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    I have read your posts, I just think you are overreacting here just like half the people on this forum do anytime anyone even whispers something about the USPA. The USPA makes a small change and all of a sudden BIG Parachute is out to get everyone and destroy skydiving. Having to send in a form in an effort to learn trends in AAD fires is not a big deal. Collecting statistical data to determine safety trends is literally one of the USPA's core functions, as is the core function of anyone who works in any industry involving safety. It's a basic principle of determining risk.
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    Gonna guess that USPA has a pretty good idea of what would happen if this wasn't mandatory. They don't have 'enuff' faith in the members. They do have 'enuff' experience in receiving (or more accurately not receiving) accident reports. They know damned well that there are a LOT more accidents than they get reports on. I can think of at least a half dozen people who suffered fairly serious injuries (broken bones) that were never reported to USPA. They know full well that if they relied on voluntary reports of AAD fires on student jumps, that they would receive reports on only a fraction of the actual occurrences.
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    Because "breeding age" suggests that you value women by their utility as breeders. He's a man who sounds like a loser. If he also cures leukemia, has a boyfriend and wins the 4-way open competition with his team? Maybe not such a loser. Why do you think that most women need to be led, and can't kill spiders? Or perhaps "evolved" means a man who doesn't see women as fearful, lost souls looking for someone to lead them.
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    ...or if you just fucking feel like it because it's your own goddamned head and hair, to do with as you please.
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    I never thought that there would be any real, concrete, and open collusion between DJT and Russia. He would have to be monumentally stupid in order for that to happen. And I think Cohen verified that (at least from his [Cohen] standpoint). I think that Cohen did give testimony that there was open collusion between Trump's kids and Russia. But the biggest thing that Cohen did give is campaign finance violations of Trump. And those are real crimes. Are they enough to take down a president, aka Al Capone style - I don't know. This all confirms to me that we are again living in exciting times. We are seeing the start of the end of the US as a superpower. I had always wondered what it was like to be alive during the fall of the roman empire or greek etc. If we as a country continue down this path of partisan politics at the demise of the country, we will implode into nothingness.
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    It means exactly what it says, if ANY AAD fires on a jump with a student, a report is required. USPA definitely wants to know if an instructor has an AAD fire on a student jump. You can confirm this with USPA Safety & Training Chair Michael Wadkins or Director of Safety & Training Ron Bell. Their email is: michael.wadkinsxcelskydiving.com, [email protected].
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