name the skydiving associations

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* Australian Parachute Federation - Services, competitions, FAQ, news, contacts, links.
* British Parachute Association - Details of drop zones and how to take up sky diving from static line jumps to AFF and formation training, and all the latest news from the BPA.
* Canadian Sport Parachuting Association - Canada's representative to the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) and the recognised organization for sport parachuting in Canada.
* CRW Europa - Dedicated to the promotion of Canopy Formation Skydiving in Europe. Also organises the European 2 way cup in Canopy Formation Skydiving.
* FAI/IPC - Parachuting - The international governing body for parachuting.
* National Skydiving League - American 4-way formation skydiving league. News, scores, teams, events, regions, rules, and media information.
* Parachute Industry Association - Represents companies and individuals wanting to improve business opportunities in skydiving. Committees, meetings, online store, service bulletins, yellow pages and members area.
* Ukrainian Parachuting Federation - News and information about the federation and skydiving in Ukraine.
* United States Parachute Association - Self regulating, non profit representative of skydiving.
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APF - Australian Parachute Federation - Australia
BPA - British Parachute Association - United Kingdom/Britain
CSPA - Canadian Sport Parachuting Assocation - Canada
PAI - Parachuting Association of Ireland - Republic of Ireland
USPA - United States Parachute Association - United States

I don't know off-hand the acronyms for other associations.

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AMPA - American Military Parachute Association. Does only military static line for former Airborne and civies who never got to go to Airborne school. They hold a full fledged military jump school twice a year. They're also the WWII Airborne Demonstration Team (does the WWII reinactments for movies and D-day stuff in Europe).
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Canada has 2 skydiving associations:

CSPA- Canadian Sport Parachute Association


CAPs- Canadian Association of Professional Skydivers

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