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  1. Miguel, did you loose your wrist mount altimeter on this exit? Looks like it from your 3 pictures? By the way I agree you don't need the handles or stepmformtandems plenty of room and super easy once you get the hang of it. Just let the wind help you hug the fuesalage and slide off with the tandem at exit
  2. Here's some pictures, hope these are some help.
  3. I have a Bev Suit & sewed loops that slide over my thumbs, I've also had a piece of material sewed in my sleeve just inside the cuff that prevents the loops from sliding back up my sleeve. Easy on, easy off. I'll post a picture later. Works well for me. I always hated the larks head, as Phree metnioned that can get uncomfortably tight and almost impossible to get off at times. Lastl, I don't wear gloves but even if I did would never consider wearing them under the glove. Pat
  4. Yes Lance that red cable used to be from a bonehead box, it's just used to keep the hinge closed. I've also lost a wide angle lens adapter or two in my career, both knocked off on exit, also lost a ring site to a foot on a AFF exit. Expensive lessons to learn about being too close on exit! I've considered the blocking for the 10 - 22 mm lens and the wide angle lens adapter but just haven't got around too it. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Hope these help. FlatTop Pro w/oversize plate. Canon XT, w/10-22 mm lens, 560ex flash, Sony CX100 camcorder. Gold member quick releases for cameras. Home made L bracket for flash & camcorder LCD screen protection. I really want to add a quick release for the flash. The height from the plate to the top of the flash is just under 6", total weight is 8 lbs. Ideally I would like this all flat on top of plate, it's tight in a 182/206. I'm considering a wider plate but another inch or so on each side seems like it would be pushing it. Looks like I'll have to add the pictures separately as it looks like you can't attach them from an iPad Pat
  6. +2, remember it's all about the student, NOT YOU.........
  7. And I thought I was the "nicest" video person on the DZ? You did the right thing Jim, It was just kind of freaky wondering where you were for a while, I never noticed you stayed on the step (in my own little world trying to stay in front of a weak count, lol). Pat
  8. I just use the date format for both Video and stills in seperate directories (for now). I keep all my student releases by date also. I would really like to be able to easily (fast) index or add some metadata that would be easily searchable by people, places, things, evets, etc. Pat
  9. I received an email about this the other day and would liket to check it out http://www.seagate.com/www/products/external/freeagent/freeagent_theater_plus/ in the manual on page 23 it says "You can play movies in forward or reverse slow motion at varying speeds: 1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16". Seems pretty interesting. Pat
  10. Congratulations Karen! Thanks DSE this was fun! Pat
  11. Sorry, I thought I had uploaded the attachment? I didn't realize we were limted to 300K, here' a low res version.
  12. Canon 10-22mm is a great lens, here's a shot with fill flash. It's not too heavy or long, I had a Sigma 15mm before this and really prefer this lens. Pat
  13. I have a Memory Stick PRO Duo Media question. Is there any advantage to using the faster/more costly media types in this camcorder? Memory Stick PRO Duo Memory Stick PRO Ultra II Memory Stick PRO Extreme III Memory Stick PRO Video HD There's a huge price difference between them.
  14. Nice review DSE, thanks! I have a couple of questions though; 1. Are you saying that you can record without any media inserted into the camcorder "Simply switch to “Internal Memory” mode and you’ve just gained nearly 60 minutes of high-quality recording in FH mode!" 2. What would happen if the memory card filled up during recording? Would it continue to record to the internal memory? Pat
  15. Here's my $.02 worth. You can just go to Radio Shack or your favorite electronics store and get a stereo to mono adapter, try it each way and see which one you like. Remember, if you intend to use autofocus it will take some time for the camera to acutally focus and take the shot from the time you push (or bite) the switch. Depending on several factors this could be almost instant or take seconds. With the mono plug, the camera will conitnually be re-focusing as the distance between you and your subject changes. When I used autofocus with the kit lens, I had more reliable results with the mono plug. Try it both ways and see what works for you! Pat
  16. Bait & switch rip-off artists. Try buy.com and Butterfly Photo also, both legitimate places. I've bought from both and have no complaints. Pat
  17. Canon EFS 10-22mm. Not cheap, but worth it IMHO. Pat
  18. Quote HERE PN: 254-152-ROX I got a lot of other electronic pieces (MCX connectors, right angle stereo plugs, tact switches) from Mouser too. Quote Thanks Matt, I've purchased from them before too. Nice job on the helmet by the way and I really appreciate the info on the speakers, I have a modified Alti-2 and just haven't gotten around to getting speakers for it yet. This will save me a bunch of time! Pat
  19. Why not put a simple mixer for your audio in front of that input? Here is something from Numark you may find useful, if I had some extra cash I'd probably pick one up for myself http://www.numark.com/index.html?http://www.numark.com/products/product_view.php?v=overview&n=132 Pat
  20. I started using 2-iPod Nano's last year, same music list on both and mix between the 2 of them on my MX-12, it works great, I also keep a single disc CD player and just swap the plug from one of the iPod's to the CD player if I need a CD for some reason. I'll never go back to CD's for our stock music library. Pat