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  1. Thanks for the info. A friend had a really hard opening last night that just about knocked him out. He collapsed when he landed and was really beat up. He'll be okay. Thing is that he's a really experienced packer both tandem and sport. He has thousands of pack jobs over three or four years and supposedly no cut always. He's also an experienced jumper. Anyway, he was working with a rigger trying to figure out why he was having somewhat hard openings earlier in the day. They hadn't changed anything yet. He has a Sabre 1 150 in an older Vector. Can you think of other reasons for a hard opening even if they're theoretical? Chance favors the prepared mind.
  2. I have a couple hundred jumps on a Pulse 190 I bought new. I was having crappy landings and upsized to it after a canopy course and advice by well respected folks. It was the best move I made mostly because of the upsize. It opens great, the flat trim allows you to get back from anywhere, and the landings are awesome. I use just a normal two stage flare. I think it's a good choice for a first or second canopy. It is docile and has served me well. I'm looking to move on, though, and get a 170. Chance favors the prepared mind.
  3. I am so happy we are not in IFly system. From my point of view Dynamic (European) approach is much faster, better and more fun. 60 mins of back flying? I would probably die of boredom. I prefer to teach people to fly, to move, instead of teaching them to hold static position. You learning proper back/belly transitions, back carving and layouts almost from the start and it greately improves your back flying. Also I do not see a problem to allow student demonstrate his sit fly abilities. If he screw up - I will spot him, discussion closed, we are going back to basics. If not - great, let's just run through effective bailout positions on varrious speeds and move from there. You can certainly do the same thing at iFLY with a good dynamic coach. The progression on that website is not necessarily sequential. You can take different paths. I have been flying the way you describe for most of my tunnel time. It's awesome! Chance favors the prepared mind.
  4. What would you say are the biggest real risks? Chance favors the prepared mind.
  5. I waited to earn a C license and took advice from videographers and others before jumping one. I think I had about 300 Raw jumps before the first jump with one and I rarely jump it unless there is a good reason to due to safety concerns. And even then only on my belly since I am learning to FF. What I would love to have is a camera (not necessarily a GoPro) built into one of my G3s. As in professionally built in with a little hole/lens in the front as to not create any additional hazards. The gear to do it is probably out there. Does anyone make or sell such a thing? I picture a little lense on the front of the helmet and a tiny dytter like pack for the electronics, battery, etc. Chance favors the prepared mind.
  6. Awesome!! Chance favors the prepared mind.
  7. I am not instructor, coach or anything like that. Just a guy on the Internet so take my advice for what it is worth (nothing). Talk to your instructors too. I had similar problems and wish I would have visited a tunnel earlier. By doing a few sessions with a good coach you can get realtime feedback in a relaxed environment and debrief with video. Then go back in and try again. I think it's worth it and you'll probably progress better in the sky and have more fun!! Helped me a ton. Chance favors the prepared mind.
  8. Anyone use it in the tunnel? Any comments? Chance favors the prepared mind.
  9. There are also two great DZs in nearby Milwaukee Wisconsin both with large aircraft. Skydive Milwaukee (my favorite) and Midwest. You literally have 4 nice DZs within a couple of hours from each other to drive around the weather If needed. May can be hot around here too. Not Arizona hot though. Chance favors the prepared mind.
  10. Impressive! I think it's really cool how you track this, tail numbers, etc. If you do find something cool nearby I might be up for a day/road trip :) -Isaac Chance favors the prepared mind.
  11. Yea. I like my G3 but there are some features of the Aero that look awesome. Hopefully we can hear from others or find one to try out. I'm planning on keepng my G3 for the tunnel and getting something else for the sky. Perhaps another G3 or an Aero. Chance favors the prepared mind.
  12. Anyone else have experience with the new Aero in the sky or in the tunnel? Would love to hear your thoughts. Chance favors the prepared mind.
  13. Do you have a picture of what your friend used? It would be interesting to see. Chance favors the prepared mind.
  14. I just did my first hoop dive a bit ago. While super fun there are definitely some safety concerns. I was the least experienced jumper on the skydive at about 350 jumps. To the OP, it was super fun but make sure you consult with experienced folks. Even at 200 jumps I'm not sure if I would have attempted it. Chance favors the prepared mind.
  15. I'll be doing lots of RW tunnel this winter and go to Sky Knights too. PM me if you like. Have a great coach too! Chance favors the prepared mind.
  16. I have it and my rig is very comfortable. I haven't tried it without but another jumper was just telling me how much he likes his new jav with it as his old one didn't have it. It's nice and thick and soft. Chance favors the prepared mind.
  17. Thanks for the review. This one looks really promising and I can't wait to try one on. How easy is the cutaway to use with gloves? It's hard to see in the pictures. Does the helmet come off really easily after you use the cutaway? Chance favors the prepared mind.
  18. What is the likely outcome of landing loaded at 1 to 1:1 without flaring? Femur? Chance favors the prepared mind.
  19. I'm no freeflyer, but wow. Chance favors the prepared mind.
  20. Thanks. Updated Link: https://www.facebook.com/AdrenalineGear/photos/pb.213981648812506.-2207520000.1408769471./252055701671767/?type=1&theater Or go here and click the picture of the white Aero: https://www.facebook.com/AdrenalineGear Chance favors the prepared mind.
  21. I like Macs but use PCs mostly because of work. One thing that Windows and Andriod laptops have these days are touch screens. I have a Dell XPS 12 (a 12-inch convertible laptop to tablet) and a Dell M3800 (a large 15.4-inch touch screen I use for work) and they are AWESOME. Lots of people I know really like being able to sort of do both things. Have an really light, thin laptop (they call the Ultrabooks) and a touch screen. Another bonus is there is a lot more software for PCs than Macs. That being said, an iPad is a beautiful device and I use them often. Whichever route you go, if you're looking to do photo and/or video editing have a look into Adobe's subscription model for their products. For $50/month I have every single Adobe product (Photoshop included). It's awesome. I think they have it for Macs too. Chance favors the prepared mind.
  22. This looks really interesting. Sounds like it tries to shore the places the G3 has some work to do. Love the ideas of the following: - Manufacturer included cutaway system on a full face designed for the small form factor action cams. - That others can see you're entire face (I often "talk" to others, I know they can lip read "arch!") - Field of vision, although my G3 is awesome there - Built-in camera mount, although might be a challenge for tunnel use I want one but have to try it on. Good work!! Chance favors the prepared mind.
  23. Thanks for sharing man. Cool video and it looks like fun! Chance favors the prepared mind.
  24. [email] Not necessarily. ;-) Naked jump #501, Vegas Extreme SFW Ha. Love it man. See you at the DZ. Chance favors the prepared mind.