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  1. 5,899 people voted in the election. Those numbers tell me most people don't care.
  2. Neither of them have the authority to do so. The housings, soft or hard, are not a certificated product. Jerry Baumchen How many issues are like THAT? And yes I completely get the point and frustration we all feel. But there is a right and wrong here, there is a better way, we all know what it is. And on this issue, hard housings save lives. Spend time advocating for that as well as putting pressure on any one with containers that don't use them. I really don't care about the cost, I care about using gear that works when you need it to work. Basically thanks for the reminder that safety takes a back seat to the confusion, willful ignorance, and the fact that the "playas" in this game constantly play stupid and use each other to advance individual agendas. Basically again, we do not have a national organization that actually looks out for the membership as much as looking out for itself. But I get your point. What the hell are you talking about? Stay on topic or piss off.
  3. Not even sworn in and made the boogie man by the right.
  4. How about: We just stop feeding the trolls? Not all trump supports are trolls, some of them are just dumb.
  5. So how do we hold rush to his word? He said he would stop supporting trump if he committed any crimes, he now has. How do we hold rush to it?
  6. Like myself and others have said, most skydivers don't care. Or using a site such as this one, as a perfect example, perhaps the "membershit" numbers are "slightly" exaggerated???? Or perhaps many Tandem passengers are still being "requested" to join the USPA for their one ride? Do a little math and like Fox Mulder you too can see what others chose NOT to see. That there are even less active jumpers than memberships? That's obvious. It doesn't change the fact that most people do not care, they only join USPA because it is required.
  7. In 2017 - 2018, I have personally assembled and delivered ~14 new Racers. 13 have been 2K3s and 1 has been a classic, all with the Single Sided RSL. 2018 Racer 2K3 Unassembled Side Detail Hip Junction Detail Personal Rig Riser Cover Detail Navy Rig 2017 Custom 2K3 Tacky Rig - 2018 I have way more images - let me know if there is any feature on a New Racer that anybody would like to see.
  8. I admit I have a 6B, 7B, and Fusion. I am a multi-sport "Athlete" and use them for all sorts of stuff. The hyper smooth really is awesome. That being said, I wouldn't suggest anyone buy the white now that I did some more research on it.
  9. Yes, there is an approved alteration for rigs that did not come with a Single sided RSL that can be done by any Master rigger. Most new Racers I have seen since ~2015 have single sided RSLs from the Factory. I have a November 2018 Racer, unassembled, sitting 3 feet from me right now. Absolutely great rig - Single sided RSL, Stainless steel hardware, spacer foam backpad and legpads, Type 13 harness, double tuck magnetic riser covers, contrast stitching, articulation, etc. I would put it against any 2018 rig on the market today. Are they still ugly?
  10. I didn't think the "GoPro 2018" existed. I thought it was the same as the 7 white and people were just calling it what they wanted. But there it is on amazon https://www.amazon.com/GoPro-HERO-Waterproof-Digital-Action/dp/B07B7YPKQX?psc=1&SubscriptionId=AKIAIT6O2WSHYNEM3FBA&tag=elproducente-20&linkCode=alb&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B07B7YPKQX. To correct my very wrong statement, get the GoPro 2018 it is basically the same at the 5 Black. That's what I originally meant and just botched it really good.
  11. That was results of a partial stall. Check your trim people.
  12. The 7 white is basically the same as the 6 Black. It will work fine quality wise.
  13. The pop top claim isn't even a great one anymore. There are multiple rigs the have mostly exposed RPC. Javs' and Wings come to mind first.
  14. We aren't speculating about anything.. did you forget what thread you were in? Most of us want to know if you even know that. I don't need to own something to dislike something about it.
  15. We aren't speculating about anything.. did you forget what thread you were in? Most of us want to know if you even know that. I don't need to own something to dislike something about it.
  16. hahaha, I hope there is no way you actually believe it works that way.
  17. This is also an issue with the company. RTFM is not satisfactory. Expecting someone to disconnect the RSL during a high speed malfunction is absolutely absurd.
