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  1. slug

    Leaving DZ.COm

    Help Its time for me to leave the party but cant find the front door I would like to leave under my terms, If I can't find the front door. Then I wil have no other choice but kep the exit door. R.I.P.
  2. I think that is the best explanation. Does that include USPA GMDZ's Goota go befor I get locked out
  3. Hi Rehmwa correct as usual except. IMO that's only true if their first time offenders. The church was aware of the sex abuse of certain priests they made a management decision that rather than address the issue so it wouldn't happen a again 10 billion hail marys/day every day a simple your service's are terminated due a review of the charges and the high probility of reoffending. Please turn in all your Black and white's ID's keys and all relious synbols issued by the church. You will be provided with a escort so you can collect and turn in your your things. and then escorted off the premises and are banned for life. A copy of our records will be fwd to the civil authorities for their review and any other corrective action they feel is required. Best of luck Instead of addressing the problem the church enabled the sexual offenders to continue abusing innocent children by tranfering them to a new church without adequate supervion and preventing any further access to minors. IOW First time shame on you second time shame on us$ third time even more shame and $$$. Does seperaration of church and state give the church diplomatic immunity.? Then the church is being very generouse by paying out these large sums & allowing the Gov't to throw the churchs priests in prison. Correct again as usual except your assuming they have equal chance to be alone with the cildren in a private setting & that these professions will ignor the problem to the same degree that the church did. The last time we saw state of the art child care facilities 15-yr's ago ago when the Army started to buld new child care center very few blinds spots example Bathroom facilities: childrens toilet stall dividers maybe 3' tall max.No doors used give the little one's privacy. a lot of thought was put in the new design: childen crawl on hand and knee or are to short to look out windows New design has set of window located much lower so rugrats can look outside as the crawl by the window intead of looking at blank walls. Private facilities: Security cameras in attmpt to remove blind spots and recors all actions by employee's and kids Sorry gotta go before permant ban is issued,
  4. Uh, the Constitution is ALL grey, hence the SCOTUS to darken in areas, but these areas move around as time goes on. Lucky Tsk tsk What the hell are you doing dude u've registered Hi lucky Hm this is SC
  5. Bingo we have a winner This dog owner fits a certain PROFILE Does the owner even have a liscense to own the dog? Has the dog had it's shots? That problem if it exists doesn't require a long list of complaints for animal control to take action. Thats a major source of their income. Address? owners name? computer search. The dog owner wants to ignor that problem or is to busy. I don't know about Ca law but up here $$$$. Of course good neighbors could help the owner out and pay the annual dog liscense fee etc & then they can complain complain among themselves about the neglect and having to pay annual liscense fee every year. R.I.P.
  6. Uh, the Constitution is ALL grey, hence the SCOTUS to darken in areas, but these areas move around as time goes on. Hi lucky Hm this is SC
  7. Joking? Or you suggesting someone kill the dog by using a chemical that will cause the animal to suffer a long painful death as their organs shut down. you've got a lot of info in your profile anyone live in his area know if theres been a problem of someone using anifreeze to posion animals, that the cops are trying to find "15 yrs union pipe coverer" did you ever contact your BA if a contractor told you to work around asbestos with PPE or know any old farts in your occupation that died from asbestos exposure or accidently exposed their family to asbestos by not using proper safety procedures. R.I.P.
  8. IMO you neighbor is enableing her neighbor to continue to abuse the dog. Quoteeven more reason to start the paper trail ASAP. The clock isn't going to start counting down untill the first report gets filed. has anyone tried a audio record of the duration and time of day/night the dog is barking for documentation? Not sure about you neighbor having to be the witness. If you can get permission to enter your neighbors property couldn't you take the pic's for documention. If you haven't seen the actual condition that the dog is living in , No water, shelter, dog poop never picked up exposed ribs etc. Know anyone with a camera or even better video Cam that can compose the shot etcMaybe contact animal control to find out if pics and audio recording would be of any help. Does the owner travel out of town overnight? who checks on the dog when he's gone. We rescued two dogs from CL. Quick and easy the longer the dog is abused the harder it will take to corret the problem and find someone to adopt the animal if the owner decide to do the right thing without animal control having to remove the dog and the Dude has to register as a dog abuser. This code of silence reminds me of the dr's not required to report child abuse and the cops to arrest a wife beater on the spot if there's visual evidence of abuse. R.I.P.
