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  1. Why would you support an organization that ignores you? I guess then that you are a member of the NRA? I mean you don't agree with what they are doing, but if you don't join up but say you don't like them, then you are just a complainer? ***while simultaneously telling everyone you won't do anything about it. I DID something about it.... I stopped supporting an organization that does not support me instead of rewarding it for bad behavior. That is not "not doing anything about it".... Ron, What are you DOING, you are still bitching so we want to know what you are still DOING. What you did doesn't matter and quitting the USPA doesn't count because it doesn't mean anything. Also, we are talking about actions. Attacking you personally would be calling you dump, ignorant, out of touch, or something along those lines. Attaching what you say is not attacking you personally, even if you feel that way. If you don't want your opinions or actions scrutinized then don't post.
  2. When we say fly fast we mean horizontally, vertical speed isn't anything you should concern yourself with. If you don't own a flysight, get one. Check out this three part series http://topgunbase.ws/speed-part-1-why-fly-fast/ It has some good info in there, it's about base but it still applies;
  3. Yes, 100%. You also might still be able to get 100$ off if you send in that dinosaur.
  4. Chris is like a combo of Ron and RushMC, pretty interesting. We do a tandem progression at my DZ its easier than doing AFF due to the small plane. I fully support mind tunnel training before a skydive.
  5. I talk about growing the sport because it makes skydiving better. More jumpers means more demand for jump tickets. This means the need for a bigger plane. I would like for skydiving to stick around for as long as I can do it and would like for future generations to be able to do it as well. I want skydiving to grow because I don't want it to die and I want the quality to increase.
  6. What are the inherent issues with tandem gear? A person cannot easily fall out of a tandem harness with a passenger. I tried it in a hanging harness with a passenger. It is not easy but is possible if there is a deliberate effort. Whats the ramifications of our "which hunt mentality" since we say this was a suicide?
  7. Of course when I say that I mean it with the intent of growing the sport and maintaining the quality of "life" we currently have. Bill- Needing the money is a good point. Skydiving is expensive and when I started I was a broke college kid and becoming a TX was a good way to make skydiving more affordable with a low paying job. Now I work as an engineer and have a masters degree. The motivation just isn't there anymore since I make normal money now.
  8. It isn’t a con, the money isn’t there just utilizing fun jumpers. It could be there if the price or jump tickets went up. They would have to go up even more for smaller DZ that don’t have the volume. It’s basic economics. You also didn’t address any of my previous comments on your post.
  9. I can't answer to that. I do not know the makeup and occupations of the USPA BoD. I'm making some assumptions about what groups within the skydiving community have influence by inference from the decisions they have made lately. I'm speaking about the organization as a whole. And I'm not accusing anyone of nefarious behavior to be clear. I'm just saying that the people paying the bills do not hold the power. Conflict of interest wasn't the right term but I understand what you are saying now.
  10. My DZ has an ok balance. When all the TI are here but that is rare. I do a lot of other stuff so it would be nice to have 1 day on/of each weekend. It just takes a lot of time. Luckily its good money to buy gear I never get to use. lol .
  11. You guys are using conflict of interest in a very weird way. I was looking for actual conflicts of interest with the BOD.
  12. I agree, but there is a flip side. No sport jumpers, no new TIs. Finding enough TIs is a problem for most DZs. I don't think there is a shortage of sport jumpers, I suspect its more people that don't want to get burnt out. I am a weekend warrior TI and it is a struggle to work 7 days a week.
  13. That depends on your viewpoint. Does USPA represent sport skydivers, or the skydiving industry? It can't really do both without conflicts. Since the membership provides it with most of it's revenue, and most of the members are recreational jumpers, there is a ton of conflict in the cozy relationship it has with manufacturers and DZOs. But mostly the members don't mind. If they did they would do something about it. What is the conflict though?
  14. There is a lot of truth in this part of your post. The sport of skydiving is now largely dominated by the tandem business in a lot of places. It is where the bulk of the profit comes from and it is clearly driving decisions made by USPA at the top level. Making tandem procedures BSRs is the most ridiculous and pandering thing USPA has ever done. And it exposes the amount of influence manufactures have. Even over DZOs who used to have the most power. Recreational skydivers come a distant third in today's USPA. Money talks, bullshit walks. Gotta subsidies the fun jumps somehow. No tandems, no skydiving.
