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  1. i'm not just trying to have a shameless plug here... it's free music, so i thought it might be of interest... i just finished a new mix that i'm making available online for free... it's a follow-up to the popular SkyDance mix from 2004... good, upbeat dance music, great for jumping or just exercising, and is completely clean - it has no offensive lyrics or questionable themes... feedback is always appreciated... download it at: thanks! -Dan
  2. yup - i am now in the process of selling all my worldly possessions to support my habit... anybody wanna buy a Korg N364 keyboard? -dan
  3. greets hey bro - i was the other guy in the load that you jumped... gotta love those high-wind landings! welcome back to the sport - i look forward to jumpin with ya again! -dan
  4. greetings when i had just started skydiving, i had a very intense "door-fear" - the door was like a chasm opening up into hell or something... even simply thinking about the door while i was at work, home, etc. made my heartrate skyrocket - and i wasn't overwhelmingly afraid of the act of jumping itself, i was just dealing with an intense, somewhat irrational fear of the door... SO here's what i did: thought association. anytime i had a free minute to myself in my day-to-day life, i would close my eyes and think about the door of the plane... then, as my heart would start pounding in my chest, i would imagine something that calms me down... for me, that was images of nature - a pretty ocean beach, rolling midwestern hills of trees, stuff like that... after a week or two, i found that i had associated the door with peaceful thoughts... and my fear melted away... ciao -dan
  5. Would ask before touching, if not, you just might wake up in a very strange place wondering what happend. Just a safty tip, do want you want with it that's what i meant by "communicate to the person" - of course i would never just reach up and grab a piece of somebody's face... -dan
  6. greetings somebody much wiser than myself once said that the more you understand that skydiving is something that you DO, not something that you ARE, the closer you are to where you truly need to be... ever since i heard this, it is the attitude that i have maintained... i am lucky to have a mid-sized DZ as my home... i've never found even a trace of a 'skygod' attitude from the folks that really get in to swooping that jump there... -dan
  7. howdy not trying to hijack the thread... but i thought i'd share a tip from years of experience in night-club dj'ing... if you are in a really loud situation, such as a skyvan, and you need to communicate with somebody, here's a little trick: first communicate to the person that you are going to touch their ear for a second (they might give you a strange look, but they'll get it as soon as you do it) then, reach out with your thumb and 'close' their ear canal with that little piece of ear that kinda folds back to close the opening in the ear (dunno what it's called) and hold your thumb in place with their ear closed... you can now talk at a NORMAL speaking level and they will hear you crystal clear... the vibration of your voice travels down your arm and into their ear... an added benefit, you can talk very quiet and THEY will hear you, but nobody else will... try it -dan
  8. greets i remember the very first thick cloud that i went thru... i can remember that the cloud kept getting bigger and bigger in my field of sight, until i felt some definite sensory overload... very fun moment - but, of course, dropping thru clouds is not a good idea... very impressive visuals, tho -dan
  9. greets *warning - shameless self-promotion ahead! to the folks that enjoy using a house or tech style mix, i've got a mix in MP3 format on my website - it's over an hour long, and is completely free for use... (for non-commercial vids, of course) includes tracks by Carl Cox, Alex Peace, Richard "Humpty" Vission, Joey Beltram, and a WICKED U2 remix (white label record - don't know where it came from!) edited to add clicky: ciao -dan
  10. very entertaining thread! i once dated a girl a few years ago that was very comfortable with her bi-sexuality. she was a lot of fun; we'd go out to parties and whisper among ourselves, and choose one single girl at the party that we both thought was hot, and spend the rest of the evening seducing her. most of the time it worked (we seemed to be a very wholesome couple), and a few times it didn't. but the times that it worked were very good. oh, and it was always "our first time doing something like this, too!" ciao -dan
  11. greetings not trying to hijack the thread, just wanted to say that skydivin' geeky chicks are SEXY. : -dan
  12. greetings heh i can remember my second jump (aff), i simply forgot to breathe. i was concentrating so much on the dive and my arch that about 20 seconds into the freefall i realized i hadn't taken a breath yet. course. as soon as had that realization, i laughed at myself and started breathing. and, incidentally, i really DID have a radio go out on me during an aff jump, about 20 feet above the ground... it was funny - i could hear the AFFI getting me ready for the flare... "alright, feet and knees together, and... wait for it... wait for it... AND... " and then it was just static. the landing was fine... -dan P.S. - edited to say that i don't believe i even mentioned the radio thing to the instructer... i was warned before-hand that the radio is a nice thing to have, but that relying on it is a mistake - nothing is better than your own skills.
  13. greets first off, i have recieved tons of PM's from people offering advice, help, and even coach dives for the price of the slots! so THANK YOU to everyone - i'm not used to having this much support... the GOOD NEWS is - I got a raise today! yes, i discussed it with the general manager of the radio station, and he decided that he likes me much better when i skydive regularly... so i got a raise, which means i can come back to the air in a few weeks! it will be a slow progression to my A license, but my #1 goal is to have fun - i'm unstoppable! oh, and as far as a promotion with the radio station goes, the DZO at my home is a great guy, and last time i did a promotion with him (did a live on-air skydive) it went really well... so we'll see what happens... hope to see ya in the skies and thanks again! -dan P.S. - folks living in Chicago - i'll be in your neck of the woods this weekend, performing at an event called "Wonka 3" - info is at
  14. greets thanks to everyone for the kind words! unfortunately, i actually live in lebanon, missouri, so i'm about an hour-and-a-half from my home DZ... and i'm on the air 7 days a week in my radio job, so packing part-time is not an option... the primary thing i worry about is having to pay for a lot of re-training when i get back into the sport (which is inevitable for me - i know i will return) i plan on staying current as far as my knowledge goes... i love jumping too much not to log onto everyday, as well as reading all the latest skydiving mags... and of course practicing emergency prodedures whenever i have a spare minute to myself... if i could do some ground training and one or two coach dives when i return, then i can start jumping again much sooner, i imagine... much sooner than if i have to go through an entire student progression again... i've been frustrated for a while, only making one jump a month... and not being able to afford coach dives to get my A... so i'll prolly wait until i have some cash saved up, and go back into it with gunz blazin'... but thank you for the info on the static line dz in my area... i may check it out! and in the meantime, i'll call my home dz and see what they normally do with students on solo status that take a break... as far as re-training goes... -dan
  15. Greetings Well, i'm finally throwing in the towell... after graduating AFF 5 months ago, i have finally admitted to myself that i cannot afford to continue... i've been averaging about 1 jump a month since graduating, so of course i am still a ways away from my A license... i suffer from 1 big problem - NO MONEY the day after tomorrow will be 30 days from my last jump, and since i will be working long days this week, my next jump will be a very expensive recurrency jump... and i know i won't be able to afford that one... i wasn't jumping enough to really progress my skillz anyway, but it breaks my heart, because skydiving is the only thing keeping me sane... so next time you're up, do a dive for me... i'll be watching the skies, wishing i was still up there... and knowing that someday i'll return... unfortunately, it won't be for quite some time, as i CERTAINLY can't afford to do AFF all over again... why, why dammit - why must i like such expensive hobbies? ah, well... blue skies and smiling faces -dan