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  1. Snwboardr9876

    How long to wait before starting back fly?

    Wan, dude you are 100% right, he had me do that for a quick bit during one rotation last session and man was it tough! Just staying stable while looking upside down was a struggle haha! Thanks Elena, it really has been a blast! My fiancée actually got a few minutes in on her back last time as well so now we can share the awkwardness! I can definitely understand what you mean about the head back issue becoming less important once you have more control, although I’m trying to avoid as many bad habits as possible haha. That little dynamic session looked awesome by the way, over/unders on back look so intimidating!
  2. Snwboardr9876

    How long to wait before starting back fly?

    Wan that totally makes sense, that’s essentially what my coach kept telling me was to just stare at the top of the tunnel. It’s just crazy how I naturally kept tilting my head up and not even noticing it. Btw the idea of going for a larger block of time made a huge difference in my opinion. After a 20 minute block I was feeling fairly stable lifting up off the net and doing turns. Interested to see how much I retain on the next session. Hope the shoulder is still treating you well!
  3. Snwboardr9876

    How long to wait before starting back fly?

    Hey there! First time poster, long time lurker! My fiancée and I have been working on level 1 belly, and have most lately done some 2-way flying/verticals, and super positioning. We have had one hour total in the tunnel(slow learners lol). I feel pretty confident in my belly skills, she’s maybe just a tad bit behind me in her progression so far. My question is how long should one generally wait to start working on back? We’re not very interested in the formation path, although I do understand the importance of them to learn control and discipline of 2-way flying, we just find the Freefly path much more enticing! Ofcourse I realize that we could continue to perfect our belly flying much much further...just excited to learn a new orientation!