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  1. I should have clarified. Could you explain what you mean by having the wider part at the bottom and narrow part on top? All I want to achieve is a mount that is snag resistant compared to the basic GoPros people have on their heads. A vertical sided mount like the Cookie roller mount is more snag resistant. The issue with those is that the mount has to match the curvature of the helmet and is generally bolted to it. With this mount you can easily remove the camera and attach it to other locations while still maintaining some level of snag resistance.
  2. Could one of you two explain a little more so I can make sure I am understanding you?
  3. Good catch! I just measured the gap and it is less than a mm in the middle and just over a mm at the edge. Do you think it is still to large?
  4. What do you guys think? It is for the 3+ housing and shortest mount. http://i.imgur.com/aS62lq6.jpg http://i.imgur.com/R3rHjoq.jpg http://i.imgur.com/5GDolyA.jpg http://i.imgur.com/gCYxjS2.jpg
  5. 1) Ask your instructors, they are the only people who have seen you fly. 2) You being roughly 250 out the door you shouldn't be on anything smaller than a 210 and thats pushing it. When you switch to a ZP canopy you do not want to do it while also downsizing. I am your size and my instructors told me to get something in the 210-230 size. That's what I did and it has worked out well.