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  1. Doesn't help that us millennials care about looking good and ease of ordering. In my opinion the racer looks very old and their website is just trash.
  2. I’m still new, has any fatality been attributed to an improper closing sequence on modern rigs?
  3. Most rigs are bottom/top or top/bottom first.
  4. Don't you mean "Case in point"? And how is it so? They've had decades to put this together. And they currently don't even have a site selected. Apparently I have been spelling that idiom wrong forever. Sometimes projects take a very long to make it from the idea stage to the planning stage, this is more true for non-profits. Sometimes they don't make it out of the planning stage or are shelved for decades. Imagine having an idea and then needing to raise 15m for your idea. Tell me how long you think it would take.
  5. Projects of what magnitude? Building a small-to-medium sized building? Filling it with artifacts from the sport? Nominating deserving people from the sport? (That's already accomplished) None of this stuff is all that complicated or hard. They aren't building a skyscraper. Case and point.
  6. You support the museum; I do not. That statement is an insult to a lot of 'people' that you do not even know. I spent 30 yrs in project mgt; some from dirt to turnkey; some in very remote locations. You are not the know-it-all. Jerry Baumchen Being ignorant about something isn't an insult. It is a fact of life. Saying people are ignorant about something as small as construction project management really isn't an insult. Unless you worked in it you aren't going to know much about it. Seriously, what a weird claim. I'm not going to get insulted if someone tells me I'm ignorant about a topic that I have no formal education of work experience in. If you someone does get insulted by that, I really don't know what to tell them. I like the idea of a skydiving museum, I however do not support the plan for this museum to be built in a tunnel. I however still fully support the use of less than $1.00 of my membership dues to go towards the a skydiving museum. I also never replied to/or commented back at you. I had to go back through this post to see if you even commented. The person who started this thread however just said Which shows to those of us that understand it, that they are completely ignorant about projects of this magnitude.
  7. 2 problems with this; 1- If USPA is giving them our money, there shouldn't be a "behind the scenes". We should be given that information. 2- I, and others, have sought out the information behind scenes since it was not forthcoming. What we have gotten is either an unworkable plan, or nothing. If the museum wants our money, they need to be forthcoming with this information. I am not against the museum. I am against USPA giving them a lot of money that could be used elsewhere (I know you keep calling it not much, but $150,000+ is not chump change) on a project that we don't know enough about. And what we do know is that it looks like USPA is wasting the money. ***People are ignorant about project management. I am not. Either am I. Derek V As we have talked offline, we mostly agree. Everybody else. Take note, this is how you criticize something you do not know the inner working of.
  8. People YOU claim are ignorant about the subject... While you yourself admit to be ignorant on the subject, but defend it. You just broke the irony meter. Like I said, people bring valid complaints and instead of discussing the issue they brought, you insult them. You even admit you are doing it. Discussing the topic with you is a waste of time, you only insult those you disagree with and avoid the actual issues - Out. See, the beauty of it is I'm not defending the museum project. I am only saying there criticism is misdirected and based on ignorance of the project. I am not saying they aren't wasting the money, I am saying the posters cant know they are. I am not saying they have a great plan, I am saying that the posters do not know if or what is happening behind the scenes. I do not believe I have personally insulted anyone. Not quite. People are ignorant about project management. I am not. I said I do not know the facts of this particular project. Those are not the same. Moral of the story is, just because people posting here don't know what's going on doesn't mean that no one knows what's going on.
  9. I’m “attacking” people that are blatantly ignorant about the subject. Stuff costs money and ideas like museums and any project from a non profit can take a very long time. Just getting out of the idea phase can take years. A waste of money... you’re a great example. You don’t even know what they are spending your pocket change on yet you complain about it. And I say pocket change because it’s literly a couple of bucks of “your money.” It’s pretty insane, really. The USPA wants the project to happen. For the project to happen it needs funding. Without the upfront funding there would be no project. I don’t understand what is hard to understand about this concept. If you guys care so much about what the money is being spent on, look up their financials. If you don’t care stop bitching over a couple bucks and understand that projects like these can take a very very long time to achieve. I know of projects that have been in the works for 50-60 years and they still aren’t going to begin construction for probably another 10 years if ever. That’s just how it works sometime. I’m sure there are legitimate concerns with the viability of the current proposed plan but that’s not what people are complaining about. People are complaining about the fact the USPA voted to give a small amount of each members dues to a project the USPA wants to happen. All of the being said I think building it next to a tunnel is a dumb idea and they should instead incorporate it into an already existing aviation museum.
