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  1. Not sure yet but around January / February
  2. Hello, I am planning to do one or two weeks just training in the tunnel. I don't mind travelling for it. Where is the cheapest place to get 30-45 min / day with coaching? Thanks
  3. Looks very nice. Is this 3D printed? I was also thinking of doing it but I was worried that the PLA will not hold the wind speed. Or are you using ABS?
  4. Hello, what is a good front camera mount for the bonehead aero? Thanks
  5. Hello, I just got my first rig. Now I am looking for a gear bag. The size of the system is 160 reserve and 170 main. So not too big. It should hold the rig, helmet, and my jump suit. Thanks so much :-)
  6. Hello, does anyone know if a Pilot 168 ZPX will fit into a Javelin Odyssey size J2K? Thanks, Syd
  7. Hello, Parachute Systems do have a very good offer for a complete rig for 4000 USD with main, reserve and container. Does anyone have any experience with them? It's hard to find any reviews. Thanks,