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  1. The 8 will give you better video quality, but it does not have a replaceable lens cover
  2. Aren't your TIs also your AFF instructors and then people you fun jump with when they aren't doing working jumps? How do you NOT end up friends?
  3. That's my go to. Only I say "You haven't seen these airplanes..."
  4. "Gallup surveyed more than 1,000 adults in early January"
  5. The jobs are certainly trickling down. Everyone has 3.
  6. I have been using the following settings for my Hero 6: 1080p, 60 FPS, linear FOV Are these the optimal settings for good skydiving videos? Should I be using Protune? I like to take screen shots for sharing on social media in addition to making cool skydiving videos that only a few of my friends watch. Any tips?
  7. Been awhile so I figured I'd post an update. I got a new insulin pump in 2018, a Medtronic 670G. It works like a charm and I no longer have occlusions. The 670G isn't just a pump with CGM, it will administer insulin on it's own to try to keep you in your target range. When I'm jumping I set a temporary target of 150. I find that packing lowers my BG a lot so I usually eat a snack while packing and that keeps me from having to eat my fruit snacks on the airplane. I now have 188 jumps and my coach rating, still no issues.
  8. Why would you continue to do something you did not enjoy? Especially something expensive and risky like skydiving?
  9. I am a 44yo T1 diabetic. I was diagnosed in August 2001. I have been on an insulin pump since 2009, and added CGM in 2015. I did my first tandem in 2011, and one every year until my 3rd when they asked at the DZ, "Why don't you learn to jump by yourself?" I finally signed up for 1st jump course in 2015. Life changes caused a delay in completing my AFF, but I finally did and got my A in February of this year. I didn't ask my Doctor if it was OK for me to start jumping, I just did it. I told him later and he wasn't really thrilled about it. He said, "What does the pump manufacturer say say about this?" I told him I didn't ask. When I first started AFF I would take my pump off before I jumped. When I got comfortable jumping, I started leaving it on. I haven't had any problems with it so far, I have 47 jumps. At about 8k I unzip my jumpsuit and check my BG via CGM. I try to make sure my BG is at least 140 before I jump, especially if I have any IOB besides my basal, and if it isn't I eat a packet of the fruit snacks I carry in my jumpsuit before I zip back up, reattach my chest strap, and wait for the 5 minute call. My suit is tight and depending on where my infusion set is attached that day, sometimes binding causes an occlusion in my tubing. If that occurs, I just remove the pump and reprime it after I get back on the ground. Sometimes it's kind of funny when I am under canopy when my audible is beeping at me and so is my insulin pump. I have never lost consciousness from a diabetic episode at any time in the last 16 years, but you will never catch me jumping without an AAD just in case I have a first time and it's while I'm skydiving. So far, so good.