  10. Some of us do. ***That lack of information does not mean there is a problem, it just means the information isn't public. Which most of us would not care about if we were not paying for it, and potentially on the hook for paying more for it in the future. If there is not information.... Then it IS a failure of the museum to communicate to gather support. I asked one of the "Ambassadors" and they said "If you wanted information, you should have traveled to Zhills and asked about it there during the event." So if I wanted information, I had to travel and pay to attend one of their events? Again, if I was not paying for it.... I'd actually agree with him. But since they are getting USPA membership dollars, then I say the USPA members should be informed and not blown off. You are not the only one with project management experience. I’ve never seen so many people get this upset over spilled milk.
  11. You have the option of turning on or off any of the altitude settings with your phone app. It announces the altitude every 1,000 feet (or use metric setting) from 21K down to 6K when it switches to every 500 feet, and then at 1,500 feet it switches to every 100 feet. Last announcement is 200 feet. If you don't like all those announcements you can change them with the app. The announcement is in the language you set with the app. There aren't any alarms at set altitudes like other audibles. You just have to remember what the important altitudes are for you. It doesn't store different programs for different types of jumps, but maybe that's something they could program in the next software update. Does it literally announce it? As in say verbally what altitude you are at? If so that is cool. Not really worth 400 IMO but I already own fancy gadgets.
  12. What do these mean? I’ll take a shot. 1. You don’t have to do anything. It turns itself on and off, and you don’t need multiple profiles for different types of jumps. 2. It just speaks into your ear at preselected altitude intervals. Simplest means of full time altitude awareness I’ve come across! So how does one get the proper alarms for tandem, wingsuit, free fly, or belly alarms? Or different canopy alarms?
  13. Why spend 400$ on this instead of buying L&B for less?
  14. I do not know much about the particular project. That lack of information does not mean there is a problem, it just means the information isn't public. I do however know about project management and non-profits.
  15. If we are talking alternatives it makes way more sense to feature the HOF and museum at an already existing aviation museum. A few museums already have a decent section for parachuting.
  16. That you know of. An aggressive effort? Please provide proof of this aggressive effort. Again, where is your proof of this aggressive effort? It's a non-profit, if you care so much look at their financial statements and you will be clear on where the funds are going. What is unrealistic about building it next to a tunnel? Maybe they understand that these things take a very long time? Yep. No, you have Chris and Rush on your side.
  17. They really need a hysterically laughing emoji on this site. How do you want me to do this, dismantle by line item, or just give everyone that is going to read your post the warning that you don't know what you are talking about?
  18. Its half the price, and shoots higher resolution, and HDR, and much nicer format/size for wingsuit flying. I know the brandname makes a lot of people pick the Fusion, but on the Insta OneX you can actually watch a file without needing to stitch first, and upload videos/photos in 3 minutes vs 1 hr stitching. Insta OneX is well worth the money... This isn't totally accurate. The gopro produces better video. Also you can watch the video from the fusion on the computer or phone without stitching.
  19. The issue has been well covered already. Well discussed, but not well concluded I think. Bill mentions that spring loaded PC reserves are an issue on wingsuits, but of course there are many examples of AAD fires and people going straight to their reserve on wingsuits. How many fatalities have resulted from PC hesitations on the reserve with a wingsuit? Possibly one in Perris last year. Unconscious AAD fire.
  20. I have a fusion. you can mount it directly to your helmet and it works great. Also if you send in that broke gopro or are a student you can get 100$ off.