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  1. NWPoul

    Are Ifly encouraging bad body position?

    It's really hard to judge the situation without video... As WT Instructor I can say that the "I am a skydiver!" category of WT firsttimers is often the most difficult to deal with)) It's quite often when they start demand to increase the speed while trying to push the air and lift up at the same time which makes them very unstable so: - you can't give them more speed coz - they can fly normal at setted speed and it's make them even more stiff and unstable IMHO if there is enough time (more than just 1-2 minutes as firstimer) instructor should be able to deal with it ether slowing down\lay student on the net\relax them or get out and talk etc... But again people are different so as the situation so without video it's really hard to make a conclusion))
  2. A rig make the difference even for experienced flyer Yes we have 4-5 mockups and use them (or special covers for real rig) for training
  3. NWPoul

    Gear Suggestions for Tunnel Flyers

    Ditto! Not the best helmet at all
  4. NWPoul

    Mirrors 4 viewing body position

    Yes One glass of our wind tunnel is mirrored For most cases - quite enough and way more convenient than outside setup)
  5. NWPoul

    Delayed Reaction Tunnel Injury

    Well, take a coach or at least fellow skydiver/bodyflier You need some basic advise/correction I mark the part where your attempt failed (if it was planned as written - it was fai;ed at the planing phase already) It should be "upper body over" not "feet under" and keep control on those legs!
  6. NWPoul

    Increasing Fallrate in Tunnel

    The difference in speed between baggy suit (especially for student suit which often made using rough material) and skinny suit for sure can be more than 5% If you are planing any close to regular training with 4 way team - there is absolutely no sense to do it in a student suit and even less sense to make such weird modifications)
  7. NWPoul

    Are Ifly encouraging bad body position?

    You told all that to Firstimers? Sounds like too much inputs for a first flight
  8. NWPoul

    Summer suit for wind tunnels

    Short suit's works in WT just fine
  9. NWPoul

    More Lift Headdown

    Actually 4 people can lead to drop of actual airspeed if HD speed is close to maximum that particular WT can provide (but in well efficient WT it should not) But also it's quite common problem when people starting 4 vfs and starting fight for staying in level) First - try not to fight, relax (more mentally) and let yourself go down, it's often surprisingly let you stay or even go up) If you still going down: Don't try to hold you using your arms- it's most probably will lead to lose your legs and than more you holding/loading your arms - than more you lose your legs (which actually have much more power than arms) and than more you lose lift Bring you arms close to your chest, so actually your elbows more futher from you than your arms (and while keeping the same surface they will tired much less;) ) and than push your hips forward via pushing your heels backwards/down A good exercise is to try flying using this technique (elbows forward, arms close to chest, push hips forward, heels backward) looking right above through your balls :)
  10. NWPoul

    wind tunnel training

    If you a consider a "Full size" tunnel - I doub't that Ukraine has one Regarding price I think that here in Russia is better offer:) (For example in Saint-Petersburg FlyStation its starts from 310 Eur/hr and even low if you buy a 10 hours you'll get 11 for 3100 )) Regarding accomodation also - it's quite comfort ether in bankhouse right at the WT or nearby hotel in the city
  11. NWPoul

    Aerodium W2/W3 in lower temps

    If they w2/w3 mean the "open" (instad of recirculated) design than: 1. Yes 10°C @ 120 MPh will freeze F*** of you if you'l dress like for just a walk at the same temperature 2. No ambient air doesn't cooled it's get some heat even in such WT (but it fell like it cooled very much) 3. I worked in such WT up to minus 12°C - it's can be done with proper dressing: most efficient - light ZP suit over some warm layer I think kinda polartech /windstopper also will work In extreme case we used neoprene pants/socks/gloves
  12. NWPoul

    Wind Tunnel.

    It's quite common;) Don't be (depressing) ;)
  13. NWPoul

    Low speed shelf backfly video

    But what exactly you want to see? Coz if you want to look at flying as you describe it - One can show you exactly what you describe) Comfort belly flying wind speed will be comfort (i.e. not low) for such backflying (we call it "Neo" position/flying ref to "Matrix" movie)) Yep we using it as exercises not dedicated to carving