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  1. This chapter sums up with a great chapter followed by a bad ending but I fully understand what your saying. I would have never gotten to this chapter if it wasn't for the good and bad previous chapters. Although I wish I could have changed the ending of it I wouldn't have traded this chapter for anything .. It was a great one all the way til the end ! Now on to a new crazy chapter in life!
  2. I'm hanging in there and still vertical so that's half the battle.. Keeping myself busy! Trying to get everything finished and in order at the house , think I found a dz down south to work at full time for the season. Hopefully a break from things here, some fresh faces and places will help clear the head a bit!
  3. I will be in Florida memorial weekend. Not jumping just chilling out but I'm thinking the next good weather weekend. And he. Might let me pack? You all miss my openings around there....
  4. Thanks Dave , I'm gonna head that way shortly after memorial day weekend for a visit. Probably spend a weekend hangin out with all the old crew and who knows who since I have been away for a while
  5. have heard it so many times, we even considered it a few times. I could never find the justification in letting it all go and taking it to the sky, leaving it to chance, stepping away from the real world and chasing crazy dreams. Not until a month ago when I lost my best friend, the one person I shared it all with. The woman I wanted to chase to the end of this fucked up crazy life! Now I'm left without her and can't think of anything else but the sky. My career has lost its appeal, I hate walking into my house. "Too many bad vivid images" the places I used to love have lost any enjoyment . I think I finally understand what they mean by cutting away! Which is scary as well, give up a home a career a stable life for unknown, hard, and basic.. And I feel like that's where I belong! But damn if my responsible grown up brain doesn't keep getting in the way. Anyhow just venting and the forums are cheaper than a shrink. But they could be used against me in a court of law. No real reason for this post other than had to vent and where better than here!
  6. I'm just getting back in myself after a couple years away. Between a bit of dz burnout and life in general, we took a couple seasons off. Missed it but got a lot accomplished with all the free from the dz time. Life recently made a huge turn for me, I lost my best friend, and woman I loved more than anything. Its made me realize how big a part of our lives skydiving was. I can't think of a better place to be than back in the air. Nervous as hell. But will be there soon and often!
  7. I thought I had seen a Cessna dz near Pittsburgh. anyone know of one? I seen skydive Pa about an hour north which is a turbine dz.
  8. Sounds like a good lesson learned on gear checks .. I made that mistake once at around jump 50 trying to rush to get on a load. caught it on a final check before exiting.. As I was told after the jump by experienced jumpers ” its a fairly common mistake that is made once... After that you will always check, recheck and check again” And for about 350ish jumps since that has held very true and always will . Near death experience, I would say no .. Made a mistake and now have had a great learning experience is the bottom line of it all.. Gear checks, do them on yourself and fellow jumpers! Just my .02
  9. Cut a way ” no shit ” Metal handle for reserve. I had debated soft reserve it would have said ” there I was”.. But I like shiny metal much better!
  10. Hell, I have been packing since shortly after I started. Makes a bit of extra money. But I also treat every rig as if its going on my back. I usually do them in under 10 minutes, which leaves time to do all the little things like untwisting brake lines, check and or replace clising loops etc.. I have taught quite a few up and coming packers. And I dont give any okay to pack for others until I will be comfortable jumping their pack jobs. And then they are closely watched for a period. So to say a packer doesnt take the time to check your shit is b.s .... Now as far as tipping goes, I dont expect them but will gladly except them . The best tip a Jumper can give me is set your gear down neatly, untow your slider and set your brakes..
  11. I think you are right after thinking about it on the surf. But damn that movie has me scratching my head
  12. This may be more suited for the bonfire but... Anyone ever see Skydive specific helmets in any movies? I seen my first tonight watching the movie Atlas Cloud.. Strangr ass movies but all the future guards are wearing gath RV helmets. Useless topic I know but it just made me wonder..
  13. Gotta love the old beech 18 turbines.. Decent climb, huge door.... But something about the 182 though, still my daily favorite..
  14. Gear checks Pfft!...... 10 minute nap followed by a quick handshake, make sure I have a blue light on the Sony by the time door opens.. But I do leave my gum on the ground so I dont forget any of the important stuff!
  15. 0 for the snipping”military also”, I waited almost 2 Weeks and wasnt sore at all. Had a friend jump just a couple days. He said it was a bit uncomfortable but not bad