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  1. Purchase Tandems Made Easy from VAAST. It is a big help.
  2. Has anyone tried this new camera out yet? Wondering if it is worth the extra dough. It's probably not but I like new gadgets so I am thinking about getting one. It shoots a lot faster and better focus capability compared to t3i and t2i. I have consistently wished for more exit shots with my T2i.
  3. Ahuey


  4. If you take the wingsuit out of the mix I also would give the Crossfire 2 my vote. That is what i am jumping as well as a Samurai. Both of these canopies should give you what you are looking for. Openings on the Crossfire are nice and soft. A less popular and cheaper option would be a Nitro/Nitron. I have flown these and would compare them to a Crossfire 2 IMO.
  5. No, I have not been shooting video for very long. Look at my profile. One day I will have it all figured out like you and I won't ask questions. Do you have something productive to add? Thanks in advanced for your help.
  6. I don't think anyone would jump with extra weight or additional snag point unless there is a need for it. With that said, customers spending serious money deserve the best product possible. No I will not jump with the flash all of the time. It's easy to figure out how to mount a still camera and a video camera on a Vapor Wes Pro... The goal is to map out were everything will go when the helmet is at capacity and go backwards from there. I agreed that the electrical connections were not taken into account. I will be using a hypeye and a mouth switch. I am going to re-evaluate the layout with electrical connections.
  7. Have you considered mounting the body of the hypeye inside the helmet and exposing only the button? IMO that is the cleanest install possible. The only downside is you lose access to the debrief port. I have never used that so I don't care. I planned to address that issue with the mounting bracket. The new bracket would be an extension of the top plate. But maybe that is foolish to make the helmet wider.
  8. Good point I didn't take the connections into account. The flash will be connected with some straps and maybe a bolt. The plan is to jump with flash during high sun and possible sun set jumps. Quote
  9. While I am waiting for my carbon fiber to be delivered I have been thinking about how I plan to place my equipment on top of my new Vapor Pro. I have looked at all of the pictures on the post your helmet thread and the flash setup threads too. They have been really helpful. My equipment is as follows. Canon T1i with 10-22, cx100 with a low profile lens ( got to get something besides the Opteka) and a 580 exII in the near future. I plan to fabricate all new custom carbon fiber mounting system similar to what PharmerPhil has in his current setup. The concept is to make it very adjustable so different combinations can be used with little effort in changing. I have not seen any setups with the all 3 pieces side by side by side and directly on the plate. I was playing around with a borrowed Nikon flash and I think this will work. Take a look at the picture which illustrates what I am thinking. I like this better than anything I have seen mainly because I don't like the flash sticking up on top of the video or having it mounted at the shoe and . Reasons being: 1. Keeps the center of gravity as low as possible to help save the neck. 2. I will be jumping out of a 182 and I need the setup to be as low profile as possible. 3. I think this will be the most durable option. Help me see the down sides to this layout. Right now I only see one and that is an extra 1/2" of carbon hanging out beyond the stock plate. Which could be shared on either side and minimized to 1/4" of overhang. I my mind that is ok. On the Vapor Pro the stock plate has an extra couple inches sticking past the front. I was thinking it would be nice to save that in case I decide to mount a light panel in the future but for now I prefer to get it out of the way. So I was wonder if it was a good idea to turn the plate around and have the excess at the rear of the helmet? Would that cause a problem? Thanks for your help!!
  10. My post was not altered but it was broken out from the original thread and given a new subject. it appears as though it is for the better.
  11. So which forum can we post our beliefs about what the PIA is doing to Argus, without having them deleted? Bonfire?
  12. Rhys, I am wanting to research information on the board members of the PIA. Can you post that for me? I have not been able to find that.