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  1. Based on my life experience, most people that are "expected" to change, only change temporarily. People that "want" change can change, although not alway successful. Those are the ones that have a better chance at it and if they can accept/acknowledge they need a hand to change and take it. Simply because that's what they want for themselves. Out of all the people I know/knew that chose to worship the herion gods, only one made it out. He wanted to change, he chose to go on with life and make the change. Like Wendy said, I have little faith people will change, but I'm there to help them if they want it first. Too many sharks in the gene pool
  2. I *love* the automated self-service checkout machines at the local grocery; I haven't waited on anyone for several years. They're just getting those where I live, I thoroughly enjoy them for the most part. Except for that one store employee that stands there and watches me like a hawk like I'm going to steal something. Which makes me try to act like I'm not stealing something but it probably does look like I am because I'm acting nervous because he or she is watching me. I'll add that one store employee at the self checkout to the list of people that annoy me Too many sharks in the gene pool
  3. People that aren't handicapped that stand there and wait for the cashier to bag their groceries, wasting my life and everyone behind me If that's you, I loathe you, my non high fructose frozen fruit bars are getting melty Jerks. Too many sharks in the gene pool
  4. Yes, better with Bon, perhaps tolerable. But Brian ruined any chance of getting into their older stuff. Too many sharks in the gene pool
  5. What bands annoy the shit out of you? My first pick is AC/DC. Can't stand Brian Johnson's voice, horrible. It might be a tough choice to swerve from a dump truck barreling down at me while AC/DC was on the radio or to change the station first if there may be a chance I had to hear those bogans last thing before a head on impact with the dump truck. Yes, I loathe them that much. Too many sharks in the gene pool
  6. QuoteToss them in a drawer and sort them out as I wear them BryQuote +1 Thou shall not commit laundry. Too many sharks in the gene pool
  7. As of today I like Too many sharks in the gene pool
  8. Good one! Too many sharks in the gene pool
  9. Two thumbs and ten toes up for eternity Too many sharks in the gene pool
  10. Sounds like the group from Qatar is the problem, not the DZ or the soldiers story (in question). The Qatar group forced the DZ in a no win situation decision, either the soldier leaves or the Qatar group. I'm sure the DZ would of wanted them all there if they didn't have to make a choice. How about toughen the fuck up (Qatar group) and enjoy, or don't enjoy the freedoms and liberties that any foreign visitors are granted while visiting this country (without being able to buy firearms, voting, ect.) Too many sharks in the gene pool
  11. A combination of the no seatbelts and the shitty design if the canopy latch(s) on the 601xl, this is the outcome The student should of been taught (instructor should of known better) that seatbelts and doors, canopy latches, should be part of the preflight check. My instructors a few times purposely didn't fasten their seatbelts or latch the doors shut to see if I would catch it. Your passengers are your responsibility. Sad incident, so avoidable. Too many sharks in the gene pool
  12. Being a novice, I have no advice to give. Here's some gnarly cross wind landings to watch. Too many sharks in the gene pool
  13. Thanks for the welcomes! I'll be there this weekend as well. Be sure to stick around after sunset, I owe beer, it's good beer too Too many sharks in the gene pool
  14. Let's say the world was different, a hypothetical of sorts. A world where same sex people could only reproduce, the bible says a marriage is between a man and a man, or a women and a women. I'm assuming you're attracted to the opposite sex. Would you want the same privileges as the same sex married people enjoy? Or would you seek biblical counseling to try to convert and suppress how you really feel towards the opposite sex, whether or not you were born heterosexual or chose it?........(which would be admitting you're wrong for loving who you want to love and spending your life with) Would you honestly be able to change how you feel for a partner of the opposite sex? Not just outwardly, but inside too? Too many sharks in the gene pool