I'm sure someone has a smile on their face today.

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I KNOW I FREAKIN DO!!! Mel finally called, I'm sending my Viper off after the weekend. THANK YOU SO MUCH SPENCE! See you tom!
"I hear and forget. I see and remember. I do and understand" --Confucious

#1586 Abollada Rodriguez;Team Licious c/o Lauralicious: JesSkeLicious:P

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What did you do to Gia this time, Spence?


Get your mind out of the gutter.

Wait a minute. That's a pretty good thought.:)



I do have a smile on my face!!!!


"Let's do something romantic this Saturday... how bout we bust out the restraints?"
Raddest Ho this side of Jersey #1 - MISS YOU
OMG, is she okay?

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i admit i was being a little distracting last night at the poker tables and sent some texts.....but boy was it fun:D:D:D:D

DPH # 2
"I am not sure what you are suppose to do with that, but I don't think it is suppose to flop around like that." ~Skootz~
I have a strong regard for the rules.......doc!

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