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  1. Hi! Does anyone have any experience taking a rig as hand luggage on flights (london-oslo) When I booked the guy said as long as it is the correct size and weight for hand luggage it should be ok, but I got the impression he had never had that question asked before! I cannot find any policy document to print out that explicity allow rigs as OK. Any quick response greatly appreciated. Cheers, Steffen
  2. I heard a while back the prox. flying focused episode was due to air during this October. For the benefit of those of us who can't get rush hd- can someone let on if its aired already or put up a nice link to it when it does? I feel pretty confident that this is a sure purchase when it eventually comes out on dvd...
  3. Did I understand correctly that as of the last BPA AGM individuals with a foreign license are now allowed to jump in the UK WITHOUT having to get a BPA membership???
  4. so you two are interpreting this press release that he made physical contact with foliage?
  5. to what extent can this be addressed by packing techniques ...rolling the nose, using a small mesh slider etc....?
  6. along the lines of: These skiers are jumping BASE heights without the hassle of actually using BASE gear. Global warming will melt the snow and so unless they're ok with landing on rocks rather than soft snow they will have to buy BASE gear.
  7. The current issue of Vertical magazine (available in Europe in English, French, German and Italian) has a 14 page feature on BASEclimbing with contributions from Jerome Blanc-Gras, Leo Houlding, Glenn Singleman and Valery Rozov. Clearly with these contributors the feature is very positive (actually the most positive I think you could get off the shop shelf). It is in the the dec 06 - jan 07 issue (English edition #3) so I don't think it'll be on the shelves much longer. There's a good shot of an exit from Mt Thor, Baffin on the cover. If i can get access to a scanner I'll put it up - I couldn't find anything from a websearch.
  8. hiked up kjerag with you and enjoyed watching you in your sugar glider. fly free benni
  9. Absolutely fantastic! Make sure you watch it every Sunday 9pm BBC1. This is universally great stuff to watch - even if nature isn't your big thing, the camera work and the rare sequences they capture are breathtaking
  10. The NRK video is also on
  11. right thats it im getting off this computer and going slacklining NOW!!! cheers!
  12. Hey Yuri, I couldn't find any trace of "Children Of The Rock" on DZ, SDmovies or Google .com - if its anything approaching VKB's or Robibird's stuff then i need to see it! Just got to stick out this last year of uni and then i'm heading back to Norway for training...
  13. yep, they're good fun. dont lend them to people tho...