Yeah, that's right, on the Mong Boogey with Darbs. You would be James then. I was going to do May but wife wanted to go scuba diving instead as AFF frightened the life out of her, so thought I would instead do the Aug or Nov in Lake Wales this year or maybe both. How you getting on, what is up with Jersey?
  9. I live in Twickenham.
  10. After posting in "Meets and Greets" was suggested I post here. I am new to sport and looking to contact/meet up with any London based skydivers. Want to start jumping here regularly but looking for advice re: DZ/Gear/Progression etc.
  11. Hi all, After finding this forum and realising how helpful people appear, thought it would be good place to ask advice. I did AFF at Lake Wales in November last year. Had a GREAT time and subsequently did 1 jump at Netheravon on my return. (Was very busy and took forever to get site brief and hire kit sorted hence only the 1 jump). Want to start jumping as regularly as the weather will allow here, after Paraglding for a number of years I know the weather frustrations of this country all too well. Only have 30 jumps and so far only own an altimeter and gogles. Want to do a few more jumps and speak to a few more people before buying first rig but want to get this sorted as do not see hiring kit as a sensible option for any length of time. Main problem is that I do not know anybody who is jumping regularly that lives in or around London and so would like to make contact with a few people who are. I am able to take time out during the week if the weather looks good and was wondering which DZ would be best bet as hear conflicting reports as to whether Netheravon is military only or also allows civilians on weekdays. Any help or advice much appreciated.