  9. IMO bying real estate on leverage is a proven way to success. but it's not guarantee. Check out the loan rate's for the last 35 yr's. You'll notice if you look a wide range from the highs to the lows. Alex greenspan " The interest rate will eventually go down and eventually go back up. Exactly when will that happen is the unknown. Can you wait to sell your house if the interest rate doubles and then takes X yr's to return to a affordable level? R.I.P.
  10. Think a little more creative... ltdiver my thoughts exactlyever see a packer wearing fuck me pumps. I'm guessing she was some type of a pro working a convention. R.I.P.
  11. Response to every one. We all know the police profile certain groups, stop them for varius reasons and then the fun begins. We used to drive some real beaters: Nice neighborhood four way stop cop is there first. We stop at other sign and wait for cop to proceed, and wait and wait. Cop waves us thru turns on lights so we pull over. Sir you have a tail light out. Say what Walk to back of car sure enough tail light is out again. Pop trunk wiggle wire. Problem solved Liscense please got that
  12. Hi karen IMo DZ vibes are very important for retention of students and fun jumpers. The last AFF free jump sound like a sales pitch. The price of the free jump is spread across the paid jumps. aka Free Beer $25 cover charge
  13. Hi Twardo Don't need no stinking duct tape, to have fun, old tech. Now we got date rape drugs so tying up the vicno longer required. Viagra, levitra and the other one have replaced the use of popsical sticks and duct tape for a splint. BTW next time you go see the doc ask them if they got any Promo pens for viagra, cielais or levitra. Great gag leave pen laying around someplace subtle where SO can stumble across it.
  14. Interesting subject Crusty old jumpersStick around long enough , don't hurt yourself you'll get to be a crusty old jumper also. Back in the day the intructor who taught us the to jump had 75 jumps and knew evey . There was no internet, jump video or books to study but we were all learning together. The gear was more a less one size fits all but militart surplus gear was built like a tank.We learned how to pack for our first jump std exit alt was 7500' Jumping was fun. Even in the late 60'sThe new static line class got the airplane first and the experienced jumpers had to wait just like now with the tandems. Crusty old jumper, old fart etc don't bother me at all we've been ther done that and heard it all before. Some things never change whinning, bitching ego's have been around for ever. How many jumps to earn respect That is very DZ dependent. We were at a well known Boogie walked up to the introduced ourselves ourselves had our logbook >1k jumps asked to get on the load. "Sorry I never jump with someone that i haven't jumped with before" Mad, disapointed etc nopethats where having the crust helps. The dude made my A-hole list in record time.Still LMAO at his attitude. 250 jump wonders that can do 30 ways, theres a reason for that and natural talent has nothing to do with it. If you haven't figured it out by now ask your instructor. Crusty old jumpers don't get upset when someone gets hurt nothing new. We saw a LO cold cock a jumper for going low on a 8 way. No surprises for a crusty old jumper. Jumping in high winds, some crusty old jumpers have seen a lot of peeps and gotten hurt themselves doing that shit. So there not that eager to get on the load. watching from the ground is much more entertaining & free and it takes our brittle old bones longer to heal. Some thing in the sport have changed for the better some are worse and that trend will continue. Nothing new seen it before. Can't get on a load because al the slots are taken but the jumpers aren't on the DZ. Yep crusty old jumpers seen that before to. This crusty old jumper doesn't expect or need anyones respect. Don't really care We know why some people have the right stuff and others don't numbers don't mean squat its more about the attitude of the jumpers & DZM at the DZ. Not happy with the respect you think you deserve and the lck of progress in your jumping abilities and are jumping every weekend. find another DZ that has better vibes. Nothing to bitch or complain about your money is as good as everyone elses. Find another DZ where you can get your money's worth and develope you jumping skill like everyone else and your entitled to. Can't find the right DZ and always end up up doing solo's. Don't waste your time or money find something else that will make you happy for the same amount of time and money your willing to devote to getting better. Crusty old jumpers learned a long time ago it's nothing personel, people are going to do what they do. first time shame on them second time same on you. crusty old jumpers no longer have any unrealstic expectations sio it's easier to go with the flow. FWIW we're grounded until we can find a DZ that has the vibes that will fit our minimum requiremets. We don't expect a DZ to change to please us just a DZ already has what we know we deserve. This is not open to debate this old fart, has been wanna be, should have been, don't really care about your opinions or if you agree with me or not. Anothe big advantage of being a crusty old fart don't give a shit what people think about our opinion. Opinions are like A-holes and I'm entitled to mine just like everyone else is. R.I.P.