Need help identifying parts of a pulley

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I'm going to guess Bushing for the axle. The 2 female screw inserts look like that is fastened to something else. The axle appears to be inserted into that. OR the inserts are for set screws to fix the pulley (channel wheel?) axle to the large hub in which case the hub would be an enlarged extension of the axle.

This probably makes no sense whatsoever but it's not the first time I've done this.
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It is not a bushing, as a bushing is internal and is a bearing surface. A bushing is typically installed to reduce the diameter of the hole a shaft goes into. It is not an axle, as an axle is the shaft that a wheel or pully turns around. It is not a shaft. It is a device that slips over a shaft.

I think that part of the drawing is best described as a sleeve with threaded set screw holes. (As a sleeve "slips over somethng".)

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