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  1. pcalandra

    Flash settings?

    Lonnie, I've had success with high speed sync on and set it for - 1/3 stop. Normally I'm shooting shutter priority at 1/500th of a second.
  2. pcalandra

    Canon 18-55mm EF-S Lens

    My recomendation is to buy the Canon 10-22m lens.
  3. Hey packerboy, I jumped a Canon for about 2 seasons and can tell you it just didn't cut it in the long run............. Intially the video quality was good, I actually thought it produced better color for a while, but it just couldnt'take the abuse we give camcorders. I can buy anything I want at cost (I'm in the Pro AV business) and have no loyalities to any "one" manufacturer. Sont consumer camcorders (to date) are simply the most reliable and cost effective soltuion we have. Maybe that will change someday, but for now I'll keep my Sony thank you
  4. pcalandra

    How to Finalize a DVD ?

    I hate to be the one to say this, but if I'm not mistaken you need to finalize it on the same model it was recorded on and because of all the idiosyncrasies of DVD formats you may need the actual DVD recorder that it was originally recorded on. Pat
  5. pcalandra

    video suit with or without booties?

    I like mine with booties, mostly the increase in forward speed for me not only on RW but Tandem and AFF as well. I never jumped booties for about 2400 jumps, now I'll never go bootieless if I can avoid it. One issue to consider is that if you sit, roll over, stand up or otherwise fly on moe than your belly pay the extra bucks for the full zippers and ask to have a strap added to around the bottom of your foot. I had several "boottie blow outs" where one would come off and they were not fun! Pat
  6. pcalandra

    Camera Setup

    For what it's worth this is my recommendation. L1365 SCHUMACHER ARTICULATING RING SIGHT BRACKET
  7. pcalandra

    research- camera flyers input required

    Thankfuly, other than a riser slap on the side of the helmet or having my ring site kicked off by a foot in the face on exit I've never had any other problems in about a 1,000 camera jumps.
  8. pcalandra

    hc 40, hc 42 or hc 90???

    Chuck, get the 42 that's what I just bought. Call or e-mail ne & I'll fix you up. Pat