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  1. Been using the D5100 for over almost 2 years. Love it. Have it mounted on a Bonehead Flat-Top Pro.
  2. Riddler sez ... " Nah ... that was Al Gore ... btw ...Al invented Apple too... just don't tell Steve's ghost or Tim Cook.
  3. What a loss to the music world...!!!... Saw him the first time in Munich, Germany in 1980 along with Crosby Stills & Nash at a concert at the Olympic Stadium. Saw him again in the mid-80's in Columbia, SC. Still have a number of his albums ... original vinyl...!!!... He did a song with Groove Armada ... Hands of Time ... in the movie Collateral with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. What a voice...!!!... Truly to be missed...!!!... Quincy...
  4. Quincy


    ROFLMAO ...!!!...
  5. Read it daily ... posted rarely. Anne ... your list of names is amazing...!!!... Quincy...
  6. Google's Picasa. Not only can you resize images ... you get all the other features for organizing your shots and basic editing functions.
  7. 16 GB with no problems... Quincy...
  8. ok ... I watched it. Was wondering if anyone was going to say so.
  9. And that's when you respond ... Lorena Bobbitt ... and I'm not feeling too happy right now. Wanna see my knife collection?
  10. You know ... this is truly a sad time we live in. The article says the first manned flight will be in 2021. Lemme see ... that's 10 years from now. Back in the 60's, we went from NO manned flights ... zero ... zip ... nadda ... to a man on the moon in less than 10 years. Have we ever slipped as a nation...!!!... Profoundly sad indeed.
  11. OK, we finally get recognized in the media in this 1000+ page litany... 5th paragraph from the bottom of the article. SimonBones even gets quoted...!!!... Wait, is that famous ... or ... infamous???...??? DZ.com gets recognized
  12. I used a PC109 for ages doing tandem videos and had the steady shot on. Never had any problems with it. Another factor could be how is it mounted/attached to your helmet? Could it be getting some vibration effects from that? Quincy...
  13. Don't and say you did...!!!... Watched it last night and wish I hadn't. First clue was as the DVD was starting, the intro queue was incredibly short with really cheesy music. Thought ... for a movie with this many big names ... would'a thought there'd be more to this 'first impression' piece. They say go with your first impression ... rent something else. Was expecting a full blown action movie but too much campy comedy.