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  1. slug

    50 bucks a jump for coahcing?

    Hi Diverdriver Get back in the airplane and drive Have you seen pilot salaries increase over the years, or is the pay a function of the law of supply and demand? Are some pilots still willing to fly just to build up hr's. IMO flying for hr's is not a good thing, we rather fly with a pro who already knows what to do if the rubber band breaks. A twin otter can carry 20 jumpers and get 4 lifts/hr. would $.50 per head be to much for a DZO to pay a pilot? Would $40/hr be ok BTW Not a pilot R.I.P.
  2. slug

    Skydiving Web Page Designing

    Hi PCjr What state is pacncathy going to open her DZ in.? If the DZ is anything like your mom it will be first class. Congrats R.I.P.
  3. Hi Spot Got a link to some pic's of the event
  4. Hi AT I'm sure if you & yours were doing the demo it would be good to go Wonder how much it cost them to get the court order R.I.P.
  5. Hi Asshole IMO If you get slammed you'll know it immediatly R.I.P.
  6. slug

    My favorite forum...

    Hi Hottamaly You know us older folks we might not be able to "Post" as much as the young ones
  7. slug

    MG (the car) advertisement jump

    The MG probably had to be pushed off the ramp because it wouldn't start We had a MG for a while, Old joke Know why brits drink warm beer? "Their fridge is made by Lucas". Lucas was a brit company that made a lot of the electical parts for brit cars. The MG was nice when it was running but unreliable. Our starter caught on fire once driveing down the road, etc, etc. R.i.P.
  8. 1974 wasn't that long ago .. or was it I forget From the photo, looks like all those young jumpers had nice gear. notice the reserve ripcord handle's some on the right side and some on the top
  9. slug

    Para-commander jumps

    Hi 87 Your jumping a Sabre 190 so I'm assuming you a big guy maybe 80 -90 plus kilo's. Practice you PLF's a lot