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  1. I say go to Mesquite. Though I have jumped there at SLV which does give an awesome view of the dam, etc... since you are a low timer you will not be allowed to land where the rest of us do.. At Mesquite you and your friend can go out on the same load and still land near each other
  2. Hello, I am a type 1 diabetic, I became diabetic at age 24 and am 52 years old now. I have been a skydiver since I was 18 and in the US Army at the time. I have NO family history of diabetes on either side of my family all the way back in history. ( as far back as the 1400's actually!) So why me???? Wish I knew, But I do not dwell on it and instead chose to drive onward. Army told me a few known factors that could have caused this to happen.... Army doc informed me that I will be insulin dependent for the rest of my life until a cure is found. I was never able to control the blood sugars with just pills and exercise/diet. So it has been insulin ever since... I take daily injections twice a day, Humulin 70/30, And am not interested in using the Pump as it has problems not yet perfected for my active lifestyle. 42 units am and 12 units at the pm. I have never been overweight or obese. Been thin all my life. I stay in shape with lots of activities and have remained 190 lbs and 6'1"tall ever since. I still jump and have over 3000 jumps so far, Along with 58 base jumps. I am also a Licensed Private Pilot with instrument rating, AND a special waiver from the FAA and voluntary Close Monitoring with them that requires testing before, during and after each time I fly... ( I had my license before I became diabetic) I can fly by myself as well as take others and have over 2400 hrs logged. As I get older I have found that some things change as to my care of myself. I keep pushing myself to be better at my care. I jump a Mirage G4 and a Katana 150 main. Grant Eaton You can email me directly at [email protected]
  3. I have only been friends with Howard for the last 7 years. I was shocked to hear of his passing and will always remember him from bridge day. I will miss him. Grant Eaton Sr.
  4. I love my G4 the way that it is, I have never had a mirage that had this problem... Though I do like seeing new inovations and would like to use one for awhile to do a better evaluation! Mirage is simply the best one for me. Grant E.
  5. Hello All, As we read here it happened more than many know.!!! My Step-Mom ( Marcia Kenyon-Eaton) had a double Malfunction on rounds. year was sometime about 1975,76 or 77, but it was at Easton Airfield which is south east of Lasalle, Colorado.(Chuck had a crop spraying operation he ran there at his own airfield) She had both entangled together with only partial canopies of both slowing her down some, and she went into the plowed field right next to the packing hangar. She broke her back and luck saved her from being paralized. She later returned to make just one more jump to prove she could do it and then quit jumping.(she decided to get her pilots licence instead) It was discussed with the farmer that had plowed only half the field the day before that he would be back early to plow the remaining half. He did as he said, and that was the side my Mom went into on only about a half hour later after he was done plowing!!! They figured she was going about 65 to 75 mph when she hit, And that if it was not for his plowing the field she would not have lived. I was there also and seen the whole thing. My Father was the pilot of the aircraft too. I don't remember if it was our own C-180 or if it was Chuck Eastons C-182 , but He remembers that my step-mom did not want to get off the strut, So he gave her another pass and when she still did not get off he literally "booted her off" Later while recovering she said that the whole time she felt like something was wrong with the pack job and decided to take the chance anyways. sadly she passed away due to breast cancer.. I have alot of other true stories from the past jumping in Colorado too. 1967 thru the present. Blue Skies, Grant Eaton
  6. Hi Everyone! Thankyou for some responces. I have had several tell me to use a sticker/decal on my goggles, and once I find the spot I can mark it or even go to the extreme of drilling a very small hole in the spot of a pair of goggles,...instead of using/going to the the ringsite and all have said it works great! Some have told me they actually have/use both in case the site becomes damaged.... So I'm going to try that this next weekend. Thanks again everyone...Blue Skies!!!!,
  7. Hi everyone, I am starting to use a new helmet for video. It is a new Bone Head Optix and I am currently using a Canon Elura 70 video camera. (though I am going to change to a sony soon.) The question I am asking is... What is the best ring site and Mount for this helmet???? I look at the catalogs and it leaves me with more questions un-answered. When I am at the dropzone I have not seen many. Naturally I want something thats going to last. stays where I need it..., That I will be happy with and feel that it was money well spent, I just hate the idea of trying to mount a newton ringsite at say 250.oo,... plus the mounting for it at another 25 to 30 bucks and then find out that it won't work well on this helmet! What are you using?? What is the most popular right now with this helmet? ....and if anyone has something for sale at a better price than my Para Gear cataloge. Please contact me! Thankyou everyone for your thoughts and help steering me in the right direction! Grant
  8. Hi Zig. It was not meant to be any kind of attack against anyone other than the original postee.!!!! So to all others out there that may be offended this would be your apology. We are all entitled to our opinions on how this was handled. For the record I think most can see the obvious here. My personal choice is a Mirage Rig period. They are the best for me!!! Thankyou, Grant
  9. Well, I have to say that you must have sent in the wrong measurements period. Are you a body size that is rather larger than average???? Sounds like there is some miscommunication here! It's my impression that you started off on the wrong foot here and are trying to blame someone else for the obvious. Mirage has always taken care of their customers. If they made a mistake it would be taken care of!!!!! I personally think PA removed by slotperfect for complaining about something that was not their fault. And yes I jump a mirage too. just my .99 cents worth.