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  1. Common sense idea's that should be done as far as handles, but I reaLly find these rules ridiculous. Even with video it would be hard to prove that a TI didn't check handles- so why pass BSR's that can't be enforced? And if I need to turn more the. 90degrees for some reason under 500' I think I will take safety over listening to the politically correct USPA. ignorance is not bliss
  2. I jump in PA and not sure how it is elsewhere but we jump all year, clouds permitting. I log jumps every month of the year. ignorance is not bliss
  3. thank you all for the info on canopies. advice on learning how to fly my current stiletto - good general advice. I have my pro rating for the stiletto, so I think I have some idea how to fly it. I can fly that is all wind conditions and land where I want to within a few meters, but its time for a new challenge. I don't want to swoop - no interest. I like base jumping and this type of canopy (accuracy) seems to be a good way to stay current on skills needed for real accuracy in tight LZ's. Kind of hard to practice with a troll in the dark of night. Perrine is great, but I only make it there a few times a year. If anyone has first hand knowledge of the characteristics of accuracy canopies, I would love a PM and move this offline. ignorance is not bliss
  4. ? my profile appears about right. but to follow up. I am 200 lbs and load the stilleto heavy. I am looking for something that I can land in tight area's. I have over 1500 tandems, over 300 base jumps (jump a 300 F11 vented), and really looking for the challenge of putting the canopy right where I want it. ignorance is not bliss
  5. Hello all. I looked thru old forums but found nothing posted in the last few years on this subject. I am looking to get rid of my stilleto and go to an accuracy canopy. I would like thoughts/ideas/pro's/cons of options. Ideally would like 7 cell, vented?, able to jump in as wide a range of wind conditions as possible. Any help? ignorance is not bliss
  6. does anyone know if UPT will still give a renewal? as opposed to USPA? I am thinking of jumping up in canada, and they asked for proof of SIGMA rating. USPA does not say what rating I have, and I haven't renewed with UPT since the changes. I still have all the old yearly renewals with UPT ignorance is not bliss
  7. I agree the time/cost it makes great sense just to pay someone to do it for me. That however does nothing to further my knowledge/understanding of the gear. It's winter here in PA, I've got two rigs, and time. This is just a personal project that will make me feel like I have accomplished something instead of just ignorantly handing it to someone else and ask them to do the work for me. But yes, it is economically no advantage for me to do this. And time is required. But in the end, I will be jumping my line set, and have greater knowledge by doing so. ignorance is not bliss
  8. I have measured three others and they all differ by an inch or so. Not sure if that is due to shrink or accepted variance. Also noted that a3-5 b3-5 cascades are. Of the same. Ie ab3 cascade if longer then ab4 cascade. Not sure if there is a direct proportion the line should be changed by. Any help appreciated. ignorance is not bliss
  9. Does anyone know where I can find the recommended distance for the cascades when Relining a stiletto 150? I we t to pd and have the chart they supply for line length but can't find recommended distance for cas ades ignorance is not bliss
  10. the first guy definitely has more money. one year of experience and made 500 jumps ? how much did that cost? Honestly, I think anyone that is making over 200 jumps a year is current. 200 or 500 a year, I don't think you will see a large difference in currency. Did the 500 a yr guys jump in all conditions and risk it a few times, did the 200 a year jumper sit down when he/she should have ? How many people do you know (other then tandem masters/videographers/AFF instructors) make over 200 jumps a year? ignorance is not bliss
  11. I am wondering if anyone could recommend any NON USA made main/reserve chutes? looking for docile canopy control, with accuracy goals. ignorance is not bliss
  12. I agree its ugly, and LIKELY should have been cut, but have we heard any other facts? it was alluded to that it was a low pull, how low? Did he try to fix this?, check his altitude and decide chopping was a bad decision? what was the alternate LZ if he chopped and wasn't going to make it back. All I am saying is don't condem someone with just three pictures and ONE side of what happened, and why it happened. ignorance is not bliss
  13. I don't know if all DZ's do it, but we were videotaped stating we knew the risks. The student did not pull. End of story. The rest is just added backups that should NEVER be relied on. The rigger messed up, ok, but if there is ANY other responsiblity here it should be to the student program that verify's to the student they are indeed using properly maintained equipment. And I do not place any responsibility on anyone other then the student. Now, if the RESERVE was pulled, and it didn't work then yes the blame goes elsewhere. IMHO ignorance is not bliss
  14. psf

    Vegas Extreme Skydiving

    When we called, they said they do TANDEMS only
  15. congrats! ignorance is not bliss