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  1. A beast of a wing from what I'm told by Laz and the test pilots! I put my order in on Thursday for a WW79.... SN:20 The AW's (84&79) I've been flying for the last couple years have been amazing! I cannot to fly the WW and see what it brings to the table!!! *** If anyone has any flysight data and inside/outside vids, please post them***
  2. I have the AW79 Hybrid... I find it packs more like a VK90/96 vs. VK84. I've been using a v306 u-stow with the AW79 and it fits perfect. That said, I used the same dbag for VC96, VK96 and VK84... the VK84 was soft! I did demo the AW96 and it was a real b*tch to pack it in the v306! was doable, but the ugly!
  3. Just wanted to give the HK & HKT a separate thread... I've been jumping the AW79 hybrid and have a brand new HKT75 full FT-30 ready to jump. Would love to hear the opinions of the current pilots.
  4. I would wait for greater things to happen with the Gangster than the HP i-brace.
  5. I reached out to Dekunu for some clarification on the GPS vs Flysight and GUI for data display.... This is what I got back: /Snip The integrated GPS feature allows the device, depending on the time of day, local obstructions, interference and location in the world, to connect to anywhere from 5 to 15 satellites. The One does have an open API so integrations with other programs, such as gSwoop etc. will be possible in the future. /Snip With the API available, hopefully some dev-ops folks will start playing!!!
  6. Hey guys, I wanted to reach out to the CP community and see if there are any early adopters of the Dekunu One. This seems like a great multifunctional device... I'm curious if anyone can speak to how it compares to the data collected by Viso2/N3 and FlySight.
  7. I'm not sure if this is the right name or not, but we call it 'flightmode'.
  8. In other posts I've read, they speak to the sail used in NZ/PD as having a coating that will eventually flake off. There is a post titled 'Valkyrie Hybrid' that talks a bit about it. With FT-30, the material is impregnated and is supposed to last longer... as I understand. Would be nice to have the manufactures 'ball park' the lifecycle of the material (obviously subject to conditions where canopy is jumped). 3k for a canopy that last 500-600 jumps is a lot without a trade-in program :)
  9. ya man, I see this all as advice and information to process and implement as needed... A good friend of mine, Mitchell Whyte suggested I watch your vids for freefly and swooping so, I've been following you on Vimeo for a while and have been watching your vids... . Also notice you chime in more than others on this forum. It's always a little nerve racking posting personal stuff as the internet can turn ugly and everyone is an armchair athlete telling you what you did wrong and why. I appreciate the approach you took. Too many people respond to a post with their ego involved and feel the need to get their backup and get defensive. I've had enough hits and misses and eaten shit enough to understand there is no room for that. Criticism and advice is always welcomed. At present my MinMA = 680' (that's if I don't choose to bail and go to a 90 instead.. if I'm there, it's because I screwed up my setup) TMA = 710-730 depending on time of day and MaxMA = 760. These numbers may shift as I grow this this wing...for now, 710-730 is putting me where I want with lots of power at the gates. I've tried to redneck hack my loops by putting some gaffers tape at the top to pinch them closed, which pops them out a wee bit. It helps a little, but not like regular non-Louie loops. I'm gonna get my rigger to put some yellow cutaway cable in the loops and get them poppin'. He's done this for a buddy and it's working well. For the traffic, I completely understand what you're saying! It only takes a few seconds for a canopy to come from nowhere. If a non-regular HnP'er is on the load, we make sure to explain that they land in the order they exit and to stay away from the lane. This is rare tho, nobody likes to go low (182) when we have the KingAir to take them to altitude in just a few minutes. Our landing area isn't the best for 15 canopies in the sky and 2 or 3 trying to swoop around the bellyfliers (fuckers can't follow a pattern and get in the way all the time ;) ). This is why 5k is my ceiling :) Hopefully with the loop mod, I can stop with the lookup and be more aware before/during initiating. I appreciate your comments and any advice you're willing to share!! Scott
  10. Hi Daniel, I have been wearing gloves because I find that my palms get dry and the toggle feels slippy in my hand. I've done many jumps with and without, personal preference is with gloves. I do look at my risers because I can't seem to get my loops to pop out enough to just grab it without looking. I'm looking at getting that mod'd to stop that from happening. It's been a pain in my ass since I got them. I do have low jump numbers compared to most that are canopy piloting, that said, I realized at about 160 jumps that I liked canopy more than freefall. I haven't done a freefall jump in 350+ jumps.. hop n pops only for this kid. Just under 200 this season so far. I feel that coaching is necessary for CP. Start early and start right. I have taken a pile of flight-1 (301/302/309's) coaching and tell everyone asking about HP landings to get proper coaching. It also helps having 2 close buddies on the Canadian CP team that I jump with every weekend. I get a lot of raised eyebrows and comments when people as jump numbers, canopy and WL... Most recently I was at Canadian Nationals, where I was the most junior jumper in intermediate CP by 1000+ jumps. It's like being in grade school wanting to hangout with the highschool kids. I have a long, long way to go, just trying to stay safe, be on the right path and keep on learning.
  11. Here are a few jumps from the past weekend...this is a new to me VK96. I have only put 10 jumps on it so far. All right hand 270's. WL: 2.6 RH 270 @ 710'
  12. CaPONE (Canopy Pilots of New England) is a great name!!! If/when this happens, a few of us from Canada will be down!!!
  13. It's not the video you're looking for, but cool to see the progression layout.
  14. I'm a big fanboy of what FW is doing in the market space and loving how we're seeing them more and more on the podium! I'd love to hear from anyone flying the Tesla that can speak to the flight characteristics compared to a Katana. I'm wondering if it's a better transition canopy to a x-brace. I'm also curious if the Helix to AirWolf would be a progression step or straight to AirWolf to get that longer Recovery arc. If anyone can speak to the difference, that would be great. Any inside/outside vid & FlySight data would be great if anyone has any to post. Anyways, felt that Fluid needed their own thread vs being tagged at the bottom of a Hybrid VK post. Blue Skies guys!!!