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  1. http://www.exitequipment.com/switches_xq025.html
  2. That's what I was thinking. Especially with a nice, big, heavy 5DmkII like that one. Something like this... https://www.chutingstar.com/skydive/stock-tonfly-cc2-skydiving-camera-helmet or this... https://www.chutingstar.com/skydive/bonehead-flat-top-pro or this... https://www.chutingstar.com/skydive/vapor-wes-pro-3431 Good luck.
  3. This is the latest revision of my FTP. The new top plate is custom made. It is made out of 1/4" Lexan. The main thing it does is offer a lot of flexibility. I'm planning to mostly use the Sony a6000 for stills and Sony FDR-x1000v for video. I'm planning to get a wider lens for the a6000 so that the angle of view will match the x1000v a little better. If I wanted to add a 2nd video or if something happened to the x1000, then I can add the GoPro very quick and easily. If something happened to the a6000, I can put on my older DSLR. If I wanted to, I can take off the new x1000v and jump with the older CX150 or even older CX100 for a more narrow FOV. If for some reason I wanted to jump with two still cameras, I can mount both the DSLR and a6000 at the same time. Run one with a hand switch and the other with a mouth switch. Now all we need some good weather so we can start jumping. Smile at the camera(s).
  4. Maybe you can find something here that could help... http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/192273-REG/Hama_HA_5131_Extra_Long_Screw_15mm.html/prm/alsVwDtl Good luck.
  5. Here is a picture of me working the other day. Too much fun. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1Afb_rxqejPUVAyQ29mb2Jtazg&usp=sharing
  6. With my FTP, I just use a pair of Safety Glasses. They fit tight and I even wear them while wearing contact lenses. Never had a problem with them. This is a link to the model that I like best. I buy them at the local hardware store. But seeing this price is so much less, I might have to mail order some if they ever wear out. http://www.globalindustrial.com/p/safety/vision/eyewear/virtua-clear-temples-clear-lens-anti-fog-11329-00000-20?infoParam.campaignId=T9F&gclid=CjgKEAjwuMmdBRDljdfi2_qQpxkSJADDCRwsdbVKwBpcQyab2eu7OuT8fbthRy-BtpggRAAxOoD8-fD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  7. I store everything on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device in my house. I haven't gone down the Cloud Based Backup service route yet. But there are some options there that are becoming more affordable. The NAS has four 1 TB drives in a RAID 5 which gives a little bit of redundancy in case of a drive failure and almost 3TB of usable storage space. I set up a new folder each year. The folder name is simply the year (ex. '2014') and then sub folders by date for every day that I take any pictures or video. Those folder names include the full date in yyyy-mm-dd format with a short descriptor of type of footage and location. (ex. 2014-05-30-skydive-psi) Subordinate to those daily folders, I create more sub folders to manage my work flow. It depends on what I'm doing. If I've been shooting Tandem Vids, then the sub folders usually include the names of the customers that I shot. I'll create those folder names prefaced with a 2 digit number so that I can keep the customers listed in the order that I shot them throughout the day. 01-Jimmy 02-Jenny 03-Johnny The other types of sub-folders I create may include 'vid', 'stills', 'Review', 'Vegas', 'Small', 'Final', 'RAW', etc. It varies though, depending on what I'm doing.
  8. I think the main thing is to get them involved with some task. I've always said that skydiving is a participatory sport, not a spectator sport. A spectator can only see so many canopies land before they get bored. Most of the ideas for kids have already been listed. Teach them to pack. 'Catch' tandems. Babysit for other DZ staff who have young kids. Help unharness tandems when they come back in. Learn to edit videos. The non-jumping things they can do will vary with age, responsible-ness, interest, ability, etc. Good luck.
  9. Thanks for posting that. Looks like a lot of work that someone went through to put that together. This spring I'm going to switch from a 7D to the a6000. http://camerasize.com/compare/#154,535
  10. And this shutter release adapter ... http://www.gethypoxic.com/...0&category_id=13 The Sony version of a wired switch... http://store.sony.com/remote-control-with-multi-terminal-cable-zid27-RMVPR1/cat-27-catid-All-Cameras-Alpha-DSLR-Accessories Cheers
  11. Just planning to keep the Canon Lenses with Canon bodies. But it's good to know the option is out there. In some regard, two of these cameras would not be too bad. One for stills and a second one for video. But there's no Hypeye for a camera like this. Is there?
  12. It's time to get a different still camera. This post got me looking at the newly announced Sony a6000. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4599050#4599050 So, what would be wrong with using this camera... http://store.sony.com/mirrorless-dslr-camera-zid27-ILCE6000/B/cat-27-catid-All-Alpha-a6000-Cameras?_t=pfm%3Dcategory With this lens... http://store.sony.com/20mm-f-2.8-wide-angle-lens-zid27-SEL20F28/cat-27-catid-All-Alpha-a6000-Cameras?_t=pfm%3Dproduct_cross_sell%26pfmvalue%3D27-SEL20F28 And this shutter release adapter? http://www.gethypoxic.com/browse/still-camera-switches.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=150&category_id=13 Any thoughts on this set up? Good? Bad? Pros / Con? Fast focus, light weight, fast frames per second shutter release. I'm not seeing a whole lot that can go wrong with this setup. It's just different from the standard Canon DSLR's that I've always used. I don't really know anything about 'mirrorless' cameras. And my Canon lenses won't work on this camera without an adapter. But I'd use it as a dedicated freefall still camera. What do you think?