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  1. Thanks again everyone for the info. Going from the Saber 1 to the Pilot definitely is a change. I'm gonna look into shortening the brake lines a little bit. Mike
  2. Thanks a bunch! It's definitely different than a Saber 1 170. If I flared the 170 like the Pilot I'd certainly pop back up. Mike
  3. Just jumped my Pilot for the first time this weekend. It's a 168 ZPX and loaded at about 1.1:1. I am finding that the sweet spot is at elbow level and to flare it you really have to get the toggles ALL the way to the bottom. Is that something that anyone else has experienced? Mike
  4. I decided on a Wednesday that I wanted to give it a go but without doing a tandem. Two of the three places in NE required a tandem first so I ended up at Jumptown and am happy that I did. I did two jumps my first day and three the next. Best thing I've ever done.
  5. I was just reading about the otter crash in 1992 and how important it is to wear seat belts on jump planes. In addition, I've been frustrated with trying to find the belt, route it through the harness when crammed in together and then fish it out without pulling handles when disconnecting. This leads me to a question.... Why dont they standardize the latch part and actually sew the male part right into the harness? This would cut in half the number of belts laying around in the plane. It would ensure that you are belted in by the strongest way possible and remove the idiot factor by preventing people from buckling around their chest strap. Just a random thought. Mike
  6. Hey thanks for the pics!!!! I ordered my new rig yesterday and am already on the edge of my seat waiting for it. I decided to go with the sunpath... Again, thanks for taking the time to post pics. I have to say, that I am amazed by the help and support in the skydiving community. No anywhere near what I would have expected. Mike
  7. How different is the spacer foam from the sunpath? Do they also put the sunpath material on the leg straps? Mike
  8. Has anyone tried a Javelin with and without the Sunpath backpad? Is it worth the added cost? Thanks, Mike