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  1. I use a old Sony Pc 109 + 0.5 Minadax Lens for Skydiving, sometimes the image is very "shaky". Is the Steadyshot on the PC109 electrical or optical!? Do you turn it on or better just leave it off!?
  2. i dont mean Dakine Rags there is another Manufacture who make pants that looks near the same as Dakine Pants.
  3. Hi, Just a few weeks ago i see some very very cool Freefly Pants with the typical Dakine Hawai Flower Design. Anyone know the Name of the Company who sell this Pants? Thank you very Mucho!
  4. I just want to say i received my Rawa Today... Fit is Perfect and it looks soooo Cool! Only 6 Days from Order to Receive, that was really fast for a Skydiving Product
  5. Hey Guys... Yesterday i sent them my Order and Today my Helmet is Shipped! Iam really Impressed with their FAST Service
  6. anyone here orderd a Rawa helmet the last weeks? which delivery time to expect if shipped to germany? already sent a mail to Radir but non response yet, heard they have a little language problem.. anyone here speek portuguese and can help me to make contact? cheers, Remo
  7. ACME Airbreak hahaha hilarious! the word "ACME" write on a Wingsuit would be nice too what about "START" for Cutaway and "STOP" for Reserve? ACME build some nice looking Wingsuits
  8. Just a short question... bigger or smaller linestows for vectran lines?.. or just the same size as spectra stows? there are higher risk of baglock with tubes and vectran lines?
  9. wow very cool coversation between the sky gods! cant wait to try Atmonauti by my own. look at the hair from Gigliola at 0:16, seems there is not very much relativewind from below. and at 2:37 the packingtool on marcos shoe shows the angle of the relative wind very nice imho
  10. I try to sidemount a PC109 on Gath Helmet. Any chance to mod the gath helmet with the bonehead chincup and cutaway? anyone ever do this?
  11. maybe he jumps the shit of his stiletto instead posting here? no clue... ;)
  12. HAVE DO BUISNESS WITH THIS GUY AND HE IS REALLY STUCK IN 1945 OR SOMETHING BUT ALL WENT WELL , WATCH OUT YOUR SISTERS! bought a Mirage G3 from him..great shape no problem with shipping to europe. very great costumer service!
  13. ok i cant blame the canopy for the openings try a few jumps today and it seems "its just me. Now i really try to put my foots and knees together as i lift up in the saddle.voila! nice on heading opening. it feels like the canopy want to turn but i dont fight it.. only knees together..thats it.. i read the article about "off headings" here on and that help me very much. wish read it earlier! the last jump today i do one ugly trashpack" only to see what happend.. very nice on heading too but only softer now i jump with a better feeling and no more scared about the packjob and opening
  14. Amazing!The best Freeflying ive ever seen! Congratulation!
  15. You sure? The Safire2 has a reputation for great openings. yeah i know about the reputation..this is one of the reasons why i bought it. Fit very well in the Bag (Mirage M1).maybe 450-500 jumps on the lineset and just gotten new breaklines. my rigger say i can use the lineset another 50-100jumps. i never got a hard opening.. it opens always very very soft.but only the bad habit of "searching and turning during snivel and inflation. I propack it...quarter the slider. let the nose just hanging and roll the tail tight. Maybe i try a few Jumps with a Pilot this weekend. I only expect better openings and dont think the Pilot fly much better compare to my safire