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  1. Interesting subject Crusty old jumpersStick around long enough , don't hurt yourself you'll get to be a crusty old jumper also. Back in the day the intructor who taught us the to jump had 75 jumps and knew evey . There was no internet, jump video or books to study but we were all learning together. The gear was more a less one size fits all but militart surplus gear was built like a tank.We learned how to pack for our first jump std exit alt was 7500' Jumping was fun. Even in the late 60'sThe new static line class got the airplane first and the experienced jumpers had to wait just like now with the tandems. Crusty old jumper, old fart etc don't bother me at all we've been ther done that and heard it all before. Some things never change whinning, bitching ego's have been around for ever. How many jumps to earn respect That is very DZ dependent. We were at a well known Boogie walked up to the introduced ourselves ourselves had our logbook >1k jumps asked to get on the load. "Sorry I never jump with someone that i haven't jumped with before" Mad, disapointed etc nopethats where having the crust helps. The dude made my A-hole list in record time.Still LMAO at his attitude. 250 jump wonders that can do 30 ways, theres a reason for that and natural talent has nothing to do with it. If you haven't figured it out by now ask your instructor. Crusty old jumpers don't get upset when someone gets hurt nothing new. We saw a LO cold cock a jumper for going low on a 8 way. No surprises for a crusty old jumper. Jumping in high winds, some crusty old jumpers have seen a lot of peeps and gotten hurt themselves doing that shit. So there not that eager to get on the load. watching from the ground is much more entertaining & free and it takes our brittle old bones longer to heal. Some thing in the sport have changed for the better some are worse and that trend will continue. Nothing new seen it before. Can't get on a load because al the slots are taken but the jumpers aren't on the DZ. Yep crusty old jumpers seen that before to. This crusty old jumper doesn't expect or need anyones respect. Don't really care We know why some people have the right stuff and others don't numbers don't mean squat its more about the attitude of the jumpers & DZM at the DZ. Not happy with the respect you think you deserve and the lck of progress in your jumping abilities and are jumping every weekend. find another DZ that has better vibes. Nothing to bitch or complain about your money is as good as everyone elses. Find another DZ where you can get your money's worth and develope you jumping skill like everyone else and your entitled to. Can't find the right DZ and always end up up doing solo's. Don't waste your time or money find something else that will make you happy for the same amount of time and money your willing to devote to getting better. Crusty old jumpers learned a long time ago it's nothing personel, people are going to do what they do. first time shame on them second time same on you. crusty old jumpers no longer have any unrealstic expectations sio it's easier to go with the flow. FWIW we're grounded until we can find a DZ that has the vibes that will fit our minimum requiremets. We don't expect a DZ to change to please us just a DZ already has what we know we deserve. This is not open to debate this old fart, has been wanna be, should have been, don't really care about your opinions or if you agree with me or not. Anothe big advantage of being a crusty old fart don't give a shit what people think about our opinion. Opinions are like A-holes and I'm entitled to mine just like everyone else is. R.I.P.
  2. Hi RB No reason to flame your temp comfort range or choice of gear. Different strokes for diff folks.
  3. What wrong with either of these things? Color bands make sense - easier visibility. 3 buzzers can correspond to b/o, pull, oh shit altitudes. I only had mine a couple months before the forced timeout, but it seems like the right design to be worth the cost and hassle factor of an added piece of gear. Alti? The yellow before the red IMO is band aid. Red is Red ignor it and you might hurt yourself real bad. If you need yellow to tell you that red is next in 5 sec's talk to your instuctor The three buzzer deal IMO is a great unit and there's nothing newer thats better i highly recommend it The dig is the cypress came out before the 3 bell audio alti. Tandem guy's FF students etc need a AAD. Unless you've been knocked out in FF or otherwise and you don't pull after the third bell IMO you should not be jumping. If a jumper is knocked out and has to land a open reserve on autopilot The reserve will increase their chance of jumping another day, but shit happens: water, Bldg, power lines, down winder, Mcnasty ect ect. Review the incident statsfor no pulls with you instructor: What happened? why did it happen? how many times has it happened? What type of jumping am I doing Whats the cost to benifit ratio of a cypress that for my type of jumping is a triple or quad redundent safety system that may add 20% to the cost of the Brand new best state of the art safest gear money can buy. Does a swooper need a cypress? Nothing wrong with swooping if that what you want to do but IMO the cost of a cypress might be better spent learning from a pro how to swoop. BTW Old stuff the debate has been going on for ages. R.I.P.
  4. Hi Bozo You know the deal better than I do but ITSOC to keep this thread going....... Being a very very old skydiver is a good thing.
  5. Congrats, that's the most ignorant post I've read in ages, and I was reading the Titusville thread. Never insult a man's wife, motorcycle or rig. Hi Mr T Cyber space, no profile etc, opinions are like A-holes except better more entertaining
  6. Hi Andy Only if it worked. And you got the pics or logbook to prove it If a persons going to fudge their jump numbers no telling where the notches on your gun came from. Ho ho Ho
  7. slug

