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  1. Wan, dude you are 100% right, he had me do that for a quick bit during one rotation last session and man was it tough! Just staying stable while looking upside down was a struggle haha! Thanks Elena, it really has been a blast! My fiancée actually got a few minutes in on her back last time as well so now we can share the awkwardness! I can definitely understand what you mean about the head back issue becoming less important once you have more control, although I’m trying to avoid as many bad habits as possible haha. That little dynamic session looked awesome by the way, over/unders on back look so intimidating!
  2. Wan that totally makes sense, that’s essentially what my coach kept telling me was to just stare at the top of the tunnel. It’s just crazy how I naturally kept tilting my head up and not even noticing it. Btw the idea of going for a larger block of time made a huge difference in my opinion. After a 20 minute block I was feeling fairly stable lifting up off the net and doing turns. Interested to see how much I retain on the next session. Hope the shoulder is still treating you well!
  3. Hey guys! Finally took the plunge and began working on some back fly today! Jeez you all weren't kidding when ya said it's a total different world haha! It was definitely a hot mess but damn if it wasn't a blast as always! I'm actually scheduled tmrw for a 20 minute block so I'm psyched to give it another go!! Thank you guys again for all the advice![/url] P.S. my Fiancé is right behind me, our Coach said maybe one or two more belly sets and he'll be comfortable with her moving onto back as well.
  4. Hey Dolphin! Thanks for the reply, some good points in there for sure! Very nice progression in that video man! I wish we could’ve done longer rotations in the beginning like that, I feel as if we would’ve picked it up way quicker. We both feel like the slowest learners ever haha but it’s all good we’re having a blast no matter what. As far as intentions, I made 4 AFF jumps seven years ago but had to stop due to financial reasons, I would definitely love to go back and get certified eventually but I honestly don’t see it happening anytime soon. My fiancée is fairly scared of jumping so I’m just thrilled for her to be the one encouraging us to continue with this. I have a feeling we will be solely flying tunnel for a while to come and we definitely want to venture down the dynamic path as well! Not gonna lie the mentions of upper body strength is slightly worrying haha it’s funny though because we actually started an exercise routine to try and help our progression rate. We’ve been focusing on core workouts and definitely have noticed a difference with that so it looks like we will be adding to our current workout move list haha. Very good info to know though. Question...what do you mean by it’ll make a big difference to fly our bodies instead of the suits? Thanks again for the advice guys, I will definitely be starting on back as soon as my coach is back from holiday vaca!
  5. Wan, dang man it’s crazy how much difference a few months of not flying will make. I can totally understand, I do a lot of wake boarding and snowboarding and even though there is a bit of crossover skill it still feels like you have to relearn a decent chunk every time you start the new season. Of course recovering from an injury just adds to that equation. My fiancée is worried that by only going once a month and doing a large block that we will fall behind but I don’t think it will be as detrimental as she thinks. It makes the most sense to me to do it that way when learning a new skill/orientation. Our first month we did five 1 minute sessions and then when we had more endurance we did two 2 minutes and one 1 minute rotation...when we switched I noticed that we progressed quicker so I know that doing larger blocks together will be the way to go for learning new skills and then like you said go back to weekly for fine tuning and working on everything.
  6. Hey Wan! Thanks for the advice! Sorry to hear about the injury, pretty sure I remember reading the thread about it actually...delayed reaction right? Sounds painful. Wishing ya a speedy recovery! Yeah that totally makes sense what you’re saying, that there’s no reason to wait since it’s like two totally different worlds. We were slow learners with belly so I’m expecting to spend ages trying to learn back haha it looks sooo tough! For belly we did 5 minutes each once a week but we are now starting 10 minutes each once a week. Do you think this method is fine or would it be better to save up, wait for once a month and do a longer block of time all at once?
  7. Hey there! First time poster, long time lurker! My fiancée and I have been working on level 1 belly, and have most lately done some 2-way flying/verticals, and super positioning. We have had one hour total in the tunnel(slow learners lol). I feel pretty confident in my belly skills, she’s maybe just a tad bit behind me in her progression so far. My question is how long should one generally wait to start working on back? We’re not very interested in the formation path, although I do understand the importance of them to learn control and discipline of 2-way flying, we just find the Freefly path much more enticing! Ofcourse I realize that we could continue to perfect our belly flying much much further...just excited to learn a new orientation!