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  1. Have seen a video of pro flyer Olga Bakulina from Russia flying in a tunnel wearing a skirt and blouse.
  2. Well produced and explained tunnel freestyle skills tutorials by Olga Bakulina - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUCDYvUdgyE&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR11-OwzOViG0C1jbaSzsleqdEATDgtvjTIL-_ctMJ_YBQ7olA2H93H9QoU
  3. Under heading on banner titled "discover" I clicked "contact" https://www.prageru.com/contact/ and saw the organization name "Prager University Foundation".
  4. Isn't the full name "Prager University Foundation" - Foundation keyed me into it was something other than a real university - they R on a slippery ethical slope. What would the problem been to just name it Prager Foundation - seems like everyone has to spin these days even if it isn't necessary.
  5. Tailbone strike was my 1st painful result from bodyflight. Kind of funny - as I whined to tunnel employees about it a few confided they had also hit tailbones on wall - I'd go for a full padded suit if they made them.
  6. OBTW after a good bit of research I found that G-Form pads were best for me in tunnel. Had 1 extremely hard elbow strike on wall (sounded like the crack of a home run hit thru the G3 and earplugs) with zero pain whatsoever - they worked well. One mistake I made was waiting until I had a tailbone strike against the wall w/o pads b4 getting them. G-Form's snowboarding compression shorts have well located hip and tailbone pads IMHO. Just a word to the wise.
  7. I know this feeling - got into tunnel flight and Happily Hooked at a family reunion in Orlando Fla aboout 5 years ago at age 65. Have 13 hours under the belt now and it keeps getting better. Lots of continuous stretching daily helped me not be sore after flying. Knee, elbow and hip pads defend against the wall as you progress to more challenging skills. Maybe check International Bodyflight Association (IBA) skills progression sequencing that builds upon each skill. You can register to keep track of your hours and skills development. Best of luck to U.
  8. When I was in the military we got comp time off at a ratio of 1 1/2 days off for one day overtime worked. We liked that deal - maybe the recent participants had a similar program.
  9. Don't know much about all this but did watch a Public Television documentary (1 hour) about wildlife existing at Chernobyl since the melt down. Wildlife are flourishing all over the area that has been evacuated and closed off for however long. Trul amazing to see even previously very rare endangered species (cross of horse and elk - just a weird big ungulate) thriving and multiplying like rabbits. As per the documentary there hadn't been any of the dire ill effects predicted for humans impacting wildlife of the area - made me think that maybe the humans didn't need to be relocated but I don't know much on nuclear side effects. Maybe someone else saw this program and can shed more light on if it was accurate.
  10. Hello Meso, You R the man - signed in with Internet Explorer and all seems to be well as per the ability to reply here. A pc savvy friend of mine had me update Firefox in order to download adblock on to it. Maybe the problem is with the latest version of Firefox or having adblock blocking popups. Any ideas on that? Can't believe I figured out to do a word document to work around the problem to communicate with you. Don't want to do it again or all the time though. Thanks again for the tip. Frank
  11. I was referring to the sport of avoidance not "evasion" - seldom have I heard from friends or acquaintances that they don't mind leaving $$$ on the table for IRS. Thanks for the link. Now I get it.
  12. Where does the word "shall" come from to be significant here? Just Curious
  13. Come on folks - no matter what side one is on - let's be real - Tax Avoidance is a National sport in America. Nobody in government or elsewhere seems to care about National debt - that beat will keep going until our financiers pull the $$$ plug -
  14. And entertained they were - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pRfNMAgxYs
  15. Tunnel's Windspeed 4 dynamic flying YES but extra space in tunnel for acceleration into the wall was my attempt at being facetious. ;)
  16. Good thing about a 9 footer is a flyer can't gain much speed into a wall interaction.
  17. Thanks, shoulder fine now. Guess what - When U get good at looking up it may get harder/crazier when coach says "OK now put head way back and look at tunnel wall in order to navigate around the tunnel when on your back" - really really tricky. Putting head way back also generates more lift when on back.
  18. Just went to wind tunnel index - https://www.dropzone.com/forums/forum/47-wind-tunnels/ Had a previous interest in and had commented to the "Canadian laws and wind tunnels thread". This wind tunnel index page indicated 0 replies to the thread topic. I remembered commenting on it so opened it to see if post was deleted - that was not the case and 3 replies were there that were there b4 shift to new format. Not end of world - just figured you all may want to know.
  19. Looks like you're on a good learning curve. Not sure if this is best advise but when I was learning back fly someone suggested I should focus on a center point at the top of the tunnel which helped me hold a more stable position as I ascended from the mat when on my back. Maybe check with your coach b4 doing it - they may have a better technique.
  20. As per the link below - it seems like Canada does support the liability waiver concept if executed properly and as per their laws - http://mccagueborlack.com/emails/articles/liability-waivers.html
  21. Thanks - Nice of you all to take the time to let us all know.
  22. But it's also quite evident and known for decades that there is good old fashion liquid oil in many places (USA) that could be harvested via traditional wells except for regulatory restrictions - IMHO restrictions pushed the industry to fracking which has been found to be minimally if even profitable and building another bubble to burst in the future. America is pumping oil now and having an impact on prices which can be both good and bad depending on one's perspective.
  23. Another whoppin' lie from the past 70/80s is when we were all told our lying/ignorant leaders that the world was/would running out of oil/gasoline.