    'Jonathan Parachute' ?????

    Hi Mr T Jumping the same canopy for 10 yr's, 1500 jumps under severe conditions in SA. What ever happened to getting a new canopy every year
  8. slug

    Best Way To Get $$$ To Jump

    Spending 2-4 yr's in college and not being able to afford to jump is wrong. Might be time to reconsider your career choice. It takes $$$ and time to do a lot of fun things. lack of funds/time for jumping may be a wake up call for a career change.
  9. Hi lucky aka (SS) What DZ did you say you jump at? I could help you out on your lucky streak, before it happens for real. These days I'm hoping all the DZ's have or will get closed circuit camera's to incourage the bad folks to play nice. Lots of drunks accidently fall into the fire pit. Karma is a bitch at the wrong DZ. R.I.P.
  10. Hi H Thanks for the pic. Is this the meet where they had 110 ten way teams competing? Thats a bunch of folks were they able to drink Z-hills dry, befor the meet was over? I hadn't heard about the canuck getting hungup on exit but thats exactly what the other picture you posted looks like. Did his team request a rejump? My luck I would have slid off way to low to do any good. R.I.P.
  11. slug

    So what do you think???

    Hi MIH IMO the significant increase in A liscense was due to marketing by USPA and the GM DZ's. Win Win for them. A increase in folks not renewing their liscense or gettting out off the sport? It might be interesting if we could plug in age groups to see if thats another reason for the dropout rate. Some baby boomers are slowing down, or are tired of playing second fiddle to the to the gravy train $$$. Maybe some of the old farts are tired of paying dues to a trade organization USPA/GM DZ's that have failed to take action to prevent the the serious injuries from failing to land a perfectly good parachute. (Why have a minimum opening altitude and anything goes for anyone under canopy?) WAG: 10 DOA/yr due to bad landings x 15 yr's = 150 dead peeps. Minimum opening altitude is very old school due to severe consequence's of no pull/low pull(DOA). For some reason that factor of safety was not incorperated into landing a good canopy, and the annual stats reflect it. To bad we don't have stats for broken pelvis's and hips for same reason as the DOA's failure to land a good canopy. This has been a very good year for the reduction in fatal incidents in the US
  12. Hi J SAY WHAT!!!!!!!!! Do you really expect a response from USPA, Or a gentle reminder from USPA to titusville to play be the "rules" with a CC to you
  13. slug

    DZ Refund Policies

    Hi T Lesson learned: when paying with cash get a reciept or pay via CC or check. We got a call after a weekend at a out of state DZ claiming we forgot to pay befor leaving. We paid the first time in cash and via check the second time. After that whenever we visited the same DZ always paid by check. Also had a problem at the local DZ onceshowed up next weekend and at the end of the day got a bill for the previous weekend. No problemo check #xxxx got a copy of the check for proof of payment. A DZ is not going to stay in business cheating their customers but when their dealing with lots of $$$, have new employees, bottom feeding jumpers etc shit happens having some Paper as proof of payment is nice way to clean up the mess.
  14. Hi Jraf IMO this whole thread has been very entertaining (LMAO) My only regret is that a specific DZ was mentioned and the PA on the manifestor. This lack of pro service is the direction of a lot of industries not just DZ.s Some people are "no" people (power and control) We stay away from them because we already know the answer
  15. slug

    jesus string

    Hi C Do a word search on (Jesus string) and you'll learn everything you want to know about the "last hope rope" even pictures.