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  1. ChrisD2.0

    Tunnel Rigs and Skills Translating From Sky to Tunnel

    Wind tunnels and free flying (gravity) are different. Period. Many people tend to forget this. The actual pressure on the surface of any object due to falling because of gravity as compared with remaining in place as in a tunnel are in fact dramatically different. The wind pressures on any surface , buoyancy, are almost one hundred times greater in a tunnel. This goes back to the Wright Brothers and the first wind tunnel. Trick is, and point is what's the point? If the tunnel is a good place to practice. Makes money as a device for entertainment, skydivers like them to practice in for fun. Of course a wind tunnel is not the same as jumping out of a aircraft, and too many people fail to recognize this little FACT.
  2. ChrisD2.0

    Tunnel to AFF training BSR change

    Exactly, IAD and as you point out the obvious static line are available to any certified instructor. The point is the BSR change promotes wind tunnels and the agenda's of a few AT THE expense of students. There's also the statistics of AFF having the safety of 2 instructors. THAT is being ignored. Statistics can be a bitch when they are ignored. What we have is a situation where for years, decades, we have a system that has worked because of the initial regulations and requirements' actually work. AND this is the problem with these dolts. When we have something that works for so long,...these dolt's NOW SAY the requirements , rules, regulations are now no longer needed. Shortsighted and short memories IMO. How about we change other BSRs'? If we all raise the wind limits for example? I mean for years the 10 mph for rounds ,... IS it really necessary anymore (ya I know it's 14 for squares, same point) THAT way we can get a little more revenue out of students if we move the wind limit to let's say 18 because it works and with the new equipment 18 would be fine for students, esp those places that need the student revenue? ETC, etc, etc,.... is their enough financial motivation to start changing everything? Point being laws and regulations work. TILL those with agendas forget that those same rules and regulations came at a price, which is why there there in the first place,...they work. They work so well that now they can be changed. Of course this in increased risk. Again, to the defenseless student population. Because these same self professing sky gods can predict how and what each and every student is going to react don't cha know.
  3. ChrisD2.0

    Are Ifly encouraging bad body position?

    A wind tunnel is not free fall. Simple, but this seems to be a point that so many, conveniently forget. Not saying a wind tunnel isn't a great place to practice, in fact if that's your thing it's a revolutionary place to practice. But it still isn't the same as gravity and free falling. There's nothing the wind tunnel can do to prepare any person with the rush of emotions and overload many experience at altitude when they actually jump for the first time. NO ONE can predict the future. That said the wind tunnel has its place, knowing what is beneficial, knowing the differences in what is required, and how tunnel flight body position is in fact different than free flight are key to real skydiving. To answere your question, yes you fly differently in the tunnel. But for most experienced jumpers this generally isn't an issue. Notice I said experienced jumpers.
  4. ChrisD2.0

    Tunnel to AFF training BSR change

    No, it won't be interesting to experiment by "seeing" what the results may be. This was a shortsighted and thinly veiled attempt to promote more risk to students under the guise of enhanced learning. You all want to experiment with students by ignoring the vast amount of experience accumulated over the years to promote wind tunnels, IT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE AT ANY TIME WITHOUT CHANGING THE BSRs'. There is no upside to this for anyone learning skydiving. Once again a voiceless population is subject to the desires of a few with financial agendas. Not one shred of evidence safety wise other than opinions. And the opinions and experience, real facts and numbers, of those that have taught just about every skydiver on the planet were ignored. No Gary this will Not be interesting to see. It will be a liability nightmare. There is no justification for this action, no supporting evidence, in fact you have ignored the AFF fatality numbers over the years in favor of financially motivated opportunities. How any one can say by eliminating one set of eyes, one potential safety side instructor, the support structure to students by having 2 people dedicated to the students safety that this "Improves" results is an unsupported opinion of the worst magnitude. The fact that this little experiment is even being discussed is insane. AND the fact that the skydiving community as a whole was ignored by the fact of the secretiveness of these "private" meetings once again illustrates the closed door approach the BOD takes when select agendas are rushed thru without the membership's knowledge or ability to comment is just wrong. Why isn't items like this available for public comment before the USPA BOD takes action? Why isn't anyone on the BOD supporting the safety of students learning with actual statistics? O'h ya I forgot you turned to those with vested interests and their thinly veiled opinions and tried to turn them into facts. Any DZ that would take an established method of training, WITH A REDUNDANT SAFETY PROCEDURE IN PLACE, and choose to increase risk to a population of students least able to defend themselves in a vacuum of quantifiable incident statistics exposes every skydiver and DZ to increased liability. Waivers will not protect any DZ which choose or allow this method of instruction due to the established history currently in place. This is a step backwards, increases risk to students due to the unpredictable nature of the first jump environment, and is financially motivated at the expense of safety. You can not compare the environment's of a moving aircraft, the noise, the wind, the heightened and frequently insane actions for the first time jump experience, the years of watching the incidents of the first time jumper and in the same sentence, without any statistical evidence whatsoever to the opinions of a few that have conflicting financial interests. Even to equate the two environments of a wind tunnel on the ground to flight operations is an insane comparison. No Gary, this will NOT be interesting,.....
  5. ChrisD2.0

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    I'm really disillusioned that they back door'd the BSR AFF change. Decreasing safety under the guise of increased learning and promoting wind tunnels with out any evidence other than select BOD members opinions was a real shitty thing to do. In fact the multiple senior members with the most experience on the planet disagreed with the sub-committees opinions, they presented real fact and concerns learned over decades and were ignored. The fact that the BOD is influenced more by cash than safety and has been swayed by this assumption / opinion of a financially vested few speaks volumes about the Current state of the USPA and their motives.