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  1. I've been comparing all types of low profile cameras including Contour HD and Contour HD 1080 with the go Pro HD. In most videos I've seen, the Contour seems to overexpose and burn less than the go pro, but the contrast doesn't seem right on a sunny day. I think i'll go with the go pro given all the accessories that come with it. It's not like I'll be filming pro-quality movies anyway. A remote control for the Go pro would definitely stomp the competition.
  2. I'm quite surprised that the colors of the Go Pro HD look so dull without the casing. in all the other Go Pro HD comparison videos (with the Contour HD), the Go pro seems to win hands down in 90% cases. Your video's really got me thinking.
  3. Hello fellow skydivers! A friend (Alexis Devoreix) and I are participating in a contest where we have to design the best topsheet for a women’s pair of skis. I’ve chosen the theme and Alexis has designed the whole thing himself, in order to integrate it in his artbook if we were to win. The winner will get a pair of skis with his own design and the possibility for his design to be used in a future ski collection for women. The winner is decided by vote count, so please help us win by voting for our design. It will only take 20 seconds of your time. Vote link: http://exclusive-for-women.dynastar-lange.com/#/galerie/Teknik I’m counting on you to spread the word to all your friends, family, colleagues and others! The competition will be fierce… Thanks all !
  4. Bought a used Xfire2 109 (loaded at 1.7) after having read the DZ.com reviews and having heard almost no complaints from other skydivers that have tried the canopy before. I have over 700 jumps and have done the past 400 on a Stiletto 150. I loved the responsiveness of the canopy but hated the way the canopy would flatten out as soon as I'd let go of a riser even after 270s/360s. Openings were a bit heratic as well. But still a great canopy. The Crossfire 2 109 I've been jumping since opens, flies, and lands like a dream. Openings: In the 20+ jumps I've done, I've had only one 90ø off heading opening. I've dumped it a couple times while tracking and openings were still fine. The opening sequence might be a little longer than on other canopies, but the comfort is well worth it. My back is already thanking me. Flight: Since I'm used to stilettos, the xfire feels a lot less twitchy, but you can still accomplish very deep fast turns or slow flat turns when needed. In deep brakes, the canopy is still very responsive even in high winds. Coming home from long spots is quite comfortable as well since riser pressure is really light. Landings: Riser pressure starts really building up after 360 turns with no harness input. If combining riser + harness input, you can make it spiral forever. The canopy is quite ground hungry but still leaves a good margin to bail out. Toggles are very responsive and the canopy has tons of flare power before shutting down. All in all, the greatest canopy I've tried yet. I'd recommend it to any person that has gear on his head and wants a consistent and fun canopy to perfect their swooping skills. Thanks for reading, Taï
  5. I've never even thought about that. Concerning Fill Flash, i'm getting one of these babies asap !! Pics look great !
  6. I believe you forgot the pic attachement
  7. Since the ultrawide lens will also serve as a landscape lens, i'd prefer not having to post process the fish-eye effect on every single pic... Thanks for all the help peeps. Now if anyone is selling (or giving ) their 10-22, i'd be glad to help !
  8. Oops slight mistake, it's Tamron 28-75 2.8 . Apparently this lens is magic for its price. It almost compares to an L lens on some aspects and apparently blows any other competition lens in the same range. Lots of reviews out there praising it. I will probably have more use of the extra far-end range of the tamron anyways.
  9. Thanks to all for the answers. After lots and lots of reading (reviews, forums...) I've decided to go with the Canon 10-22mm. The extra range on the canon will definitely come in handy for landscapes and won't leave a gap with the Tamron 28-70 2.8 i'm planning on getting. I'll probably get the "strobe mania" in a couple months time and start buying flash and accessories like candy so the extra stop on the tokina won't really be so useful. Does anyone have a picture of a helmet setup with a 10-22. Do you use a support for the lens since it sticks far out?
  10. I've never actually used a deported flash so i don't have much knowledge on that (on the ground as well). May i ask what flash you are using. Do you use the same flash for indoor shots as well ?
  11. Hello all photographers, I've been fiddling around with the Canon XSI kit lens (18-55 IS) for a while now and it's time for me to invest in a ultra-wide angle lens. I was initially planning on getting a Canon 10-22 which has been praised for its on and off the ground qualities. By doing a little research i came across this fairly recent lens: the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8. http://www.kenrockwell.com/tokina/11-16mm.htm Even though the range isn't as good as the Canon, the aperture is definitely way better all across. the extra stops could really help on evening loads and for indoor photography. Has anyone tested this lens for skydiving? Impressions? Pictures? Thanks for the help
  12. I'm about to order a new Micron 304 as well and was considering a Xfire 2 109 and a Optimum 113 which looks like a similar setup. It would pretty much be a full fit as well according to UPT. (I've already checked with UPt and they should pack fine) Would y ou mind posting a picture of your rig from the front and the side so i can have an idea of how "brick-like" it looks? Thanks
  13. Hello everyone, I'm looking to get a new Micron and there are differents rig sizes for the same types of canopy. I have a choice between the 304 and 314. Is the size difference just about aesthetics and morphology? Does anyone have a picture of a Micron 314 ? 304 size: Width 1 = 10" Width 2 = 10 " Length = 16" Thickness = 4.5 " 314 size: Width 1 = 10" Width 2 = 10" Length = 18" Thickness = 4" Blue skies, Phil