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  1. This is a great read and some serious dedication and engineering, thank you very much. And here I am struggling on where to start with my chicken house for my garden. Looking forward to read about your future progress.
  2. On a more positive note, skydiving reached record safety last year: I wonder, of those 13 fatalities, how many are caused by human error and could have been prevented.
  3. Henny Wiggers from the Netherlands has over 20000 jumps, no idea how many of them are tandems.
  4. Watck the video on youtube with the sabre 2 packjob. I was struggeling a lot with my almost brand new sabre2. Now I dont even break a sweat. I dont even lay my body on the canopy anymore. I take the mindset of getting the canopy to the size of the bag. It takes no effort, I can do this all day.
  5. I am interested in this as well. I am about your age and not fond of my job as well. On the other hand I think that if skydiving became your full time job it might not be that special anymore. I see the fulltime tandem instructors and coaches at our dropzone and sometimes wonder if they are still happy skydiving. Maybe it's better to have your job, and then have skydiving to look forward to in the weekends. But this is not an answer to your question. There are some skydiving schools in New zealand en Australia where you make about 200 jumps in 3 to 6 months. This might help getting those skills and jump numbers.
  6. Come jumping in Belgium. We only pay €25,- for a jump with gear hire. With your own gear it's only €15,90.
  7. In Croatia. Their website works fine here. Does TSO C 23 C mean their products live up to international standards?
  8. Hi, does anybody know this manufacturer of rigs? Anybody who owns of these? Or knows the company? They sell a tailor made container/harnas for €1195.
  9. I was wondering, what are the regulations for jumping a tracking suit? I know for a wingsuit you need a minimum of 200 jumps.
  10. Somewhat of topic but still related to the kingsman movie: Why aren't there any 'heads up display' skydiving helmets available for commercial skydivers? Showing for example altitude and free fall speed. If only I had the technical knowhow I would design one of these and fund it on kickstarter.
  11. Looks like you're jumping at paracentrum Teuge. Is that ''opa'' you are jumping with? Anyway. I am in no position to give advice here but I will anyway. What they thought me during AFF when I was turning or spinning was ABC. First thing is to arch more. Then Legs (Benen in dutch): are they symmatrical? Then Correction with your arms. First two always did the trick for me. Arching more and being aware of your legs, maybe tapping them together to know they are symmetrical.
  12. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a few weeks ago. I always wondered why I had to crap at least 4 to 5 times every time I went skydiving. Now I know that because of colitis stress (I am still a novelty jumper with 32 jumps) has a big impact on my bowl movements. Just make sure you get to the dropzone early and take a few shits before you go up. As for myself I havent had any problems yet on the ride to altitude or on the way down.
  13. I'm not an old guy and I wouldn't recommend a digital* to any student**. In fact I wouldn't recommend it anyone. There is zero benefit in knowing your exact altitude in freefall. In fact I bet you'll end up wasting more time having to concentrate more to make out the exact digital reading rather then just glancing over at an analog display and looking at the needle. *Digital as in showing altitude on a digital display, not something like alti-track. **Our local rules don't allow students to use digital altimeters anyway so my opinion doesn't even affect it. Although I am just a student with 27 jumps I disagree here. My first altimeter is a VISO 2 and I don't find it any harder to read than an analog meter. I just see 5 or 4 (thousand feet) appear on the screen and I open. In addition I like the logbook function: it shows, among other info, the height my parachute was completely open and my freefall speed. Under canopy I find the exact readings easier for my steering circuit.
  14. Hi I have been reading this forum a long while a I thought lets say hello and share my story. To make a long story less long, it comes down to this: In 2003 I tried a one jump AFF course. For some reason I thought that a tandem jump wasn't the real deal so I did one jump AFF. All of the ground school for just one jump. Which wasnt a great succes. During freefall all went straight past me and under my parachute I was already very sick. Throwing up all over myself while decending into a corn field. Not able to put to practice any of my training. I concluded that skydiving was not for me. But still it always remainend in my head. So in 2007 I had some money to spare and did a three jump AFF course. Those 3 jumps went al lot better and best thing: I did not get sick anymore. But I had no more money so I had to wait until 2008. Went to another dropzone and they said I could start at Level 3. This went well so up to level 4. This jump really went bad. I lost control and just tumbled to the ground, not being able to recover stability. The jumpmaster chased after me and openend my parachute. Since at time of opening I wasn't stable it resulted in a really hard opening. Tearing some kind of tissue which is normally in the bowl of your shoulder. Took 3 years with shoulder complaint before finally I had surgery and my shoulder was recovered. After a year of recovery my shoulder was back in business. So in 2012 I once again started AFF. Did reasonably well but one jumpmaster, which for some reason didnt like me very much, decided skydiving was not for me. This was after level 5 didnt go well. Eventually in 2013 I once again started at another jumpschool which would still give me a chance. I only had to do one jump over and passed AFF. Exactly 10 years after my first AFF jump. This year my goal is to get my A licencse
  15. I also read the book and I will read it again for my first solo. Great book not only for skydiving but life in general.