  18. The response that I get is that riggers do not like to pack the Racer reserves. We used racers for more than 15 years and 110% satisfied as a DZO and as far as packing the Racer reserve it only requires two extra brain cells. Have had two cutaways with the dual RSL and no problems. Watch the video.
  19. Look at the start date here: http://apps.sos.wv.gov/business/charities/detail.aspx?OrgID=6786 01/01/1972 Or here: http://skydivingmuseum.org/trustees "Established the American Museum of Sport Parachuting and Air Safety in 1972 as a not-for-profit corporation, which is now the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame" Or you could look at this: http://www.skyxtreme.com/archive/march2000/features.html "The AMSPAS, incorporated in 1986 as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit association" Here is a thread from 2003: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=333816;search_string=Museum;#333816 The Hall of Fame was started in 2010 So it was started in 1972. The name changed in 1986. Then it was added to in 2010. Few other details. It lists the primary address as the USPA HQ. The mailing address seems to be a UPS store in Port Orange FL... Next to Spruce Creek SCUBA. Actually been there, not even an office, just a UPS store. https://www.corporationwiki.com/p/2zee77/international-skydiving-museum-hall-of-fame-corporation Bill Ottley donated money in 1972. The USPA and the PIA gave them (IIRC) 25K each as seed money in 1986. The USPA has given it 300K dollars in support OVER THE LAST 25 YEARS. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?do=post_attachment;postatt_id=150716; They have been talking about the "Experience" for 10 years: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=3310144;search_string=USPA%20Museum;#3310144 It was supposed to be next to the USPA... Didn't happen. Now it is supposed to be next to a tunnel... That does not yet have plans to be built. haha, looks like government work.
  20. I have heard from people that have jumped both, the pro really does flare better than the original.
  21. just don't use the dual sided RSL.
  22. The misleading comment was more for skyfox2007 than you. My point for everyone, is that it costs money to see if a project is even going to happen. So being upset that money is going towards something that isn't a guarantee is ridiculous.
  23. I've seen people try to collapse all the wings entirely and fall like a rock. That was taught to me prior to my FFC (which was then corrected in my FFC). In fact, the SIM even still says to collapse everything even though Squirrel says otherwise and most people know that's not very feasible on large suits. The SIM also says to click your heals together to signal deployment and that the signal is mandatory. However, I have never once seen anyone do that. Like any other form of skydiving, you are better off with a large bag of tricks, rather than few tricks. While you might be able to full collapse everything, being able to stop most forward motion and go straight down until a better deployment altitude can be the best choice in some traffic/wind situations. If you are part of a group with a specific breakoff plan and the leader takes you to a less than ideal spot, you might find yourself needing to stay put and just deploy right there, but lower than your are flying. Regardless of how someone waves off, everyone should wave off before deployment. Yes, putting your feet together doesn't help your stability. I have seen some very entertaining wave offs. We did a formation record attempt the weekend before Thanksgiving. The largest formation jumps had 85 people in the formation. Everyone was expected to wave off before deployment. I would hope people waved off during a big way.
  24. Haha. I fully understand there is a cost to see what it will take for a project to happen. I also understand that are limits in terms of time and money before you either green light or kill a project. How long has the museum been in works? How much has been spent? My projects must produce a profit. I asked the museum and a representive replied that they were waiting on iFly to build a tunnel next to where the museum will be built. They didn’t reply when I asked when will the tunnel will be built. So USPA is giving money to a museum that won’t be built until the tunnel is built and they don’t know when that will be. How is this not a waste of money? Derek V If you know that stop misleading readers that don't understand project management. Also as you may know public sector projects, especially ones that can be funded from many different sources with many of them being public take even longer, 10-15 years type projects. You probably know that some projects take decades and a lot of money just to do tests and figure out permitting. While that likely isn't the case with a simple building, people need to know there are always costs before a project gets the green light and it seems that the museum is still in that stage.
  25. I’m not against uspa supporting a museum. I’m against uspa giving money away for a project that has no indications that it will actually happen at some point. This a very important distinction. Derek V This just shows you don't understand project management. There are always costs just to see if something is even possible.