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  1. moving from [email protected] to [email protected] is too huge step IMO. As I said - [email protected] is smarter choice as a FIRST xbraced wing. But [email protected] is good as hell, that's true :)
  2. went from Odyssey-120\1.75 to Velo103\2.0. First jumps was scary as fck. Went to VC96 100 jumps later.
  3. absolutely no. as being said above - it will make harness input, it will not lasl longer because of butt-slides. I prefer to put rds under my jacket or tshirt if I do not have pocket on my pants. It is faster, it is safer.
  4. I had this issue last october - one line has been broken at opening. It was jump no.120 with this "blue lines". Brake point was about 1.5inch from riser. I have ordered new lines at FluidWings, sent canopy to rigger and asked him to make lines protection, exactly what OP said. Did not wrapped it with tape yet, I'll do it tomorrow.
  5. RDS is smaller than regular slider. Regular is 23"x31" and RDS is 20"x29"
  6. похоже на укладку. нос засунут по самые помидоры - не надо пихать его внутрь вообще. совсем. ни на сантиметр.
  7. с РДСом будет быстрее. у меня есть Параависовский слайдер, шил для велика, сейчас лежит без дела. Пиши если интересно.
  8. nice! share some pictures and video please. what size/wl you've got?
  9. had black technora on VE103, OV500 on VC96 and blue vectran 400 on AW84. I beleive black technora lines was best lines I ever had.
  10. Fluidwings announced new canopy couple days ago. WairWolf. It took place between AirWolf and HKT in Fluidwings lineup. It is not minor modification of AirWolf, it is NEW wing, based on AW. New features: - Improved opening performance - New planform shaping - Steeper line trim - 5% reduction in line drag - All FT30 construction for a more rigid wing and less distortion - Increased roll rate and overall more harness response - Steeper longer rollouts with more power - new FT 30 fabric colors specifically for this release - New mini-rib profile
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  13. this is what I was talking about - hybrid AW pack 2 sizes bigger than full-zp VE/VC/VK. full-ft30 AW pack 3 sizes up. my AW84 (ft30 TS and ribs) packs same size as my VC96
  14. 205 jumps - CompVelo96 (2.3-2.5) switched to AirWolf84 (2.6)
  15. bigger than zp. can't say anything about sail.
  16. my AW84 has ft30 TS and ribs and it packs almost same as my VC96. Full-ft30 will pack 3 sizes up I beleive.
  17. I switched to AirWolf-84 one month ago. I lost some weight and my WL is 2.6 now. First three jumps was scary :) my hands was shaking and heard was ttrying to jump out of my throat :) Now I have 27 jumps with AW nd I love it. I love it much more than I loved CompVelo - because of openings, response, power, turn control, rears, speed, flight distance.... You can find some of my flights here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BmLf7EfAoxY/?taken-by=the.good.the.bad.the.ugly https://www.instagram.com/p/BoJj31CALC9/?taken-by=the.good.the.bad.the.ugly https://www.instagram.com/p/BLWALsQjlFX/?taken-by=the.good.the.bad.the.ugly If you (as experienced pilot) can give me some feedback in PM - I'll be grateful.
  18. AW is hybrid (ft30 for top skin and ribs), VC is zp. PD do not produсes hybrid VC. May be you mean VK (valkyrie), not VC (velo comp)? I have no experience with VK.
  19. Made 15 jumps with [email protected]. Swithced to AirWolf from [email protected]. No shit - AW is completely different wing and AW is much MUCH better. Yes, it is faster and have sharper controls because of smaller size, but it flies different, feels different and controls different. And it is much much better than VC does.
  20. Antoine64 can you share some AW-landing and opening videos and/or FlySight logs?