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I wish they would include a little more of the motorcycle background, hell, they almost never ride!

As for what the show is doing for us Biker's image, I'm still undesided...I mean , shit, they killed one of thier own brothers wives....

BUT, I record it , anytime I can't watch it...(it is also avaliable on line)

any bikers here, want to talk bikes, or just kill time, join us at Nedthetoothpick.com In the biker bar alley...be nice to see more jumpers around!

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Son of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original

Fuck, That is one seriously Bad ass show!

I cant get over how well it is made. I mean it is very true to its roots. I mean we are not talking about a bike club, we are talking about an outlaw club. Organized crime, and to make it even better there are no first time actors in it, they are all vetran actors who can act. EVERY single new cast member, every single cast member introduced or even guest star is a fully fedged actor who learnt how to act in either blockbuster tv shows, movies or crap shows and then came here for a performance of a lifetime.

I loved the shield but i am so glad it got cancelled as it made the writer go out and make this fucking awesome piece of television.

The sopranos was good, real good, but this show is a whole new level.
No wonder HBO still has not released their 1% show, there is no way it would stack up to the SAMCRO. It would be like a stand up comedian going on stage right after Adam Sandler.

.Karnage Krew Gear Store

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I finally watched it last night. Ok wow, this plot with Rollins and his whackadoo bunch is going to get interesting!!!!
She is not a "Dumb Blonde" - She is a "Light-Haired Detour Off The Information Superhighway."
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