  15. 1. What conflicts of interest? 2. What would cause the fatality rate to decrease?
  16. How/what? How/Why? What is the real cause? What? Needs clarification. Proof? How? There are a lot of claims in there that need explaining and further proof.
  17. This is good advice. 20Kn, you need to learn to fly your swift as fast as you possibly can. Flying fast is where your power comes from and thus safety. When people start they want to get the longest flight times possible by flying slow and floaty. This is not the most efficient way to fly and will actually limit your progression. I fly with a couple guys that have ATC and love to fly slow and floaty, like 60mph slow. This is all they do and it makes it very difficult to fly with them in a bigger suit. I admit I went from a swift 2 to an Freak 2 mostly because the ATC came out like a week later. I would absolutely buy an ATC as my next suit if I was still on my Swift and I still actually might buy one down the line.
  18. Unfortunately at my DZ WS is a fringe discipline. There are maybe four somewhat regular wingsuiters at my entire DZ. As such, coaching can be a bit limited and easily half of my jumps end up being solo, but I try to get some advice or fly with someone better than me every chance I get. That's why I wanted 100 jumps on the S3 before flying the ATC because many of those jumps end up being solos. Anyway, I feel that my deployment technique is functional on the S3. I am not sure how it would transfer over to the ATC, but this is what I do. From full flight: 1. Flare by pushing down on the arm wings and hold for about three seconds until there is a noticeable decrease in flight speed. 2. Conduct the following simultaneously: a. Arch & head up b. Symmetrically reach back with both arms. c. Without collapsing the leg wing, bring my knees forward to about 60 degrees, just like flying in brakes. 3. While keeping the leg wing at 60 degrees like flying in brakes, bring the arm wings back out to full flight and toss the PC once my arms are fully extended. 4. Still keep the knees at 60 degrees like flying in brakes, but use the arm wings to continue flying as straight and symmetrical as possible until the parachute opens.** 5. As soon as the parachute opens, bring knees all the way up at 90 degrees, punch out of the arm wings, and grab the risers to attempt to clear any body twists that may happen. **I've been told by some that once I toss the PC, instead of keeping the arm wings in full flight to help stabilize my flight, I should collapse them to reduce my burble. I havent tried that yet though. **** The reason why I bring my knees foward to 60 degrees during deployment is because it helps remind me to bring them up fully once the parachute opens (to avoid getting thrown forward and almost kicking the risers), and I theorize it reduces my burble footprint since I am moving some of the leg wing under me and it further reduces my airspeed. No idea if that's true or not though. I dont know whether that would work for the ATC or not, but it's been working great on my Swift so far.
  19. Bill, Don't forget the force of the air against the cocoon pushing against the slider pushing against the line attachments, something creates the tension in the lines.
  20. Are you trying to argue that the pressure caused by the relative wind is greater than the core of the wind blowing on the top skin tail so much so that it prevents the canopy from opening as fast? It seems you assume that the cacoon won’t be parrle with the relative wind, I don’t know what you are basing that idea on but it seems like you are inventing a fixed point while there are none.
  21. While watching you try to explain chaos is entertaining, you have a lot of bad assumptions in there. Like so many I don't have the energy to go line by line through your post to correct them. Everyone reading this, just make sure your slider is open and stowed tight against the grommets all through the packing process. Bill can you axe this and move Yuri to a more appropriate post?
  22. No argument started, just correcting your language.
  23. It's not in a any way a must or an actual recommendation. Mostly marketing move so people buy new canopies. People have been jumping canopies like pilot and spectre for years and with a bit of focus on opening position they open like a dream. With bad opening position, so called WS-specific canopies will at some point open equally bad as non-WS-specific ones. Great, this language is spreading. It called a wingsuit specific canopy because that is what its design had in mind. It isn't so called, that is what it is actually called. Anyway, Skow is right most bad openings are do to your body position or poor container set up