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This is the latest revision of my FTP.
The new top plate is custom made. It is made out of 1/4" Lexan.
The main thing it does is offer a lot of flexibility.

I'm planning to mostly use the Sony a6000 for stills and Sony FDR-x1000v for video. I'm planning to get a wider lens for the a6000 so that the angle of view will match the x1000v a little better.

If I wanted to add a 2nd video or if something happened to the x1000, then I can add the GoPro very quick and easily.

If something happened to the a6000, I can put on my older DSLR.
If I wanted to, I can take off the new x1000v and jump with the older CX150 or even older CX100 for a more narrow FOV.

If for some reason I wanted to jump with two still cameras, I can mount both the DSLR and a6000 at the same time. Run one with a hand switch and the other with a mouth switch.

Now all we need some good weather so we can start jumping.
Smile at the camera(s).

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would you sell the CX 100 ? cheap ? that lens is 30mm correct? And the cx150 is 37 mm lens?:S

CX150 is just the PAL version of the CX100, they both take 30mm filters. So does the cx110. They are all cheap on ebay used.
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After nearly 8 years I finally had to make some major upgrades to my CCM (originally posted about here).

Up until now, I've been flying it with the camera in portrait orientation as shown in that old post. I originally set it up like that for two reasons: it was the only way I could fit both cameras on the top plate side by side, and also portrait shots are good candidates for magazine covers. ;) But the vertical orientation was always a huge strain on my neck due to the high CG, and inconvenient in other ways too. So I made myself a promise that once I got a camera where the sensor's short dimension was as big as the long dimension on my first camera (the Rebel XT), then I would change my setup to have the SLR landscape, since I could still crop a 300dpi 8x10 protrait print out of a landscape shot. Well, that finally happened (and then some) when the T6i came out (short dimension is 4000px, compared with the 3456px long dimension on the XT).

To make the SLR fit next to the video camera while landscape, I had to make a wider top plate. To be precise, the new one is 9.2 inches compared to my old one which was 7.8 inches. The new one overhangs the helmet just over half an inch on each side, which is not ideal, but is not the end of the world either I don't think. I've only put a couple jumps on it so far, but the lower center of gravity makes it feel so much lighter during opening, and the lower center of pressure also reduces neck strain while diving in my wingsuit. It's also easier to clear the door (and move around in general) in small planes. I'm happy with the upgrade so far. :)
[inline CCM_upgrade_01.jpg]
[inline CCM_upgrade_02.jpg]
[inline CCM_upgrade_03.jpg]
[inline CCM_upgrade_04.jpg]
[inline CCM_upgrade_05.jpg]
[inline CCM_upgrade_06.jpg]


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My new camera setup with a Cookie G3, two go pros with hypoxic turned on indicators and a cut away system. It's almost snag proof and the cutaway is simple replacement of the webbing on the fixed end of the original buckle. It is a piece of webbing fixed at one end, the opposite end has a hole that a loop of shock cord passes thru a hole in the helmet a hole in the webbiing and a closing pin off an old pilot chute goes thru the loop, the closing pin is attached to a loop of wire off an old bonehead cutaway and the padding Velcro holds it in place. If you copy this, be sure to inspect the shock cord loop for wear occasionally.

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