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    Windtunnel (the diameter of the flight zone is 9 feet/2.5 meters) located at USPA DZ, Russia, at territory – cafe, hotel. work 24/7, price from 7000RUB (~110$). Wind speeds of up to ≥300 km/h. Start skydive season in May month.
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    And to be clear, discussion of the BSR rule itself seems to be going on at https://www.dropzone.com/forums/topic/265231-uspa-board-meeting/
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    It's not exactly the same situation, but here in the flight test department at Textron Aviation (aka Cessna and Beechcraft) we created and implemented an in-house process to self-report a number of aviation incidents that aren't required to be reported to the FAA. Although it does include those as well (turbine engine failures, altitude deviations, etc.). The intent of the process is to figure out areas we as a flight test department could improve. The reports are anonymous, and we actually have an understanding with the FAA to help protect our pilots legally in return to passing on the data to them. Several hundred reports have been filed over the last few years, everything ranging from system failures to TA/RA to dialing the wrong frequency. The result has been pretty eye opening for the organization, and in turn has helped shape our monthly safety meetings and yearly safety stand-down topics and training. The data has helped our local ATC update their procedures and training as well. Nothing specific made this program become a reality. It didn't take an accident or realization of some new problem. Sometimes it's simply noticing that things can be improved. I have no doubt the USPA wants this info for very similar reasons that we do. Probably no conspiracy or witch hunt involved.
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    Mite want to read your own advice before giving it to others. 1st line; The principal responsibility of the S&TA is to promote safe skydiving. Toward that goal, the S&TA serves specific advisory and administrative functions: Observes skydiving operations to verify compliance with the Basic Safety Requirements Listen, we can go back and forth like this all day. It comes rite down to the same question I asked at the beginning, Is this a real Problem?. Not 1 person has answered that. Fire an AAD and it's a minimum of a 225 jump. Any student that does that will get a thorough refreshing on alti awareness and a bill. Can't imagine anyone making a habit out of this.So keep yer " For safety" speeches and give a REAL reason this suddenly needs to change...
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    If the rears are going slack, then you are _definitely_ changing the canopy's trim.
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    It's really hard to judge the situation without video... As WT Instructor I can say that the "I am a skydiver!" category of WT firsttimers is often the most difficult to deal with)) It's quite often when they start demand to increase the speed while trying to push the air and lift up at the same time which makes them very unstable so: - you can't give them more speed coz - they can fly normal at setted speed and it's make them even more stiff and unstable IMHO if there is enough time (more than just 1-2 minutes as firstimer) instructor should be able to deal with it ether slowing down\lay student on the net\relax them or get out and talk etc... But again people are different so as the situation so without video it's really hard to make a conclusion))
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    Assuming and trusting those who haven't earned it or have proven they don't deserve it, is a mistake. Those elected to the board seem to forget they are elected to REPRESENT the membership. Not turn into matriarch's who feel they need to rule thru intimidation and un-necessary rules. To whoever came up with this stupid idea, GET BACK IN YOUR LANE! We're getting fed up with these dumb decisions...…..
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    We are out of policy Peace, love and freeflying to you all