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  1. Happy New Years folks! Be safe out there and don't drink and drive.
  2. According to FoxNews AP the handgun was unlicensed.,2933,581578,00.html?test=latestnews According to BBC News the gunman had twice been fined for illegal posession of a handgun.
  3. AYE AYE AYE!!!! You dorks! It was a professional photo shoot for a good cause. Not a damn porn mag. Well that's the kind of cause I can ....erm....stand behind!
  4. I want a full report by 0600
  5. Ok they have been named. As you were.
  6. Agreed. The angle of attack is nearer to horizontal than vertical. Hard Difficult to say what size they are due to that.
  7. Double D's? No way...wait let me look again.
  8. Wait....why are you guys jawjacking about weapons and shit when there are boobs that need a name in the Name that Rack thread? And by naming said boobs we get to name another set. Get on it soldiers!
  9. Gail Edited to add: Let me clarify...adventurechick
  10. lol see man spiral knows shit
  11. I havent worn "BC" glasses since basic, but they do give you 2 new pair when you get sent over. I just never wear them. Well at least keep a spare on you for when you fuck up your good ones at the most inopportune time.
  12. Where's your BC glasses? Nice pics. keep your head down yo!
  13. As much as I dislike yammies, and crotch rockets, that looks like a good deal, for what is in the pictures, pictures can hide a lot! But it should make you a good bike for many trouble free years! What is there to dislike? Is that why most harley riders won't waive at us import riders? I always thought it was because they were too afraid of letting go of the handlebars. I am a certified Honda Mechanic, I may ride Harley's, BUT I wave at ALL riders, even Mopeds! as for letting go of the bars, all my bikes are jockey shift, I usually only have one hand on the bars anyway! Jap bikes are a blast...they just have no soul! Hah I was kidding about letting go of the handlebars. Down here I get the cold shoulder from the harley guys (unless they have a woman on the back who waves at everything) as well as the moped guys (always intend to wave at them but they look away when they see me coming). The crotch rocket guys? Hell they'll wave at me when we're closing at 160 mph when we're in opposing carpool lanes.
  14. Not out for Kindle yet. well that sucks. Check out author R.A. Salvatore for more fantasy.