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  1. Did anyone upgrade to DJI Action 2 for handycam?
  2. It's called "stabilized jump".
  3. If someone knows, did UPT change drogue bridle length at some point? I just got a drogue made in 2005 that was never used before. After installing it, I figured something wasn't quite right; part of the bridle under the disc is waaay too long, and part above the disc is about 3ft shorter comparing to the drogues that are in service now days. Any service bulletins issued regarding that?
  4. Jumped all of them. HOP330, or even better HOP300!! Sigma is also good, but other two can't even compare with it on any level. Personal opinion
  5. This guy from Bosnia is making some...
  6. I've seen vigil fire on swoop, reserve started to inflate when guy was on aprox 30 ft.
  7. As sammielu said it depends on many factors, but for me 25 kts would be borderline even in nice stable winds, in gusty conditions wouldn't even think about it... Landing backwards is possible, but the risk is not worth those extra few bucks
  8. In Sept 2015 I got this from Karel Goorts: [email protected] "A checkup is costing 100.00€ + 21% VAT (unless you have a VAT number). + registered mail shipping cost. You can send the unit to my address below. Cheers, GVC BVBA Leemveldstraat 42 3090 Overijse Tel 0485 86 87 88"
  9. Try to send an email to Weckbecker, he's making them...
  10. Nick Dowling (NZ), Scott Wingate (NZ), Ingemar Ericsson (Sweden)
  11. Do you still enjoy answering "so how many times do you jump in a day" question?
  12. Skys are made in Serbia, not Croatia. I've seen some of his rigs; let me say this way, he won't push UPT and Sunpath out of business...
  13. CygnusX-1- you're wrong! It is main with spring loaded pilot chute. You can even see Kap-3 AAD mounted on the container(it surprises me, I must say). On that container one preforms cut away and reserve procedure with the same handle.
  14. If you're not planing to jump on a tuffet, then you don't want canopy for classic accuracy, there is so many cons. Design is not for flaring, lifetime is quite short, expensive, wind limits... But classic accuracy is quite demanding and interesting if you have a place to do it. Parachutes de France had some kind of hybrid, but it didn't work out. Even new F111 needs 50- 100 jumps to reach best porosity for CA jumps...
  15. Chest strap on some Strong harnesses can get all the way to the neck on opening. It can leave pretty big marks also. Having a feeling that that guy is trying to prevent it... Its not best practice to be in that area with your hands tho.