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    No he is not. I totally agree, but you knew I would. I simply admire his tenacity to continue dealing with you people. The agenda of the left includes instituting scientific socialism. The intellectual elite have determined that they know what is best for all Americans based their data obtained through mathematics, statistical algorithms, and agreed upon by the like-minded. This is a resurgence of the strategy implemented by McNamara and LBJ to manage the Vietnam War. It will produce a similar outcome now. Years of violence, cultural war, and the breakdown of the Republic for the benefit of those intellectual power mongers. They will have the wealth and the rest of us will live in fear. The rioters are paid for by those that will profit from their lawlessness in the hoped for long run. That is the Luciferian concept. Man will rule above God. We will not let that happen. Liberty is worth fighting for. That is part of the American creed, always has been and always will be.
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    As someone who blocks his posts but sees everyone arguing with him, I would say you are largely incorrect about this John. He dominates this forum.
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    Guarantee me that murder, looting, and riots will end under Biden, with a measurable compensation if you are wrong, and you have a Biden supporter. That is ridiculous, though. What will change is view of what crime is acceptable, and what needs to be raged about. That has already happened. If these riots were coming from the right, this forum would be over run with vilification of the people rioting.
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    I suppose that if the looting and rioting was as important as, and posted with as much effort as, say, making memes about Trump, then maybe I would have a whole lot less reason to believe the association with giving the looting and rioting a pass. You can read and browse for days and days here, and see nothing but a few posters putting any effort into talking about how despicable the criminal activity is. The scale for demonizing anyone who wants to stand up for businesses, personal property, and such is very heavily weighted to one side. Guess what. It isn't the side of the people that worked to build the businesses, or worked for the personal property. Well, it isn't in this forum, anyway. Posters are saying that I have defended Rittenhouse and applaud the illegality of him carrying a weapon. That is untrue. I do believe that the rioters should be stopped. Don't you? If there isn't enough police to make that happen, then the good citizens should put their efforts forth, and help stop the crimes from being committed. Isn't that what you would want if the looting and riots came to your front door?
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    You have outdone yourself this time. Congrats.
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